Monday, June 18, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: Moola (19) মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯)

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To understand this post, read this summary: Saturn Retrograde Summary

18th June, Monday, 62nd day of Saturn Retrograde, 2018. 
 Last few days, I've been experiencing the Volcanic aspect 
of the current Saturn Retrograde in Moola (19) constellation. 
For a Saturnine person like myself, it's the most natural state of affairs
to connect to this Volcanic, turbulent, smouldering energy. 
This turbulent Energy Clearing process. 
-:- জই শনীদেব-:- জই শনীদেব-:- জই শনীদেব-:- 
We're 62 days into the Vortex of Saturn Retrograde, 2018
At this depth, the labyrinth has become deep, complex, visceral..
So far down.. physical laws, familiar laws warp and bend..
The ground beneath your feet shakes and erupts
the primordial, primitive volcanic lava flow
At the Root/ primordial Vortex of Moola(Dhara ) Chakra
Because current Saturn Retrograde in Moola (19) constellation.
🔥ভয়ানক তিক্ষন  মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) 🔥⚔
Hence, the Root Chakra/ Mooladhara/ Moola Nakshatra(19)/ মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) 
Represents the Core of existence, the Volcanic Core of Magma
Reminding me of a foundation Pink Floyd Song..
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
That's what's happening in this Saturn Retro in Moola (19)/ মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) 
A window to Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Also, to know that, at The Heart Of The Sun lies Shadow Incarnate
That is one extraordinary Karmic aspect of Moola (19)/ মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) 
The Devil Shadow/ that lies at Core of each Angel Heart..
Exemplified by the haunting Alan Parker movie.. Angel Heart
Extraordinary Haunting roles by Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke
(Set in the 1950s, a seedy Brooklyn private eye Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) is hired by shady rich client Louis Cyphre (Robert De Niro) to locate a pop singer who reneged on a debt. As Harry embarks on this dark odyssey of unraveling secrets, what he finds within himself at the end of the journey is the extraordinarily Karmic aspect of Moola 19)/ মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) .. Each one of us carries dark shadows of Karma from previous births at the  Mooladhara Chakra/ root Chakra. Represented by the Karmic aspect of Moola (19)/ মুলা নক্ষত্র (১৯) ..  Wherein the current astrological position can help us identify and release this intense Shadow inside our hearts of burning Fire/ sun.. be continued..

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: Lost Highways

This post has continued from the previous: Saturn-Retro-2018: Necessary Meltdown
To understand this post, read this summary: Saturn Retrograde Summary

16th June, 2018, the 60th day of Saturn Retrograde, 2018. 
Yesternight, I saw David Lynch's Saturnine movie Lost Highway, yet again. The geometry of the movie is based on the the wrong turns taken, the wrong highway chosen, the wrong road upon. Even I chose to watch the movie amongst many others present on his computer, the dinner table conversation with my friends  family was about decisions not taken, wrong routes chosen due to lack of wisdom, mistakes of the past. Even before  I knew it, I was being influenced by the energy of Saturn Retrograde to contemplate upon my past transgressions. Be it from this lifetime, or previous ones. 
After finishing the movie at around 2am, I still couldn't sleep, as a thousand overloaded images from different periods of life  swarmed me. The visuals of my many uncountable transgressions, especially during the Saturn Retrograde period, wherein, instead of the Saturnine tradition of redemption, recompenses, regression, and contemplation for past mistakes, wrong choices made, Wrong Highways taken, I foolishly  took the energies for forwarding my life through Quantum breakthroughs. Which is completely restricted for those whose Saturn is malefic/ negative in their horoscopes. 
Wherein, like the movie Back To The Future 
there was a narrow window when lightning struck the clock tower, 
and the professor could have the necessary electrical energy burst 
to activate his time machinery and send his protege into the past.
For Saturn Retrograde is an window in time, given to us Saturn ruled, to move backwards in time, to open those long shutdown files of history, those long crossed highways, from yesteryear, where  the fate of our current/ present was being shaped. If we cannot utilize it, we lose out on the narrow window of energy change that Saturn Retrograde affords us. 

On a rainy night in September, I remember not which exact year
Few days before the Saturn Retrograde season commenced
 I was traveling on the Highway, late at night, on my scooter
with a ghostly friend, an oracle of doom sitting behind
Just after having watched David Lynch's Blue Velvet
Then suddenly, in the dark rain and muddy road
The Truck ahead, slowly leaned, and toppled over
Like a fallen Tower, a crumbling glacier in slo-mo
The sudden terror gave us signs of things to come??
We, crawl out stopped on this rainy, muddy Lost Highway..
watching the driver, handyman emerge, crawl out 
I remembered the Doom patrol story/ sub series
..Crawling From The Wreckage..
Portent Sign of Things To Come..???

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: Necessary Meltdown

This post has continued from the previous: Saturn-Retro-2018: A Vale of Shadows 03
To understand this post, read: Saturn Retrograde Summary 

9th June, 2018, the 53rd day of Saturn Retrograde, 2018. 
As explained, Saturn Retro is a period of rising Sun..
And Saturn Retro 2018 coinciding with the current Summer/ June, heat wave 
has made this truly / nightmarish/ formidable/ unbearable/ hideous.  
I who never had a problem with heat before, am broiling and crawling from Tuesday. 
 Like a tortoise on it's back, baking on the desert Sun- Blade Runner, 1982.
Especially, Saturn going Retro in Moola (19).. We're broiling in the Heart of Sun..
Broiling in the Heart of The.. Black Hole Sun.. (a 1994 song) by Soundgarden

The video shows a haywire Sun.. creating a dystopia of superabundance 
Uncontrolled production/ cell division going into metastasis 
Saturn Retro/ Black Hole Sun is that period of annual cleansing/ purging
That checking period of necessary breakdown/ and burnout
Only when I type out these words, do I understand..
The meaning of Necessary Meltdown from a Karmic perspective
To maintain the originality/ purity of the Soul, such catharsis be imperative
Hence the necessity of Meltdown
The necessity of your brains Melting down your ears
The annual/ astrological necessity of Breakdown
Where, putrefied, stupefied, you crawl across the Desert of the Real..
Though you will feel more zombified, than real, Walk On..
For, this is the zone of Catharsis/ Purgatory/ Smelting Ore
..Trial by Fire/ purification by the smouldering Pyre..

Monday, June 4, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: A Vale Of Shadows 03

This post has continued from the previous: Saturn-Retro-2018: A Vale of Shadows 02
To understand this post, read this summary: Saturn Retrograde Summary

4th June, 2018, the 48th day of Saturn Retrograde, 2018. 
Being Saturnine, obviously Saturn Retrograde is the most difficult phase. 
Your weakest points, nightmares, backwater swamps come to the fore. 
Today I was reading Nietzsche's selected writings. 
On the death of the will. Overcoming ones Self.
Only by overcoming the trappings of the Conscious self
Can we  access the underlying Ocean of the Subconscious
And only by working on the latent Subconscious
Can we ever modify our Conscious reality
And how we Saturnine do this.. is by Falling in Retrograde
Falling from heavens.. diving into the dark oceans beneath
To Fall. When Angels fall. The Falling of Angels from Heaven. 
Check this song: When The Angels Fall. By Sting. 
This song has Haunted me from childhood. But now I know. It's Saturnine quality. 
Falling from the high heavens. The Man Who Fell From The Sky..
..The encompassing surrender of the Falling... 

Now for the next Haunting Retrograde song. 
The Haunting sequence of "Falling" theme of Twin Peaks.
Synchronicity combined and titled "Falling"
The most serpentine series of the David Lynch universe
A million #twinpeaks hashtags, a million souls on Instagram 
Dive into the haunting pool of Twin Peaks
The Falling / Twin Peaks / Laura Palmer theme.

However much I write about Twin Peaks / Laura Palmer it's still less, because..
..It brings me images from a previous incarnation/ lifetime..
..Where, tangled in serpentine knots, a labyrinth of dis-real..
.. A troubled soul became lost, into a Vale of shadows..
And this, I feel clearly in the throes of Saturn Retrograde Season
the voices of whom, reverberate from a forgotten time..
.. Voices caught somewhere in the backwaters of time..
Each frame of the video contains slices of backwaters
recollection/ figments of a long forgotten.. nightmare/ dreamscape
As Carl Jung said, the suppressed unconscious manifests as reality..
This Saturn Retrograde 2018 has given me a narrow opportunity..
To reverse, some long forgotten curse, long forgotten mistake
So far in the backwaters of my unconscious, that I don't even remember it..
But through a elaborate analytical process of unravelling, of many Retrograde seasons..
I have managed, this season, to access that long forgotten time/space
And through this process of Retrograde writing, regressive blogging..
..I have reach this zone of long lost backwaters 
..this zone of Immense haunting..

..To be updated..

Friday, June 1, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: A Vale Of Shadows 02

This post has continued from the previous: Saturn-Retro-2018: A Vale of Shadows
To understand this post, read this summary: Saturn Retrograde Summary

1st June, 2018, the 45th day of Saturn Retrograde 2018, 
The last few days saw me (in)volunitarily/ customarily/ imperatively/ ritually enter/ descend.. 
into the serpentine labyrinth of annual Saturn Retrograde. 
Into the vortex of Solar/ Rajas/ Fiery energies, 
During Saturn Retrograde, the suspension/ withdrawal/ inversion 
of the usual Saturnine energies radiated upon Earth. 
Hence, the window of opportunity for all malefic Saturn horoscopes,. 
And a period of exile/ hibernation for all the Saturnine ruled.

And, being Saturnine myself, 
however much I do project/ predict/ surmise/ wax philosophical about this period, 
it's always an altogether different experience when we go through it personally. 
Every season, a layer beneath/ within ourselves is revealed. 
Like the Serpentine journey into your inner spaces.. 
The marshy backwaters of your soul.  
The inner unraveling of your past life karma. 
The ramifications of the Twelfth house of your horoscope, 
The debts owed in previous incarnations.

It's like Andrei Tarkovsky's dis-real movie Solaris 
It's like David Lynch's serpentine Twin Peaks series. 
It's what Roalnd Barthes talks of dis-real in his book Lover's Discourse. 
It's what Elliot talks of the "wastelands". 
Or what Deleuze says about the Desert of the Real. 
It's what Edgar Allan Poe talks of, about the removing of the Veil, 
Like after the effects of Opium wears off, 
in the introduction to his story The Fall of The House of Usher. 
Like entering the heart of the Sun/ Logos/ Signification 
But which but contains a void/ vacuum of in-signification within
 Such is the vast metaphysical import.. 
The cathartic significance of Saturn Retrograde.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Saturn Retro 2018: A Vale Of Shadows

This year, 2018, the Annual Saturn Retrograde is from 18th April to 6th of September. Explanation to more than a decade of research on annual Saturn Retrograde is here:Saturn Retrograde Summary. Reading through it would enable the reader to gauge the serpentine multiple layers, of this annual period. This introduction being over, I would now like to take the reader to take the plunge into the the marshy Inland Empire, the swampy Lynchian universe of Saturn Retro.

For a Saturnine person, Saturn Retro is a time of rewind/ reversal/ retrogression. Quite similar to the story premise of the movie Back To The Future. What it is for other star configurations has been discussed in detail in the Saturn Retro Summary. From the perspective of this Saturnine observer/ blogger, it is a period for entering into my former shadow selves, past lives. It's an entering into the Neptunian territory, the Marsh of the crocodile infested Swadhisthana Chakra. It's a period for entering into the universe of David Lynch, the often nightmarish backwaters of Inland Empire. Into the serpentine, visceral, dis-real world of Twin Peaks. Saturnine beings become heavy, nebulous, cloudy, diffused during this period of Saturn Retro, so that they may become light, simple and forward thinking later, once Saturn moves in a directional motion. In the seasons of time, this annual period is given for recompense, reparation, and redemption. So that one may begin the process of moving forward, once this period ends.

As mentioned in many previous posts before, for me, blogging, writing, philosophical musings, contemplations are a function of Saturn retrograde. It's not my natural self, but the Retrograde aspect of it. As an individual, writing comes to me with great consummate ease. And, being of an intellectual, philosophical disposition, furthermore being born in a family of writers, this medium of expression could have forayed me to great levels of recognition. But alas, as I slowly unravelled over the years, deconstructing the self, layer by layer of Saturn Retro season, writing for me, especially, this self conscious, contemplative aspect, is but an aspect of the Saturn Retrograde function. Hence, only during this annual period, like a man possessed by by the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allan Poe, like a dark serpentine fish taking to depths of murky water, I take to words with aplomb and gusto. And as a sacred ceremony, offering o this period of retrogression, I carry out this exercise, this ceremony of Retrograde writing. Not as a forward, linear, logocentric, extension of rationale/ meaning, but rather, writing as a form of deconstruction, writing and crossing out words, writing as an act of  redemption, reparation for past (life) transgressions (?!)

What surprises me, that last year, 2017, there was NOT an single article on Saturn Retrograde in this blog. I wonder, has bypassing this essential ceremony of retrogression, made me miss out on my usual/ annual ration of action allotted to me, once Saturn went forward (?!). But mysteriously, that year never saw me sit in front of keyboard, monitor, which is the only medium by which I blog/ write about Saturn Retro.

This year, at the beginning/ onset of Saturn Retrograde, a friend did a voluntary reading of Kuan Yin Oracle cards for me. Came the Card 43: A Vale Of Shadows. Here, I was in my Hometown Guwahati, the Brahmaputra valley, the Saraighat bridge, where the width of the river ran shortest, squeezed into a narrow gauge, the Vale of most intense electromagnetic, Shakti (Ma Kamakhya) energies. Yet, now from the Retrograde perspective, and as a learned friend of mine pointed out to me, this was historically, also a lair for purification, redemption, sacrifice, and retrogression into past lives. And this latter fact, I have felt very conclusively, as since 22nd December, I have travelled many times to my hometown Guwahati, and participated in my usual prayers in the Shakti peeth of Ma Kamakhya, but since the onset of Saturn Retro, these prayers, otherwise which are energetic, energy infused, have begun to take on an aura of reparation, redemption, self sacrifice, etc. This distinct energy shift has been made aware to me WHILE in this exact process of writing this previous sentence. Illustrating the magnitude of the penetration of Saturn Retro, into all areas/ practices of my life.

In fact,  during Saturn Retro, there exists no other option for the Saturnine being, however skilful, dexterous, qualified, capable, except Self surrender, regression, surrender, catharsis, brooding contemplation. And, self deconstruction of one's beings like Jean Paul Sartre's being and Nothingness, is one valid form in which to address the energies of this period.

Suddenly, taking a break, and reading over the previous paragraphs, I have a distinct urge to label each passage/ paragraph, but then, reminding myself of the adage of Deconstruction "an abstract preface to an text, alludes to the approach of a man wearing a bathrobe as opposed to the sacred robes by which one absorbs the textual content and it's becoming , the becoming of philosophy itself ..". Not the exact words, but something like that. Here, in retrograde writing, we attempt to think about thinking, while in the process of thinking.

I just took a break, reading the earlier posts from Saturn Retro 2016. So much references to the Saturn Retro Paris Trip of 2009, and so much astrological data, that my own brains are getting completely fried from reading it. In comparison, this post is like someone talking, narrating, his story. The human aspect of it. It feels much easier to write and read. But this simplification, purification has taken place ONLY through the grilling/ cathartic process of many many years of annual Saturn retrograde.

Inertial exhaustion, metal fatigue, the wastelands, the debris, the corridors of obscurity, "love was a fluid, now it's all smeared", the sunken eyes, the jaded hollow cheeks, the leftover of dreams, the lament, the Neptunian longing for the Lost kingdom, the fallen angels, the moon in the gutter, the coming of age, the bones hath become brittle and old, the horror of human bondage, the rivers of love and youth have long run dry,,,

..(to be continued (?!)...

Monday, August 8, 2016

Saturn Retro 2016-22: Epilogue

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Epilogue, Saturn Retro 2016

8th August, Monday: Here, now, today, currently we're at the fag end of the 4.5 month long, annual Saturn Retrograde 2016. We're in the blue, dotted, concluding, phase, the Release phase of Saturn Retro ( check graph above). And in contrast to the earlier 21 posts, today's post, Epilogue, shall attempt to surmise, summarize, kind of retrospectively wrap up this turbulent 4.5 month long phase of Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio. And, that is going to be quite difficult because all other posts, were about certain aspects/ features/ of Saturn retrograde. But this post, carries the burden of the comprehensive summary. Like historical retrospectives,each magazine publishes towards the year end.. "The Year that Was.." kind of deal. Let me summarize the other parallel major planetary events that were occurring parallel to Saturn Retrograde.

Guru Chandala Yog (Jupiter + Rahu) in Leo: 31st Jan to 11th Aug
Shani Mangal Yog ( Saturn + Mars) in Scorpio: 20th Feb to 17th Jun AND 12th July to 18th Sep
Brief temporary exit of Mars to Libra: 17th June to 12 July

The combined impact of on this years Saturn retrograde is that, during the above periods, the two heaviest planets, the karmic foundation planets of the heavens, the axis upon which fate and fortune revolved upon, namely..Saturn and Jupiter were BOTH completely askew, erratic, bizarre, because of the prevailing Shani mangal Yog, i.e, Saturn+ Mars combination, and Guru Chandal Yog, i.e,  Jupiter + Rahu combination.
Additionally, because of the Saturn Retrograde happening in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Pitta ruled Mars, the impact is that, very sharp, Rajasic, Martian, karmic energies would prevail during this period. A kind of cathartic volcano, karmic, surgery, or sharp, invasive military rupture of Pitta ruled, Rajasic, energies.  Many events would happen, that would cross defined boundaries, transgress inertial edges of things.

But, highly interesting is the twofold, energy changes that follows. Retrograde Mars enters Libra, from 17th June to 12th July.. almost parallel to the one month of  falling Retro: 6th June to 10th july.  Creating a the temporary suspension of  RAJASIC rupture of prevailing Shani Mangal yog in Scorpio, dramatically chilled and cooled further by Falling Retro, the month long cool Saturnine phase of Saturn Retro (check graph)!!
And then, from 12th July onwards...  as Mars re-entered Scorpio, coinciding with the Sharp, Rajasic, Pitta phase, Ultra Retro, from 10th July to 31st July, the Double whammy of Shani Mangal yog and Ultra Retro began.. full force! A massive Rupture of Rajasic energies after a month long suspension, chilled out cool energies. Like an army moving into invasion mode after a gap, rest, interval of a month. Almost like a historical epoch getting created!! AS IF THE HEAVENS HAD PERSONALLY DESIGNED THIS PERIOD of TWIN PEAKS from 17TH JUNE TO 10TH JULY.  and 12th JULY to 31st JULY!!

The combined energy of this prevailing RAJASIC ruptue, would partially diminish in THREE FOLD steps.. from 31st July, end of Ultra Retro phase, then  11th Aug, Jupiter transits into Virgo, ending the six month long Guru Chandal yog, and then finally from Sep 18th, end of prevailing six month long Shani Mangal yog in Scorpio!
And, this is the BROADER impact/ WIDER picture of the current prevailing Saturn Retrograde 2016 cum Shani+ Mangal yog in Scorpio, + Guru Chandal in Leo!

Personal Observations: I realise one thing, that, only when I get into the nitty gritties, actual dates, MICRO aspects of the concurrent and connected prevailing transits, does the overall bigger picture emerge.. automatically.. on it's own! When I began this post "Epilogue", summary, I had NO idea, what I was going to write about! BUT, when I took the considerations of prevailing, concurrent planetary transits connected to this year's Saturn retro 2016, the bigger, massively powerful picture.. emerged on it's own, with 1000 symptoms, and signs adhering to the physical experience, empirical evidence of this turbulent, stormy, vortex phase of energies!!!
Suddenly, after having compiled the above post, I kind of feel a massive relief, like a major pending load has been lifted from my shoulders, that, i have done something, that I was supposed to have. feeling drowsy suddenly, will update further.. later be updated later...