Monday, October 1, 2007

Preta/Pitri Pakshya...Tribute to Forgotten Yesterdays

Bitched on by the luminaries Sun and Moon about Rahu drinking Amrita, in the disguise of  a Deva, Lord Vishnu spent his Sudarshan Chakra flying. The Chakra severed Rahu's head from its body at the orgasmic moment of consumption of Amrita, the nectar of immortality. The traumatic separation and longing of the headless corpse's longing for its head is the essence of Ketu. Ketu seeks to reconnect us with our lost roots/ identities. Our forgotten/ separtaed other half.

 PRETA PAKSHYA .... a Time to remember
The waxing lunar phase (Sukla pakshya) signified by Durga Navaratra is called Devi Pakshya. It is considered ideal for all kinds of  new beginnings. The 14 day period before this, waning lunar phase (krishna pakshya) leading to Mahalaya Amabashya represents PITRI/ PRETA PAKSHYA. It is ideal for offering swardha, tarpan, memorial rituals, and tribute towards ancestors and departed near and dear ones. This 14 day Ketuvean period is the IDEAL time to remember departed souls and pay silent, symbolic tribute to them. Remember our ancestors, without whom WE WOULDNT EXIST. To remember the haunting memoirs of our forgotten yesterdays.
The word
Preta (ghost/ spirit) comes from the word Prayaata (deceased/ departed/ the past). The hindi word Bhoot meaning ghosts comes from the sanskrit word Bhutam meaning the past. Pretas (ghost/ spirit), Prayaata (deceased/ departed/ the past),  Bhutam (the past) is the root/ foundation for our present existence.

 Hence not only during Preta/Pitri Pakshya but in the hustle bustle of our daily lives, let us always spare some silent moments in memoriam of our forgotten yesterdays, faded histories. Such a simple Ketu ritual would ensure us silent blessings from our forgotten foundations/ yesterdays.