My Saturnine journey

My personal Saturnine journey
I began my astrological journey while still being an Architectural student in Mumbai, in 1997. The journey began by finding the book  The Greatness of Saturn by Robert E. Svoboda  in a book fair near our Churchgate hostel, J.S. Hall. Shortly, as I fell into semester problems, I was adviced by our hostel staff, Mali Mama, to worship Shanidev. Which culminated in a great movement/ following where I had vast numbers joining me on my Saturday and almost everyday visits to Shani temple opposite G.T. Hospital, Metro, directly behind our college, Sir J.J. College of Architecture. I began my journey by blindly praying for myself and others to Shanidev. Later, which also saw me make many trips to Shanisingnapur, the official land of Lord Saturn in Maharshtra. Those days, I never worshiped him as a planetary deity, but Shaniswara, Shani + Iswara, as Iswara, as a form/ avatar of God. As my astrological journeys proceeded from 2002, many astrologers/ seers asked me  to stop  praying to saturn and focus on other debilitated planets in my chart. They said Saturn was a already a yogakaraka, beneficial, planet  for me. Hence, for years, my therapies were for Ketu, which is debilitated in my 9th house. And then, for debilitated Jupiter in 4th house in Capricorn. My long astrological journey has seen me finally becoming a Vastu consultant, astrologer myself. With some specialization on the Serpentine Nodes of Rahu Ketu, and Karmic astrology.
Yesternight, 15th Sept '13, I was up late updating a Post on Kalsarp yog transit, 2013 in my Serpentine blog dedicated to the nodes. Later, scrambling through my old archives, found an PDF version of Fire and Ice; the Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen Flowers. Browsing through it late night, I discovered that this ancient German theosophic order had not only perfectly embraced, understood, but even proliferated the rather difficult Saturnine path. A highly inspiring and refreshingly alternative viewpoint on the Saturnine journey of  Lord Shanidev. I had always felt, that, the Saturnine path involved duality, serpentine unravellings, and the post modern process of deconstruction. But now after the writings of Fraternita Saturni, I was delighted to see, a lot of other people had understood and were following the Saturnine path. For those, in whose charts Saturn or Shanidev is an important Karaka planet, outside of highly secret paths, and magickal orders, there is hardly any material about the Saturnine path. Hence, I re- tribute, and re- commence this blog on the Saturnine journey, experience, and Path. To help seekers understand the layered, philosophical, metaphysical, deconstructive, Karmic, occult processes of the Saturnine path. Jai Shanidev!

Saturn in my own Birthchart 
Being on the Saturnine path, it's mandatory to put forward my own astrological birthchart,  my own self, as part of the Saturnine subject/ object deconstruction. I am a Libran ascendant (Tula Lagna), with my Saturn the great Benefic Lord of 4th and 5th house, being located in the 9th house of religion, philosophy, dharma, karma, etc. Hence, the obvious result of this placement is this occult, astrological blog, religious writing etc. Moreover, my within Libra is Swati, the 15th constellation. And within that, the janma Lagna/ Ascendant lies in 1st Pada/ quarter of Swati ruled by Jupiter. AND, Venus, my Lagna/ Ascendant Lord is ITSELF located in my Lagna Nakshatra / Ascendant constellation, Swati, in the 2nd pada/ quarter ruled by .. Saturn!!
1. My Lagna Nakshatra ( Ascendant constellation) : Swati/ Arcturus,
2.Prash Trivedi on Swati
3. Saturn/ Shanidev in 9th house- Barbara pijon llama
4. Swati Nakshatra- barbara pijan llama
5. Arcturus/ Swati and other star system influences
6. Arcturus and other fixed stars 

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