Sunday, May 31, 2015

Retro 2015-22:Revised dates

Dear friends, in many previous posts, I had posted the annual schedule for annual Saturn Retrograde as follows.. (check graph below)

However, this year's annual Saturn Retro also coincided with a window for universal Energy Clearing as announced by my energy guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Click link: (Log 11: window-of-clearing). And, after physically experiencing intense, cathartic, clearing experiences, that extended beyond the 26th of Jun, (my phone got stolen yesterday), I have slightly revised the annual schedule by few days, here and there. And, by which, ( check graph below), the various phases indicated in distinct colors, are neatly falling into  the months of April, May, June, and July. Especially now, that I have been initiated into energy Clearing, I can actually experience the living, breathing energy and power of the astrological phases that I write about. Even when I make errors of judgement due to mechanically, logical, statistical viewpoints, these living, breathing energies makes me experience things in their proper form, like my phone getting stolen yesterday!!! So that I may corroborate the proper current data. Super Scary, but yet, a direct testimony of the the living, breathing energy of such planetary phases!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Retro 2015-22:Neutral Month

Dear friends, the period from 26th May to 26th June, is what is called the Falling Retro phase of Saturn Retrograde (check above diagram). In this month, there is a considerable Neutral energy, compared to the usual energy contrasts of Saturn Retrograde. In this period, both Sun and Saturnine people are in level ground, and in relative rest. They are considerably open to influences from prevailing transits of other planets, and their personal/ internal energies. Like a car in neutral gear. Cheers to my shortest post so far..!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Retro 2015-21:Max Retro Velocity of 2015 part 2

In the previous post I was saying, how 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 25th May were the days of maximum retrograde velocity of Saturn for 2015. Today is 25th of May, from tomorrow, 26th May, the month long phase of Falling Retro, of Saturn Retrograde, commences. (check diagram below)
 Today, on this day of high solar/ rajasic energies, should be a moment of adrenalin for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta ruled people and a day of tremendous constricting gravitas and low for the Saturn ruled. Over the weekend, I referred a handwritten journal of mine from 2011, full of intricately detailed notes about Saturn Retro 2011. Those days we were working on a interiors turnkey of a clinic at Hauz Khaz. The project was so incredibly besotted with problems, that we were all exasperated beyond imagination. And, I found myself in a stranglehold from all sides. Then, the peak days of Rising Retro, was from 1st to 6th April, six harrowing days, of  Maximum Retrograde velocity of Saturn. After reading the scrawly handwritten notes, I discovered an interesting fact, that within the six days of Maximum Retrograde velocity of Saturn, 2011, though the retrograde velocity dipped in between those six days, but the visible effects of relief that Falling Retro brings, could only be experienced only when the last and fage end of those six days, was conclusively over. Basically, it aint over till it's Over! The days in between, when Saturn retrograde velocity had shown to plunge/ dip temporarily,  didn't reflect at all in terms of relief and release from my saturnine perspective. In fact I quote a line from my hand written journal, dated 6th April, Wednesday, the final day of Max Saturn Retro velocity for the year, 2011.. "Is today the peak/ Zenith of Rising Retro?? Cannot Pull on more, without Relief! Somethings Gotta Give!!". such were the spasms of exclamation that left my pen , in those turbulent, upheaval filled, strangulating days of that demonic project ( my last involvement in any inetriors prject, since then).
Surprisingly, on the very next day, 7th April, 2011, once Falling Retro had confirmed set in, I got a call from my friend, fellow architect Kapil, about a Vastu project, and which later over the years opened another route of repeat business opportunities for me. On the very first day of Falling Retro itself. Reading the journal has given a echo of that sentiment in my current state of experience in Saturn Retro, 2015. Annual Saturn Retrograde only merely reflects the state of Karmic energies you are carrying within yourself. And, in that respect the state of experience of saturn Retrograde, 2015 is definitely far better than Retro, 2011. But, the strangulating pressure upon one's life, limb, neck, soul experienced by Saturn ruled people during this period, is definitely equally oppressive, in the annual current affairs of things. Throughout, the weekend I was utterly confused, whether the effects of Falling Retro had commenced, because Saturday, and Sunday there was a drop in the Retrograde velocity of Saturn. But after reading the journals motes from 2011, I realise that, no it IS NOT over until 26th May, tomorrow. And though, my exasperation is not in magnitude, equivalent to the desperation fo 2011, but the exasperation is considerable. And I repeat from my words from handwritten journal, 6th April, Wednesday.. Somethings Gotta Give!!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Retro 2015-21:Max Retro Velocity of 2015

Today, tomorrow, and day after, 20th May Wednesday, Thursday 21st, and, Friday 22nd May, are the three days of Saturn's maximum retrograde velocity in 2015! And as usual I gathered the data and composed the chart below only by the time, max retro velocity had fully commenced, today..!! As always, at the very last minute. These three days, Saturn Retro velocity is 4:29 secants per day, after which it drops to 4:28 for two days, before one last spike to 4:29 on Monday, 25th May, before it steadily starts to drop throughout the entire month of July! Check Chart below...

16 May Sat:  Degree: 8:02:12 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
17 May Sun:  Degree: 7:57:45 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
18 May Mon:  Degree: 7:53:18 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
19 May Tue:  Degree: 7:48:50 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28

20 May Wed:  Degree: 7:44:22 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
21 May Thu:  Degree: 7:39:53 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
22 May Fri:  Degree: 7:35:24 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29

23 May Sat:  Degree: 7:30:55 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
24 May Sun:  Degree: 7:26:27 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28

25 May Mon:  Degree: 7:21:59 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
26 May Tue:  Degree: 7:17:30 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
27 May Wed:  Degree: 7:13:02 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
28 May Thu:  Degree: 7:08:35 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:26
29 May Fri:  Degree: 7:04:09 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:25
30 May Sat:  Degree: 6:59:44 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:25
31 May Sun:  Degree: 6:55:19

The above red colored dates of Maximum Saturn Retro velocity ensues a great amount Retrograde energy, and therefore, great breakthrough for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta ruled people, and constrictive, restrictive gravitas for Saturnines, like myself! Tanima Das an upcoming artist, decided to have a screening of my film After Paris on the very first day of the drop from max Saturn Retro velocity. Missed by a bredth of a hair! thank goodness for that! Ode to the Johnny Depp film of same name: Nick Of Time. Since morning have I been grappling with the data of the degrees, and finally noting down painstakingly the correct degrees from! But Tanima planned the events weeks before! women's intution!! Check: After Paris screening event by Tanima Das.
From Sunday through Tuesday, I was in Jagannath Puri to celebrate the 49th marriage anniversary of my in laws. Yesterday we returned in Air India flight which was only five hours late for a 1.5 hr journey, and we mad a landing in great dust storm. And by today, Wednesday, 21st May, I'm FULLY reinstated and completely sunk into the broiling daily grind of Delhi summer, which burned me with far more intensity because of the brief sudden round trip to and forth, from the windy sea beach heaven of Puri. Exactly like the retrograde emotion of After Paris. Completely and perfectly scheduled to experience the full grind, full force of the sheer constrictive, strangulating, vice-grip, squeeze of annual Saturn Retrograde 2015's maximum daily velocity of 4:29 for the next three days!!!!
Macro (Zoom Out) and Micro (Zoom In)
 Today's Thursday, 21st May, day 2 of three days of  retrograde Saturn's maximum backward velocity, relative to earth. In my brief one year stint in Economics, before I reappeared Architecture entrance exams for the second year, we had to study about Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, namely the small picture and and bigger picture, and where they two meet and intertwine. Today, especially since yesterday, when I get to the individual daily degrees of retrograde Saturn, the vast broad picture that assimilates years and years of historical data into it's calculations, has now begun to Zoom In into a  the smallest focused micro graphs, daily graphs of radians and secants and sub degrees of retrograde motion.
Saturation of Saturn retrograde= Suspended animation
Suddenly, we are looking at the whole picture in extreme Zoom In, looking at individual pixels of graph, of data. Especially, when these three days of Wed, Thur and Friday, when retrograde Saturn's daily velocity sticks to the constant of 4' 29", radians/ secants whatever. Yesterday was still acceleration, as it moved up from 4'28" to 4'29', but today, it remains still. Frozen, constant. There's No acceleration for Thursday and Friday, maybe there is change, but too microscopic to physically register. What matters in these three days of constant retrograde velocity is that vast Macro/ Zoom Out has converted into Micro/ Zoom In. A period, when you can actually listen to stillness of the cosmic wheel of time that are incessantly churning, either backwards or forwards! Like a ball rising up to its maximum velocity and then a pause of stillness/, suspended moment of stillness in mid air, before it begins it downwards descent. Yesterday, when I went for the second time to the vegetable vendor, to return a bunch of rotten tomatoes, I heard some passing Arabian women talking amidst themselves, in impeccable English.. ".. I have reached the point of Saturation..". That perfect verbal dialogue, kept ringing in my ears for next two hours at least. And today, I know this Saturation is nothing but retrograde Saturn's current maximum velocity. Hmm! I'll update more as these next days unfold..
The 'turn' of Sa'turn'/ The hinge
From one perspective, these three days of maximum retrograde velocity of Saturn, namely daily retrograde motion of 4'29" radians/ secants, can also be considered the hinge on which the "turn" of Saturn is constituted, Because these three days constitute the stillness/ pivotal suspended inter-phase between Saturn retrogrades increasing velocity and decreasing velocity of motion. As I explained in the earlier paragraphs, the signs, graphs, indications are in microns, the smallest of the small of things, especially for the Saturn ruled. This period of stillness is the vortex of potential of Saturn's potential force of turning. in my childhood, my dad used to bring us rubber band wound propeller powered airplanes made of balsa wood. You had to wind the propeller in the opposite direction for quite some time, Until it was taut to a maximum wound up energy. after that you released it, and threw it into air, the wound rubber band would spin the propeller and the plane would fly for sometime. a better, and more economic example is that of a mechanical clock, whose spring you had to wind up for sometime and the dials of the clocks gears, etc would be be in motion for the entire day or two. Such is the exact motion/ mechanism of Saturn retrograde. By which change is introduced into an existing system,

Friday, 22nd May 2015: day 3 of 3 days of Max Saturn Retro Velocity
Today's the 3rd day of three days of maximum velocity of annual Saturn retrograde, 2015. The peaking Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies have been simply unbelievable. Yesterday, first half was quite normal, pleasant, but second half the Solar energies spiked, shook me and totally uprooted me from my groove. Followed by the entire day today, Friday, until now, 4:10 pm. The tornado like stormy whirlwind of the Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies have been quite sharp and acute. Many years, on the last day of maximum velocity of Saturn retro, it begins to wane, but not this year. It's volcanic effect of energy is lasting till full strength up and until the last day itself. Not only me, but people around me are also getting boggled by this sudden spike in Pitta/ Rajas energies. And many solar ruled have been able to successfully able to utilise this special window of exceptionally boosted Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies. This time, more than ever as many more people are becoming familiar with the pattern of annual Saturn retrograde and it's effects on their horoscopes!

10:39 pm, 22nd May, 2015: it has be a long winding serpentine crawl these past three months of Rising Retro phase of annual Saturn retrograde. It began with mother in laws visit at beginning of March and a trip with wife's friends to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, and has and concluded with a brief trip to seaside Puri, Jagannath temple to celebrate  in laws 49th anniversary. this entire trip began with a trip to mountains, snow, and three months later ended with a trip to seashore. And, in between was hundreds of layers of catharsis, expurgation, conflicts and ordeals. And, today I have reached the tether end of this three month long annual retrograde odyssey. Most of my fervent writing oozes out during retrograde, effortlessly. Now, today, I feel like a toothpaste tube, squeezed till the last drop! Like a rubber band, wound up to it's extreme tensile squeeze. This writings on my blog are but my offerings to Shanidev during this regressive period of retrograde. Inward reflections, ponderings and meditations.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Retro 2015-20:Karmic Regressions, Ketu lands 02

In the previous post: I wrote how this current accelerated period of Saturn Retrograde is a period of high Karmic regression, especially through Ketu dominated for me. For none other reason but the fact in prior lives I had abused Ketu energies to a great degree (check earlier post, and illustration: My Ketu Faces). In the vedic mantra to Ketu it reads:

Palasha Pushpa Sankasham Taraka Graham Mastakam Raudram Raudratmakam Ghoram Tam Ketum Pranamamahyam.. meaning. I offer my obeisances to the violent and fearsome Ketu, who is endowed with the potency of Lord Shiva. Resembling in his complexion the flower of a Palasa plant, he serves as the head of the stars and planets..
It's like passing through a volatile marsh full of great fluctuations. Like the inter phase between mitosis and meiosis of cell division? Between beginnings and ends? A grey zone of extreme stagnation, yet extreme volatility. Is this the Grey zone of Ketu from which the universe arose? Generally, whenever we imagine existence before creation, before the big bang, I visualize a space of empty, black nothingness. But as Slavoz Zizek says in his book The Indivisible Remainder, that empty, black nothingness was not the preceding state before creation, BUT rather, a grey ambivalence,  a grey full of turbulent flux, of the real and unreal, of existence and non existence, of pure stagnation and chaotic movement. A grey flux full of turbulent primal drives! In his book, Zizek talks about Schelling who talks about the beginning of the universe: ...Prior to the creation of the world, there is the chaotic, psychotic universe of blind drives. Their rotary motion, their undifferentiated pulsating. And the World is created when the word is pronounced which represses/ negates, this self enclose circuit, this vortex of primal drives..
As creation of the universe commenced, this grey undifferentiated pulsating vortex, began to divide into darker blacks, and brighter whites, the yins and yangs, regulated stillness and movement, cause and effects that govern our dynamic moving universe. Prash Trivedi in his book on Rahu Ketu, connects Ketu  to the first ray of creation. And this ray must have definitely arisen from this smokey greyness of flotsam and jetsam, a state of terrible uproar and yet unimaginable stagnation. The mother goddess of Ketu is Dhumavati, the smoky one, who represents the void that existed before creation started. She represents the backdrop of the universe itself. And, today I realise that this primordial void, that existed before the universe was not black and empty, but rather a violent, turbulent, smoky grey, a grey full of turbulent flux full of turbulent primal drives. The heart of Ketu. The cosmic uncertainty of the universe. the indivisible remainder!!

Anyways, on the personal front, the dehydration that I'm experiencing seems to be reducing, but ver very slowly, as indicated by the gihly energy clearing regression of this phase.
 ( to be contd..)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Retro 2015-19:Karmic Regressions, my Ketu pasts

This post is in continuation from the previous two posts on Sun's current annual transit through Aries and how it has accelerated the Solar energies of Saturn retrograde by 200%. So this is a very powerful period for all Sun, Mars, Ketu, Pluto, Rajas, pitta ruled people. Best example is Sun, Mars, ruled Salman Kahn getting bail yesterday from his long pending case (check link: Also check Salman Khan's horoscope: (astrosage horoscope of salman-khan).

Salman Khan is Aries ascendant, with yogakaraka Mars double exalted in Capricorn in 10th house, and yog-karaka Sun in Sagittarius. Even though Saturn is great in 11th house in Aquarius, but it's a natural malefic for Aries ascendant, and he goes the Sun, Mars, Ketu, Pluto way. However, since Saturn is also directional, and in the best house 11th house, in it's own sign Aquarius, so because of saturnine influence, he will get negative feedback from entire nation ruled by Capricorn, because of his this very breakthrough in the legal case. This flipside/ phenomenon I have seen repeating in all Sun, Mars, Ketu, rajas, pitta ruled people who have Saturn in 11th house (karmic credits, blessings) like Salman Khan.

Also, my energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar added that this period has a significant energy clearing window, for all uptil the 15th of May, (check my in my Energy Clearing blog: Log 11: Window-of-clearing-till-15th-may. ). So this super significant period is a overwhelming  window for those Saturnine ruled like myself for Karmic regression of great magnitude. Below, I narrate my personal saturnine experiences of Karmic Regression of this years special/ boosted/ accelerated period of annual Saturn Retrograde uptil the 15th of May.

In my own horoscope, I'm Libra ascendant, (Tula Lagna), and Saturn and Ketu are conjunct in my  9th house of Dharma, Karma, fate, destiny, spirituality in the sign of Gemini. Since karmic, serpentine, Ketu is totally debilitated in Gemini, my 9th house, it indicates acute afflictions and challenges because of past life karmic violations. And, Saturn being the benefic lord of 4th and 5th house, chooses to give his blessings of relief, release, relaxation through 9th house activities of spiritual activities, karmic healing, energy clearing, etc. As we know, amongst all planets the motion of Sun and Moon are permanently forward, and that of Rahu Ketu are permanently retrograde. Hence, when Saturn is retrograde for 4.5 months in a year, it completely merges with the flow of the permanently retrograde Ketu. Hence, Saturn Retrograde becomes a natural window for Karmic Regression, and repayment. So that once Saturn becomes directional, I can explore the other planetary opportunities, gifts, potentials, and  of my horoscope. Especially the supernatural accelearaated Karmic Regression of this years special/ boosted/ accelerated period of annual Saturn Retrograde uptil the 15th of May.

My energy healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar had mentioned before, that this period, especially of the past three weeks would find me experiencing Karmic regression, repayment connected to Ketu, an acute planets of Karmic debts for me. For more than a decade,  I had already performed various worships, rituals, pujas, etc, etc connected with Ketu, but now, in this accelerated period of Karmic Regression, I could expeerience direct physical manifestations of the Ketu energies. Ketu ruled situations from previous incarnations directly manifested in my physical existence.

Ketu is that it is pitta/ fire ruled, in a extreme way. In fact it's fiery nature can be said to be a combination of Sun and Mars, which both are fiery pitta ruled planets. Prash Trivedi in his book on Rahu Ketu compares the ferocity of Ketu to a desert at hot summer noon. No wonder then, this time in Delhi summer heat, I'm completely dehydrated and out of commision! And this time, the dehydration ( a common problem with me) has reached proportions of great magnitude.
Another thing i noticed, that our massive barsati terrace overlooking greenery, park, trees, amidst the urban centre of GK II, which is a source of joy and wonder, to all throughout all seasons, has become, especially this year, s a source of hot burning concrete expanse, a source of the marauding, soul disintegrating, blind heat, in the summer season. And guess which direction this terrace is? South East. Check Diagram below. Check the right hand, bottom corner, between the South of Mars, and East of Sun, is two most furious planets corresponding to Agni.. Pluto and Ketu!!!
Meanwhile, I was watching random movies in my dazed, dehydrated stupor of this heat. In both  Avatar and The_Men_Who_Stare_at_Goats and Conan_the_Barbarian_(2011) was common actor who does martian, patriarchal, military, villainous roles character actor Stephen_Lang. And then when i watched Mel Gibson's Apocalypto , the arch villain Zero Wolf in pursuit of the fleeing Kjaguar Paw, the sign was unmistakbel. All these characters, fierce, angry, martial, patriarchal, old guards, revenge incarnate expressed the true nature of planet Ketu...

In my Nadi palm leaf readings in Kerala, in my past life I was a martial, kshatriya warrior in Kutch desert area, Gujarat. I was very powerful, bloody, revengeful, and terrifying desert warrior. I oppressed many and caused uncountable damage, until the curse of all brought me to my downfall. From then onwards, I got guidance from a sage and led a pious life full of service and redemption. Because of the end period, I accumulated enough good blessings to be born in a good family, good education etc, but all those sins of past lifes demand karmic clearing and neutralisation.
I'm surprised that in this dehydrated, Delhi "desert heat" Ketu period, the avatar of my past life incarnation has manifested in physical appearance through random movies I'm watching. But this journey energy healing under Dipankar had already prepared me for it, to be observant and understand the signs. Ultimately, our OWN demonic acts returns as DEMONIC retribution in our current life. Yet, nature gives us an window for the reparation of this damage! Cheers to this regressive window of Saturn Retrograde! Jai Shanidev

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Retro 2015-18:Sun's monthly transit thru Aries-02

This is a follow up/ continuation from the earlier post on the continuing topic of Sun' current monthly transit through Aries:, and how it has accelerated the current Saturn retrograde energies. And how my energy guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar uploaded a post announcing this period as a energy clearing window for all uptil the  15th of May before the  Sun finally moves out of Aries. Continuing my updates.

My lightest of posts will now, inevitably end up heavy, serpentine, round about, and layered. This is a direct function of the super high Solar energies abounding around. Because, in my birth chart the Sun is in the 12th house of wastage/ karmic debts/ loss/ dissemination, and that too conjoined with Mercury, the lord of intellect, writing and communication. Hence, the necessary and mandatory state of affairs. in the words of W. B Yeats  in his poem, the Second Coming...
    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
 As I have described in detail, in the earlier post, confirmed by Dipankar's energy prediction, such should be the effect around, now. At least before 15th May. What was once only restricted to the narrow/ particular and Saturnine, is seeming to have some universal energy implications for all.

Yesterday I hastily landed at Siri Fort to  to meet up with my friend Tuhinabha Majumdar whose National award winning film Story of Binodini was being screened in this special screening: ( click link: National Awards screening at Siri Fort ). I had the pleasure of watching the film with my friend the director. The film was based on the autobiographical book by theatre artist Binodini who is exploited since childhood, and throughout her existence, she sacrifices her entire life for the Bengal theater, without any recognition. This was a kind of time warp for me, as when my energy guide, Dipankar started his energy healing process with me in November 2014, the journey commenced with indications of pitra dosha, in connection to my great grandfather, my paternal grandmother's father. Later after much asking around from our Jorhat relatives, whom I found out to be a priest,  who amongst other services, performed the main puja/ worship for the Jorhat theatre at that time!!
Watching the agonizingly, brooding, visceral, personal testimonies of Binodini's character, behind the golden limelight of the theater stage, amongst being a sheer visual delight for me, also created a great bone shaking, haunting, testimony of  unknown residues from an ancestral past, whose legacy of probable, unexpressed, unresolved testimony, often rattled my bones inexplicably in my own personal journey of film and music. The imagery, depth, physical, tangibility of such residual testimony was brought alive by by Tuhinabha in an extraordinary visual texture, which consisted layers of characters, who intertwined with magical lyrical cyclic, and their accurate imagery authenticated the periodical tapestry. And seeing such images onscreen, in their full mutli layered hues (both spatial and in terms of times) gave me a strange sensation, as if a deeply fossilized and hidden knot/ entanglement, somewhere hidden deep within my within my belly, was uncoiling itself in some strange relief of catharsis, liberation, that comes from expression. Somewhere, writhing within the intertwining coils of my DNA, my own inherited bloodstream, there are grey areas of lineage, inheritance and influence of a distinct ancestral period. Visibly evident in own personality, as even though I'm an Architect by education, just guess, what I do in life...  astrology, vaastu, films and music.. Amen!!