Friday, December 13, 2013

Crawl 07: Friday the 13th!!

In vedic astrology, the Sun represents the Structuralist approach, where things are always defined, rational, ordered, linear, clear cut, and transparent. What you see is mostly what you get. Whereas, Shanidev/ Saturn, the son of the Sun, represents the deconstructive approach, the serpentine journey, where things are always different from what they seem. You never get what you see, and never see what you get. 
Today's Friday the 13th, after a long time. It was considered inauspicious in Western tradition because it was when Jesus Christ was put on the crucifix. The very famous horror/ slasher Friday the 13th, movie series, made it much more popular to the masses. From the Vedic astrology point, it doesn't hold much salt, but from the Hebrew Kabbalah numerological viewpoint, they ascribe some dark attributes to this day. From the logic, rational, centric, Solar viewpoint, one would try to define whether this myth is true OR not. Classify it clearly either as True OR False. But from the Saturnine/ deconstructive perspective, it is another matter altogether. It is worthwhile to penetrate deeper into this apparently simplistic Urban legend of Friday the 13th. To plumb beneath it's surface implications, to reach a  deeper perspective, of the underlying potential that this day has to offer! I feel it's an opportune day to address/ pay homage to the symbolic/ theoretical mythological darkness associated with the Crucifixion of Jesus, the son of God, in the Christian religious order. I believe, at the prehistoric, primitive age, the roots of all world orders, religions were the same. And hence, there is some salt to the mythic rituals, observances. Rather than adopt the Solar approach of ignoring/ subscribing to Friday the 13th, I will try to use the occasion, as an excuse of an opportunity,  to plumb into the undercurrent of it's belief/ mythos. For some potential unraveling insights that this day might have to offer. Who knows?
... to be contd.. (?)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crawl 06: Android Update

In my previous post, Crawl 02: caveman-in-future-shock I had bemoaned about how I was perplexed  with android phone technology. How, after disposing my crumbling cellular phone, I hastily bought a 2G phone, and later, how, stumbling with the slow Net speed, I further hastily, had attempted it to resell it by the internet portals of Olx and Quickr. But in the deconstructive journey of the Saturnine experience, first sight is often completely erroneous and things always gradually unravel, in the characteristic serpentine, crawls-pace of Lord Shanidev/ Saturn. A journey that finds me currently, NOT using my android phone for constant inetrconnectivity on the net, the sole purpose for which I had purchased it, but rather using it's rather ordinary resolution camera to relentlessly click my hearts desire, my forever fascinated, ever favorite style of the Panaromic view, the magic and mystery of the ultra wide angle photograph. And in a furthermore unanticipated bonus activity, load a LOT of my ancient archives of comic books from the forgotten Golden age, onto the phone, and delve into their complex artworks, designs, at all times and places. Previously, I had been rabidly cursing modern technology as a neccesary evil, but as characteristic of the Saturnine journey, after a short while only, am withdrawing my opinions, by getting amazed by the same digital conveniences. Surprisingly, Android technology, has quite a few tricks to teach, even to an old, antiquated, Saturnine creature as myself. Even though, it did not fulfil the object for which I had purchased it, but suddenly this device began to fulfill some desires, which I had unknowingly for long, fostered and  buried within myself. Especially, I found so, at the Select Citywalk mall, as my wife Sangeeta was wrapping up her Krispy Kreme project, and I accompanied her, reading endless comics on my Android phone, and clicking panaromic snaps, of her site. Even though, which had to be downloaded and compiled later on Power Point software on my PC! :P ! Jai Shanidev!

Crawl 05: Delhi Election Results

The underlying motive of this "Crawl" post series is to give a genuine and accurate, narrative or testimony of the Saturnine experience/journey. And to give an accurate narration of any Saturnine experience, it is MANDATORY to include the compulsory preface/ preamble of that of Shanidev's father, the Sun. Without this mandatory preamble of the Solar- structure, the Saturnine experience DOES NOT exist. The Solar/ Sun order is SINGULAR, and can stand on it's own, as an independent entity, like as in Logos/ Truth/ Clarity, but the Saturnine process/ experience is SERPENTINE, and necessitates a meandering, winding, unraveling, process, becoming. In the Solar order, prefaces/ summaries prove to be consistent. But, in the Saturnine way, what appears at first sight, proves to be compulsorily, something else altogether, in the longer run of things. Hence all Structuralism thought is ruled by the Sun, and all Deconstruction is ruled by Saturn. The popular axiom of deconstruction theory: prefaces harbor lies, perfectly illustrates the Saturnine process.

Delhi Election Results: As the Sun made it's way through the sign of Scorpio, the current Electoral result in new Delhi assembly elections has shaken everyone- BJP: 32 seats, Aam Admi Party: 28 seats, and Congress:  8 seats. I was talking to different people about their views on this unexpected landslide in the electoral results. There was an overall jubilant mood about the triumph of Aam Admi Party who sweeped the electoral polls with tremendous support of the common people. But nevertheless, NONE of the three parties have the required amount of votes to form a stand alone/ independent government. They need the support pf their rivals, their competitors to do so! And hence the Sun- Saturn dilemma. IF the election was held in some other period, this weird situation would not have arisen! The Sun was oh-so-strong, in is transit across Scorpio, creating a heroic mood like that of Bon Jovi's .. Blaze of Glory, or Queens "We Are the Champions"!! But to form any sustaining and persevering government in highly Saturn ruled India, a good balance of all parties is VERY mandatory/ compulsory. It is NOT sufficient to be euphoric with revolutionary zest and ideal, it needs the machinery, the gargantuan yet necessary evil of continuing rulership. Aam Admi Party can prove the powerful watchdog over a coalition government, yet while at the same time subscribing to the already existent machinery. That can help them Focus of Rights and Process. So then, what is the solution??? I feel a good mixture of BJP + Congress + Aam Admi Party coalition where everyone is busy keeping each other on their toes IS the ideal solution for our Saturn ruled India! Because that would Guarantee the maximum service rendered to our Maha Bharat! I have had  the privilege of having some close friends in all the three parties: Congress, BJP and the Aam Admi Party. And from the intimate insight, with astrological justification can say that the the Tri-Guna Rajasic/ Sattwic/ Tamasic (you guess, which one is which is which) of these three Parties are ESSENTIAL/ MANDATORY for the healthy functioning of a Saturn ruled country like India! Jai Shanidev!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crawl 04: Ovewrhelming Middle of things

According to Heisenbergs Uncertainity principle of quantum physics,  for any atomic particle, at any time, either it's Position OR it's Momentum can be measured. Never Both! In realm/ influence/ path of the Sun, or the Solar path, always Position is very transparent  and clearly  measurable. Where WE STAND, our status and position on the great cosmic grid! But, in the Saturnine path, we have no inkling of where we stand, our position on things, or on the  Status of things! ALL we can make out is that somethings moving! In the Saturnine path, we never have any clue about WHERE things are headed for. Just a great middle-muddle, jumble, of  movement. We can definitely feel something is in progress, but can never make out where it's headed towards! Such is the saturnine way I have been experiencing these past few days..

As mentioned two posts before, I have bought an android phone, but was immediately desperate to sell it on Olx and Quickr, to upgrade to a 3G phone. Out of 30 plus people, who called up to enquire about my phone ad, two guys did actually land up, (I don't even know whether through Olx/ Quickr). But exactly after ten minutes AFTER buying it, returned it, saying it wasn't the model they were looking for!! What a great movement, motion, for a caveman like me, YET, in the end what an anticlimax/ great damp squib!! Meanwhile, a lot of sudden work is flowing over my head, a lot of haphazard motion without any meaning. Obviously, I cannot make out head nor tail of where it's headed for. Things are happening in a jumbled up mash of events, through a sudden  ultra overdose of movement.  And I can't even complain, because few months back, I was always whining about a lack of movement. But then, the world was cosy, ordered, clear cut, defined and  transparent. And now, suddenly, it's gone completely berserk, all of a sudden, it's become too much movement, to be able to be handled! And of all the processes begun, commenced, NOT ONE of them has reached any closure. Every process is stuck in the awful middle, in the half baked, midway of things! JUST LIKE MY ANDROID PHONE: it's always in the middle of  something: updating software, downloading something. Never reaching any rest or closure!!

In my Serpentine blog, I have mentioned that Ketu is always about extremities: the beginning or end of things, and Rahu is always about the middle. The continuing, ever ongoing, process of the middle/ muddle. I must add that, it feels incredibly draining. All this insecurity and uncertainity! But, all I can do, as of now, being Saturnine/ Saturn ruled, is try to crawl forward...!!  :o  :o

Update/ inference/ hindsight: 3rd December, 2013, Tuesday evening, 8:54 pm-
As characteristic of the theme/ topical planet of this blog Saturn, I guess this tail end, retrospective, hind sight add note, foot note of wisdom and revelation was/ is/ and always will be in throe/ hidden curriculum. I'll (once again) repeat myself for the trillionth time, being acutely Saturn ruled, I get headway of prevailing transits,  only halfway through (at the best) and at the fag end, at the worst! While posting the above article "Crawl 04: Overwhelming middle of things" I never even gauged that i might have been subconsciously been following the Sun- Saturn transit across the skies! An hour back, my friend Kapil Razdan called and we were chatting away after a long time. I had predicted the current transit of Sun across his ascendant sign Scorpio ( 17th Nov - 15th Dec) to be a particularly powerful period for him. But he was equally fazed like some of the rest of us, especially me! The reason, after some insight, was that, in his birth chart,  he had debilitated Moon in his ascendant sign of Scorpio! As the Sun transited his natal sign, Scorpio, his already debilitated Natal Moon became even more combust ( The Sun does that to any planet it crosses, it burns it out). Hence, the marked effect of overstress that he was experiencing! And as usual, a LATE eureka moment for me! For my own self, being Libran ascendant with natal sun in 12th house,  the rising ascending malefic Sun across my 2nd house of Scorpio, was directly aspecting my 8th house of disease, obstacle, unease and dread. AND AS I TYPE THIS, the Sun is in the (guess the word) MIDDLE of Scorpio, and the above article I subconsciously titled it as "Overwhelming Middle of things"!!! the Jungian perspective of all people being synchronously, unconsciously connected to transiting planetary rhythms was proved truer, one more time. But WHO would follow WHICH planetary transit depended on SO many factors in the "horrorscope". Being Saturn ruled, obviously the Sun's transit across the heavens would definitely have a direct effect on me! Because wherein the rule of the Sun, my malefic lord ended, the rule of my significant Karmic lord, Saturn began!!
The very simple fact of myself being into astrological research/ observation so deeply, is simply because/ due to the 9th house Saturn. Because of the Saturn position ( especially conjunct with Ketu) I was simply programmed to function THAT way!
Anyways, finally I want to add, that this insight of prevailing transit of Sun across Scorpio, especially it's halfway/ mid-way/ middle position was only triggered on hindisght by the "conicidental" call of my friend Kapil Razdan. An event whom I had merely to recognise, it being there, straight in front of my face! From tomorrow, as the Sun enters 18th degree and beyond of Scorpio, I can shrug off some of this accumulated pressures, and exhale in Saturnine shade of relief! Jai Shanidev!!!!!!!!