Monday, August 8, 2016

Saturn Retro 2016-22: Epilogue

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Epilogue, Saturn Retro 2016

8th August, Monday: Here, now, today, currently we're at the fag end of the 4.5 month long, annual Saturn Retrograde 2016. We're in the blue, dotted, concluding, phase, the Release phase of Saturn Retro ( check graph above). And in contrast to the earlier 21 posts, today's post, Epilogue, shall attempt to surmise, summarize, kind of retrospectively wrap up this turbulent 4.5 month long phase of Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio. And, that is going to be quite difficult because all other posts, were about certain aspects/ features/ of Saturn retrograde. But this post, carries the burden of the comprehensive summary. Like historical retrospectives,each magazine publishes towards the year end.. "The Year that Was.." kind of deal. Let me summarize the other parallel major planetary events that were occurring parallel to Saturn Retrograde.

Guru Chandala Yog (Jupiter + Rahu) in Leo: 31st Jan to 11th Aug
Shani Mangal Yog ( Saturn + Mars) in Scorpio: 20th Feb to 17th Jun AND 12th July to 18th Sep
Brief temporary exit of Mars to Libra: 17th June to 12 July

The combined impact of on this years Saturn retrograde is that, during the above periods, the two heaviest planets, the karmic foundation planets of the heavens, the axis upon which fate and fortune revolved upon, namely..Saturn and Jupiter were BOTH completely askew, erratic, bizarre, because of the prevailing Shani mangal Yog, i.e, Saturn+ Mars combination, and Guru Chandal Yog, i.e,  Jupiter + Rahu combination.
Additionally, because of the Saturn Retrograde happening in Scorpio, a sign ruled by Pitta ruled Mars, the impact is that, very sharp, Rajasic, Martian, karmic energies would prevail during this period. A kind of cathartic volcano, karmic, surgery, or sharp, invasive military rupture of Pitta ruled, Rajasic, energies.  Many events would happen, that would cross defined boundaries, transgress inertial edges of things.

But, highly interesting is the twofold, energy changes that follows. Retrograde Mars enters Libra, from 17th June to 12th July.. almost parallel to the one month of  falling Retro: 6th June to 10th july.  Creating a the temporary suspension of  RAJASIC rupture of prevailing Shani Mangal yog in Scorpio, dramatically chilled and cooled further by Falling Retro, the month long cool Saturnine phase of Saturn Retro (check graph)!!
And then, from 12th July onwards...  as Mars re-entered Scorpio, coinciding with the Sharp, Rajasic, Pitta phase, Ultra Retro, from 10th July to 31st July, the Double whammy of Shani Mangal yog and Ultra Retro began.. full force! A massive Rupture of Rajasic energies after a month long suspension, chilled out cool energies. Like an army moving into invasion mode after a gap, rest, interval of a month. Almost like a historical epoch getting created!! AS IF THE HEAVENS HAD PERSONALLY DESIGNED THIS PERIOD of TWIN PEAKS from 17TH JUNE TO 10TH JULY.  and 12th JULY to 31st JULY!!

The combined energy of this prevailing RAJASIC ruptue, would partially diminish in THREE FOLD steps.. from 31st July, end of Ultra Retro phase, then  11th Aug, Jupiter transits into Virgo, ending the six month long Guru Chandal yog, and then finally from Sep 18th, end of prevailing six month long Shani Mangal yog in Scorpio!
And, this is the BROADER impact/ WIDER picture of the current prevailing Saturn Retrograde 2016 cum Shani+ Mangal yog in Scorpio, + Guru Chandal in Leo!

Personal Observations: I realise one thing, that, only when I get into the nitty gritties, actual dates, MICRO aspects of the concurrent and connected prevailing transits, does the overall bigger picture emerge.. automatically.. on it's own! When I began this post "Epilogue", summary, I had NO idea, what I was going to write about! BUT, when I took the considerations of prevailing, concurrent planetary transits connected to this year's Saturn retro 2016, the bigger, massively powerful picture.. emerged on it's own, with 1000 symptoms, and signs adhering to the physical experience, empirical evidence of this turbulent, stormy, vortex phase of energies!!!
Suddenly, after having compiled the above post, I kind of feel a massive relief, like a major pending load has been lifted from my shoulders, that, i have done something, that I was supposed to have. feeling drowsy suddenly, will update further.. later be updated later...