Thursday, August 14, 2008

In memory of departed friends..

Our friend Juthika Das departed us forever on 8th August, '08.
In memory of Juthika & dearest friend Ron who left us behind..

Our last meandering online chats
was about the magic of bygone days..
hazy crazy magical manori stays..
journeys without destination
celebrations without cause
we were rebels without a pause...

just when we're getting nostalgic
about dear departed friend, Ron..
suddenly, without a warning..
you yourself were gone..
left suddenly for your journey beyond...
leaving behind an irrevocable void..

like we were talking, my friend..
its only memories in the end..
its only memories that get left behind..
of hazy, crazy summer days,
and journeys without destination..
of celebrations without cause..
we were rebels without a pause..

a handful of precious memories
are all that get left behind..
and in that handful of precious residue
shall I forever hold you close
to mine heart.. and my fondest thoughts..

the crazy spirit of your souls..
the rapture in your smiles..
magic dust in your eyes..
of magic shores far beyond..

the residue of Ketuvean glimmer
shall remain in my own spirit vault,
eternally and hazily... ALIVE...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

CONCEPT 00 : Rahu Ketu Foundation

I begin the topic category Concepts with a tribute to my  Late Guru Tirtha Nath Sharma. He is the Foundation of my Rahu Ketu journey/ explorations. His insight, acumen, analysis, brilliance, genius, wisdom shall forever be close to my heart until the end of my days.
I begin by enumerating some Key Foundation Concepts analysed by my Late Exalted Guru.
KETU energies :
Ketu energy is like a supernova, hurricane, storm. It's all frenzy, fanaticism, consummation, combustion. Ketu brings change through revolution and upheaval. Ketu people need challenges and goals.They need to move with singleminded purpose, obssession, rupture to fulfill their ambitions. Ketu combines the energy of Pitta: Sun and Mars.
RAHU energies:
Rahu energy is like a marshy, reptilian, swampy, backwaters. Like Saturn, it brings changes through slow, gradual rotations. Rahu consists of slow serpentine pathways. Rahu people need liberty and freedom. They need to go with the flow, take meandering, wayward paths, haphazard routes to reach their destinations. Rahu is a combination of Saturn, Venus, and Mercury energies.