Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Retro 2014:07: Rajasic Solar phase 31st Mar - 15th April

Dear friends, as mentioned in the earlier posts, the annual 4.5 month period of Saturn Retrograde, represents a withdrawal, inversion, decreas of Saturn's effects. And thus represents a period of imbalance between Solar and Saturnine energies. During this period, the withdrawal of Saturnine energies, represent an overabundance of Solar/ Rajasic energies. And this abundance of Solar/ Rajasic energies is even more magnified by yet another additional prevailing Rajasic solar period: Chaitra Shukla Paksha from 31st Mar- 15th April. The first nine days of which are celebrated in India as Chaitra Vasant Navratri. The ninth day is Ram Navaratri, the birthday of Lord Rama, an avatar represents the apex and zenith of Solar energies.

This year, this highly Solar period of Chaitra Shukla Paksha begins from 31st March, Chaitra Pratipada, the first Moon, and concludes on Chaitra Purnima, full Moon on 15th April. From the very day of first Moon, there is a gradual increase of Solar/ Rajasic energies, day after preceding day, until the apex of Full Moon on 15th April. Check graph below, it represents an extra hump/ spike on the Orange phase of Increasing Retro.

For the Sun ruled people or people with negative Saturn, this period of  15 days of overabundance of Rajasic energies are ideal for all kinds of hyper accelerated breakthroughs, forward motion, progress, energy and enterprise. They are advised to utilize to use this period with the maximum forward motion possible, progressive activity.

However for the Saturnines, benefic Saturn people this period of  15 days brings all kinds of breakdowns, backward motion, retreat, lethargy, exasperation, feelings of futility and depression. It's a period of amplified and concentrated karmic cleansing for them. Every day might feel like a mountain to be crossed, the simplest of tasks might feel burdensome to the extreme. Their reserves of patience might be taxed to the extreme. Older topics and issues, forgotten ghosts of the past are often resurrected during this period, and they may have to address these issues once again. Physically, Saturnines have to guard their diet, and avoid all kinds of Rajasic, heat producing foods. Regressing and retreating as much as possible, they should try to stay away from all kinds of arguments, and debates.

Personally, being Saturnine, a Saturn ruled person, I have faced quite a lot of Karmic challenges these last three days since Sunday because of which even uploading this post itself was quite a task. As a part of the personal Karmic process, I will try to update this post by regular updates on this increasingly, super Rajasic/ Solar phase of next 14 days. A highly regressive, karmic, purging period for all us Saturnines. A period which we can maximise our personal Karmic cleansing by silence, retreat, and maximum regression.

Retro 2014:06: Karmic Concepts

As described in the earlier posts, when Saturn goes retrograde it's a karmic time for both Sun ruled and Saturnine people. This is when we have the opportunity to clear out, override pending mistakes of our past. Sun ruled people should do this by bringing clarity, sharp focus, determination to their lives, and Saturn ruled should by avoid all Solar aspects in their lives.
This is because all Sun ruled people, were once Saturnine beings in their past who had commited many Saturnine overindulgences. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, they should display extra focus, will, determination, strength, clarity, passion. Similarly, all Saturn ruled people, were once Solar Rajasic beings in their past who had committed many Rajasic, fiery, solar overindulgence. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, they should display extra reticence, reserve, patience, forbearance, indecision to make up for their former passionate Rajasic excesses.

Personally, I'm going through a mixture of extreme randomness, lassitude, lethargy, heaviness,  gravitas during these past few days. There were many a issues where I had to take a call, but I'm merely postponing such decisions of clarity for a later call. Regressing I am into former times and former issues wholeheartedly, pulling the Saturnine bowstring as far back as possible. As compared to annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, there are hardly any posts that I have uploaded. This is merely because of the sheer mood of Gravitas and Heaviness I'm going through me right now. In fact this time, I'm being able to exercise the function of regression far more wholeheartedly, a invaluable exercise for all Saturn ruled people, i.e, Saturnines during Saturn Retrograde. Now is not the time for clarity, realization, landmarks, banners, like how it is for those people with malefic Saturn, or powerful Sun. Those Saturnines, whose eye gaze crosses over these lines should read the earlier post also titled Heavier Concepts. For Saturnines, now is NOT the time for structures, or clarifications, or resolutions. Just drag on, from one point to the other, and don't fight the prevalent zombie like mood that you are right now in. Restrain yourselves from the temptation of passionate display.