Monday, September 30, 2013

Log 02: Sombre White V.S. Sexy Saturnine Black

I originally wrote this article for my Karmic Logs blog for a post: Time for karmic cleansing: 20th Sep- 4th Oct, 2013, but have extended an appropiated it here on account of it's significant Saturnine considerations: 

I always wondered about the Vedic association of the colour white  to sraddha, mourning,widowhood, funeral rituals. Why not black, as universally ascribed in the Western world to mourning rituals, funerals, gloominess, etc. This preta paksha + kalsarp yoga, I've ACTUALLY comprehended the underlying connection of white and mourning. Actually personally experienced it in a subjective and physical manner. Especially, after online interaction with a Hermetic scholar and  magickal practitioner, Ty Dawson. Who had some fantastic insights in his facebook notes on  the Sephiroth dynamics. Especially in the cosmic Opposition/ dynamics of Sephiroth (2) Chokmah V.s Binah (3). Check links:  Ty Dawson on Chokmah the sefira of masculine-divinity and  Ty Dawson on Sefira Binah: understanding female divinity.

After much thought, i came to an overwhelming conclusion. The best way to describe my past ten days of Pitru Paksha (especially boosted by the current Kalsarp Yog ): I have been feeling WHITE! White as in paleness, colourless, sparse, ni- ras ( devoid of rasa). White as in the universal scourge that bleaches our life, and makes it colourless. As opposed to serpentine, magickal, fluid potency of Black. Black as in Kali/ Tara, mystery, power, occult, magic of Shakti. WHITE as in the formal, sombre white, sterile interiors of a hospital, or the white board room of a corporate interiors. Black as in the feminine, energies of the night, Saturnine mysteries, the Third Sephiroth of Binah. WHITE as Chokmah, the blazing energy, the masculine Godhead, The Jupiterean father, Divine cosmic Father, Pitra/ Brahma/ Brihaspati. The SOMBRE WHITE connecting all rituals during Pitru paksha, paying obeisance to the Divine father, Brahma, Brihaspati, Pitra, worshiped in form of departed ancestors. WILD BLACK, as in the prevalence of shakti energies running fluid, and dynamic, for the entire course of the rest of the year! It's interesting to note that due to various curses, lord Brahma/ Pitra is only worshiped during this period of Pitra Paksh! Hence, original Vedic standpoint is more from the point of Binah ( worship of Cosmic Divine Mother), rather than Chokmah signifying the worship of Cosmic Divine Father, represented by Christianity.

Damn! due to the influence of Pitru Paksh/ Brahma/ Pitra, I'm sounding like an Jupiterean scholar, a priestly guy, a knowledgeable scholar. Not me, at all!! FOR, I'm a Saturnine, Binah ruled guy, full of flux, duality, fluid motion, and deconstruction. And this Pitra/ Chokmah (2) phase is helping me understand and recognise my own inner Binah / Saturnine nature much better! BUT FOR A CONSIDERABLE TIME IN MY LIFE REGARDLESS/ IGNORANT OF MY INNER NATURE, i had been ADOPTING and IMBIBING the Jupiterean principles of Chokmah/ Divine father/ Cosmic Patriarch/ Brahma principles. At my own cost. At my own great undoing..!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Log 01: Saturnine beginnings

I began my astrological journey while still being an Architectural student in Mumbai. to cut a long story short, the journey was jump started by finding the book  The Greatness of Saturn by Robert E. Svoboda  in a nearby book fair in 1997. After a long journey I discovered the Serpentine Nodes, karmic designs of life etc, etc, becoming a Vastu consultant, astrologer myself. Yesternight, 15th Sept '13, i was up late updating a Post on Kalsarp yog transit, 2013 in my Serpentine blog dedicated to the nodes. later i was scrambling through my old archives, found an PDF book Fire and Ice; the Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen Flowers. Browsing through it late night, i discovered this ancient German theosophic order had perfectly embraced, understood, and proliferated the rather difficult Saturnine path. A viewpoint which refreshingly shook of the stranglehold from the classical Aryan Vedic standpoint which lay emphasis on Sun as the centre of the astrological universe. Or the classical Roman- Greico stanpoint providing a rather lopsided  logocentric/ centric viewpoint on the importance of Saturn or Lord Shanidev, in our material existence. I feel the Saturnine viewpoint embraces duality, the serpentine deconstruction of Nature embodied by the post modern Aquarian age. Hence under the extreme significant auspice of Saturn + rahu in my ascendant sign Libra, and the Kalsarpa in my ascendant axis, and prevailing Chinese year of the Serpen, I commence, or rather re- commence this blog on the philosophy, metaphysical, scholarly, deconstructive, occult, post modern, Karmic approach of fabulous yet highly misunderstood Saturn/ Lord Shanidev, titled.. Saturnine. Jai Shanidev!