Monday, March 30, 2015

Retro 2015-09:Super Flux Week: 28 Mar- 4 April

Today morning I had a long chat with my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, and he confirmed my astrological observations for the coming week. This week, from 28th March, Saturday to 4th April, Saturday, represents, what I have termed, Super Flux Week. As the Chaitra Shukla Paksha moon (signifying Rajasic/ Pitta/ Shakti energies) continues to wax until 4th / 5th April, (Click link for monthly panchang). Yet, it's being considerably dampened by the transition of Saturn retrograde from it's first two weeks of red hot, super Rajasic,  Refer to the illustration on top. (For details on sub phases check header titled Saturn Retrograde.html at the top of this blog ). Basically, while the Chaitra Shukla Paksh (waxing moon) continues to accelerate it's Shakti/ Rajasic energies, Saturn Retrograde dips to it's 2nd Gear, of considerably ebbed and reduced Shakti/ Rajasic energies. Hence the contradictory fluctuations that are going to be experienced by all around!!
We can experience in highly windy, topsy turvy motions around us, quite a lot like the turbulent, stormy windy motions that we've all been experiencing on the weather front in New Delhi, from Friday 28th Mar, evening onwards. However, as my energy guide Dipankar said, with such a movement energy being made available now, it just  merely needs to be responded, and tapped by all for accelerating and furthering their own personal life paths and directions.
Become a Wind Turbine and utilize this spectacular Windy Week...

 Personal Updates
On the personal front, since Friday evening onwards, I'm feeling like a leaf being blown about like the wind. Perfectly characteristic of my personal Lagna Nakshatra,  constellation where my ascendant lies, namely Swati, a constellation signifying Vayu energies, and symbolized by a shoot being blown in the wind, of all things. (Click link: Barbara pijan on Swati Nakshatra). So, let this windy week flow on, blow on. I'll try to update myself here on this same post, below. Cheers to all!

31st Mar, Tuesday: Since last few days, the energies are swinging both ways. One side of it is continuing to deep fry my brains, as the waxing moon on Chaitra Navratra Shukla paksh continues, and yet some relief and release from the dip in Saturn Retro acceleration, from its 1st Gear (Red) phase into it's 2nd Gear (Orange) phase. On one side of the brain, hot charcoals are being poured it, and on the other side cool ice. half and half, neither here nor there. But strange state of stasis, frozen vice grip because of two equivalent forces working from opposite sides. However since the daily percentage increase in the waxing moon, is definitely sharper, and more intense than the long drawn outt Saturn retrograde, the pressure is definitely more on the side of pressure cooker/fry up THAN the release, relief!!

1st Apr, Wednesday:  I would really like to rephrase what I wrote In the last paragraph/ update, because in the last 24 hrs, the Solar/ Shakti force of Navratra Shukla Paksha Rajasic is in full tow and increasing hourly, and is going to increase until the apex of full moon / Purnima on Saturday, 4th April. So ultimately, this week is unfolding into a Super Solar Energy vortex. Which is of unimaginably tremendous breakthrough for the Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled, and unimaginable retrograde energies for the Saturn, Rahu ruled, like myself! And for me, the Retrograde experience is being super intensified.
Dream Part 1: (Abandonment 01)Tuesday morning, I woke with a very strange, multi layered, dream on a past life scene. Which showed me in a rural, medieval royal setup. And, a social worker/ NGO, ivestigating journalist types, who is investigating some misdeed by the local powers that be. Finally I abandon her to the horror of the machinery, she gets swallowed, by the dark powers that be. Jump cut to me participating in some highly social, Holi ritual, with many familiar faces. Completely forgetting the dark abandonment on my part. These kind of  lucid, vivid, dreams are what one normally what one experiences during energy clearing, or regressions sessions. But now, for certain Saturn ruled people like myself, the energy of this period is being able to automatically trigger, regression into the deepest fold of the subconscious or unconscious.
Later, in the day, I was called to Dwarka, by a friend to check on the Vastu of his office. He was also new to Delhi, so I found myself waiting on the roadside for at some unknown location, feeling the full strength and magnitude of the emptiness of the prior years when my cousin used to stay in Dwarka, and I used to land up in hot noon, in similar circumstances, waiting while he would arrive. Much later when he arrived, I realised that I was waiting in a chowk, very close to a Super Shakti friend of mine, whom I used to regularly visit in the years before for past life, regression workshops etc.
Dream Part 2: (Abandonment 02)Today morning, I woke up with a haunting dream. There was a school exam and everyone left, while leaving me behind sick and overslept. Nobody woke me up for the exam, just left me behind. I was being Abandoned. Like a pulp horror story/film, yesterdays dream was being carried over today. As I had abandoned/ deserted in my previous life, so had I experienced abandonment/ desertion in my current one. My energy healing guide Dipankar had long predicted the effect of this period on my throat chakra area, which he said was oozing with unresolved childhood issues. And after four months of orientation and guidance, in this super intense retrogarde transit, vortexes of energy issues, layers and layers of issues, are surfacing before being released.
This is a very appropriate manifestation of this super intense Retrograde energy phase. And thankfully I have been oriented to ride this stormy gale because the process of energy orientation, and grounding balancing under my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Otherwise, who knows how such layers and layers of buried issues around my throat chakra area would have  manifested. I have continued the narration into my (click link)- Energy Clearing blog, Log-07: Responding-to-energy-of Planetary transits. One post running into the other, creating layers and layers, just like the structure of the dreams within dreams that I have been experiencing!!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Retro 2015-08: Impotent Rage, a Show

Dear friends, this is my 8th post on the annual Saturn Retrograde, 2015. During the retrograde motion of a planet we can experience the inversion, reversion or debilitation of it's characteristics. And it was in my friend, artist Akshay Singh Rathore's show titled Impotent Rage at Gallery Espace, that I could witness the perfect graphical/ aesthetic/ artistic expression of this ongoing Saturn Retrograde transit.

In my previous uncountable forays, and serpentine interactions with the Arts/ Aesthetics I have often pondered repeatedly about the physical functions and direct utilities of Art itself. As I stood before Akshay's work, gaping at the unexpected graphical representations of my ongoing Saturn retrograde transit, the answer was imminent. Art was a medium of expression and depiction for INVISIBLE Energies and Forces, which dictated/ controlled/ affected our lives. If the artist did not connect with them and then manifest/ express them, these subtle Energies and Forces would remain invisible. And we would pass them blindly over. Ignorantly OVERLOOKING their invisible BLESSINGS or CURSES.
For true Art to happen beyond the glitz of graphical novelty, the artist had to surrender himself to the mercy of these Forces. Voluntarily submit himself as a physical medium, and then act as creative conduit, an aesthetic channel, for the expression of such invisible Forces and Energies. No easy job, that! But once, the artist decides to put in that herculean effort, and their visceral personal involvement, these Energies and Forces that be, automatically choose to connect/ synchronize with the artistic endeavor and manifest themselves through the personal grammar of the artistic creation. And which I saw for myself, in the expression of the energies of the ongoing Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio,  being vividly and graphically manifested through the intense graphical expressions of my friend Akshay's show, aptly titled.. Impotent Rage...

As explained in previous posts during the retrograde motion of a planet we can experience the inversion, reversion or debilitation of it's characteristics. And in Akshay's works I found my personal experience of  Saturn retrograde vividly expressed. Hindi words in Gold, screen-printed over perfect yet displaced geometric squares: "Powerless", "impotent", Hopelessness", "Cuckold", "desperate". Inversion of the logocentric/ phallocentric function, which is the heart of Deconstruction. Words floating at the fringes, edges, margins, from the central core of fruition/ semination.

Dissemination in Deconstruction means a Insemination which doesn't bear fruits. Seeds that do not bear Harvests. Yet, these Disseminations/ wrong choices/ fruitless prefaces/  are Necessary failures  in the path of our serpentine, saturnine journey. Very analogous to the images of Akshay showing Empty/ Fullness, Seeds controlled by dictatorial Patent laws, barren Harvests, deserts, seeding that bear NO Fruition...

Another series of Akshay's images expressed the male Bull in terms of Potency/ Impotency. Biological diagrams, castration devices, patents related to the fertilizing bull. Reversal/ inversion of the Phallocentric function.In addition, animals depicted entrapped, expressing of the animus function/ instinct, in  the stranglehold of "civilisation".
Their seething Impotent Rage washing the observer..

To be continued/ concluded....(left half/ unfinished in characteristic style of ongoing retrograde...... 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Retro 2015-07: Supernova Sun/ Rajas

As I have writing, these period is terrific for Sun/ mars/ Shakti/ ruled people. I offer tribute to my friends, Director/ Producer Suraj Duwarah , Editor Jhulan Krishna Mahanta, and actor Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika for their Shining, Solar, Fiery success in the 62nd National Film Awards!!
And my friend Tuhinabha Majumdar for winning TWO National awards for his film!!
Too much supernova at the National film fest!! Shine on!! like the Sun! Om Hrim Suryai namah!

Retro 2015-06: Today's Saptami/ kalratri of Navratra

My sixth post on this years annual Saturn Retrograde, 2015. As explained earlier this years, Rising retro phase, or the first two weeks of Saturn retrograde, which is the most intense solar/ rajasic phase, has been incredibly boosted due to the fact of the concurrence, parallel occurrence of Chaitra Navaratra, which is equivalent Solar/ Rajasic phase of Devi Shukla paksh moon. (check diagram above). This has seen a tremendous energy boost, giving energetic breakthroughs for a lot of people who are ruled by Agni/ Shakti/ Sun/ Mars / Rajasic energies. Simply tremendous, as every single day of  the two weeks of sharply increasing rising retrograde of Saturn has been compounded by the further additional boost of Devi Shakti energies. See the diagram below, rise in Sun/ East energies denote decrease/ debilitation of Saturnine energies. Naturally!!
Today' Saptami of Chaitra Navaratri, Goddess worshipped is Kalratri Kalaratri Devi (click link).  Maa kalratri is directly connected with Saturn/ Shanidev(click link). Hence, from the perspective of this blog, or the perspective of this Saturn Retro 2015, tonight (or if your'e abroad, today) all the Sun/ rajasic/ Mars/ Shakti/ Pitta ruled people should offer prayers to Mahakali or Ma Kalratri. Which will give you immense benfits and release from your malefic/ inertial planets of Saturn, and even indirectly Rahu. I write this piece as a service to all the Sun/ Rajasic/ Mars/ Shakti/ Pitta ruled people today. As all Saturn ruled people like myself should give /tribute service to the Sun ruled people/ energies during this period.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Retro 2015-05: Retrograde resurrections 01

In the previous post, I wrote about how my friends uploaded the trailer of my first film After Paris. However the timing of the upload was perfectly on the Red Hot peak of Rising Retrograde, (check above graph), further boosted 200% by the parallel Devi Paksh/ Sukla paksh/ waxing moon of Chaitra Vasant Navratri  2015. I could never even the imagine the sheer Retrogression resurrection that I would experiencing by the video trailer upload!
At night I woke up a number of times, reeling from resurrected emotions of previous Saturn Retrograde periods. Years of exile, incognito obscurity, rotting away with festering emotions without any outlet. This year's annual Saturn retrograde happening in Scorpio, was well predicted by my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, months back, to be affecting the throat Chakra area. Dipankar had explained in detail to me that the throat chakra was connected to childhood emotions deeply buries within ourselves. For me, it was all connected with issues of recognition, expression, social acceptance. which were now fully opened before me, like a can of worms, or Pandoras box. I've repeated earlier endless times, that negative planetary transits are ideal window periods of karmic clearance, repayment of pending karmic debts. But I never imagined that so much issues were still festering/ buried inside me. Especially, from my childhood at Kharguli guwahati.
In my infant years, both my parnts were working as engineers. i was left to the care of Khasi nanny, "Kong Mai". During her bath times, she used to lock me up, and I used to be scared to death, by black bumblebees that flew in through the window of the closed room. Those days we used to live in a rented house which we shared with the Hazarika family. And the middle hall was divided my a cardboard partition wall. I remember that I used to learn to read faster so that I could buy audience time with Aloka mahi, who then would take care of me while my nanny went for her baths. I was a entertainer forced by circumstance since then. Being able to draw attention to myself, entertain, was a way of buying time out of lonely exile. A habit which I have long carried over, into my later years. Being a life of the party, etc, when often I used to be feeling dark inside. I find this pattern directly connected with violations of Saturn retrograde transits. I have repeated myself endlessly before, that during Saturn retrograde, Saturn ruled people should lie low and Sun/ Mars/ Rajasic/ Pitta/ Fire humour ruled should move forward with all their might. That's the annual cycle  of Saturn Retrograde. And the peak of which will be hopefully over by Saturday, and I shall be infinitely be grateful for that...

Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturn Retro 2015-04: After Paris trailer

Just few hours back  Mriganka madhukaillya and Jhulan krishna mahanta uploaded a very sombre and Saturnine trailer on vimeo for my film After Paris. The trailer conveyed the full range of Saturn Retrograde emotions, of my Paris trip of 2009, on which the film is based upon.  The timing of the upload during this red hot peak of annual Ssaturn Retrograde is truly stupendous. You can click on this link: Articles on Saturn Retro 2013 about Paris trip 2009, to get an understanding of the underlayers of Retrogression of that Paris trip 2009. Also on: The link on camera praxis blog on my After-paris-trailer.

Saturn Retro 2015-03: Ultra Solar phase

Dear friends, in the previous phase I've already written about Saturn Retro 2015, and especially it's peak solar phase, during 14th - 4th April. Check the first/ top coloured diagram, the usual Ultra peak Solar phase during Saturn Retrograde, where the maximum saturn debilitation or maximum Solar / pitta energy is experienced during two periods marked by the Red graph. First is the first two weeks of retrograde, and secondly, a three week period indicated by the Red Graph, towards the end of Saturn Retrograde. This year the first max Solar exaltation/ Saturn debilitation period is further amplified by the overlap of Sharad Navratra Devi Shukla Paksh. This period, especially in Northern India, sees navartra fasts, prayers in obeisance to Shakti/ Devci/ Solar/ Rajasic  energy. Hence this period shall be experienced with 200% more intensity this year. Especially from Saturday 21st Mar to 28th Mar, Saturday. This highly super intense Solar Period should be utilized by all Sun ruled/ Mars ruled/ rajasic/ Shakti people to begin something new, breakthroughs, beginnings. The energy available in this period in unimaginable.
For Saturn ruled people this period is highly recommended for all kinds of past regression, karmic repayments, revisiting older grounds, clearance, cathartic activities, debt repayment, honoring karmic accounts, etc. If having an option, they should serve or assist Sun ruled/ Mars ruled/ rajasic/ Shakti people. Below, I've decided to update this singular post with numerous personal updates, so people can understand the subjective dimensions of such an Ultra Solar Phase.

23rd Mar, Monday: From the very first day of Saturn retrograde, the effects rapidly began. Our mother in law left for Guwahati, leaving a void after her eventful visit which concluded with a highly unexpected and fulfilling pilgrimage to Ujjain. On 14th Mar, Saturday evening itself, I was visited by a psychopathic artist who contacted me over the net, wanting to watch my film After Paris. but actually, all he wanted was inputs, insights into making his own film. His strange self oriented, behavior left a deep distaste upon me. His draining presence, once mercifully ended, immediately was followed by a increase in marital disharmony, and conflict which seemingly appeared out of now logical reason. The next two days were very acute in the marital front, and only after some appropriate prayers, and Shanti mantras from my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, the turbulence was subsided. However that was soon followed by a recurrence of a throat infection that I had been suffering from past two weeks, since we went to Kasauli. When it finally became too much, I went to Chanidwala Ayurvedic, and started my medicines, I began experiencing relief. But this was soon followed by a increase in shoulder and neck sprain/ pain, which slowly increased to a great level. Again, on the advice from Dipankar, I removed the black onyx, and black tourmaline healing crystals from my body for this acute period, and started focusing on my Amethyst crystals. This considerably reduced the pain, however a lingering sense of cramped muscle twist still remains, which I feel will gradually dissipate, especially once this acute period is over. Noteworthy, that when I first met my guide, light worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar, in Nov 2014 itself, for the first time in Bongaigaon, he foresaw this week many many months before. Now all the horror, karmic release around my throat chakra area is beiong experienced as a mild throat infection and mildly irritating shoulder spain. Which would have been far, far, worse. As I have repeated myself in endless posts before, negative planetary transits are IDEAL periods for us to clear our pending/ negative Karmic debts. However with the insights of astrological therapies, energy healing, divination, we can regulate and reorient it, so that we can tide over it. I give my gratitude to the process of  Energy Healing/ divination, which can foresee things much ahead in time! In addition to the sudden physical ailments, from the very onset of Saturn Retrograde, I've been experiencing a sense of extreme gloom, emptiness, depression, vacuum, void, etc. Though my regular weekly Jupiter therapies  have considerably reduced it, still the leftovers itself is making it's presence felt in terms of the strong/ acute/ Rajasic/ pitta/ Retrograde Saturn energies. This astrological phase is so strong and acute that, even after major healing therapies, procedures, it has only partially Discounted/ reduced it's immense and acute effects. And, even after this Huge discount, the leftover energies are itself so strong, powerful and acute, that it's mind boggling. Luckily, I have had the the various healing crystals, and rituals in progression, so every effect has been considerably and substantially reduced. Until, a basic mandatory, obligatory karmic amount is being experienced by myself.  This intensity of annual Saturn Retrograde has been manifold doubled because, Saturn retrograde is happening in Scorpio this time, , a weak sign in terms of Saturn. AND, like I mentioned before (in the second diagram), the overlap of the Super Rajasic Sharad Navaratra Devi Shukla paksh phase. I fear to think what would have been my plight without the healing, Amethyst energy crystals by my side. Amen to that!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturn Retro 2015-02: Navaratra Solar phase

Dear friends, above I've posted the schedule for Annual Saturn retrograde, 2015. Since in retrograde period, the planetary influences reverse/ inverse themselves, hence this Saturn period a great period of breakthrough, forward motion for those whom Saturn is a malefic influence. And, also for those whom the Sun is a positive, beneficial and karaka planet. For those whom Saturn is a beneficial positive influence, like myself, this is an obligatory and mandatory period for regression, rewind, review. And a period of abstinence from jump starting anything new. Working on older, earlier, pending issues is very ideal in this period.

Above, I've posted a graph for the extreme period of boosted Solar/ Rajasic/ Pitta/ Agni energies because of the overlap/ coinciding of the Devi Shukla Paksh (wxing period of Navratra moon, from Pratipad to Purnima) of Sharada Maha Navaratra. This is an especial period of worship of Shakti energy, hence all Sun ruled, Mars ruled, Rajasic, Pitta driven people should utilize to the utmost. For all kinds of breakthroughs, and forward movements.
Inversely, Saturn ruled people should lie low, or serve Sun ruled people for this period. And also, utilize it's energies for regression, past related activities, etc. Cheers

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturn Retro 2015-01: Introduction

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2015, is from 14th Mar- 9th Aug. This is my fourth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles) and Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles).
The 4.5 month Saturn Retrograde is a special window period for Sun ruled people to move forward/ break through and Saturn ruled people to regress/ review/ rewind. When this period is utilized properly, it can bring harvests that may even continue over the preceding years.
This year, 2015, is very interesting, as the first three weeks of Saturn Retrograde coincide/ overlap with the annual 4 month long period of Jupiter retrograde, from 9th Dec 2014 to 9th April 2015. So the next three weeks are a Special Retrograde, with both Karmic heavyweights of the Vedic cosmogony, in retrograde motion.. together!
As described in earlier retrograde posts, the actual effects of Saturn retrograde is felt two weeks before the retrograde officially commences. For me, this year the effects were begun by my mother in laws hectic eventful visit to Delhi. Which coincided with wife Sangeetas, girls trip out to Kasauli. On women's day 8th march, I was up at Kasauli with 6 women, aged from 6 years to 68 years. Both altitude, hills, and women Shakti/ Durga are representative of Solar/ shakti energies.  When we returned, barely after a days rest, mother in law, and I left for a eventful and hectic pilgrimage to Ujjain. She left yesterday, on the very morning of the beginning of Saturn retrograde, 2015. And today, on the first sunrise of Saturn Retro, 2015 I'm feeling the void, emptiness, vaccum that naturally follows after a hectic social festival. And utilizing the gravitas/ heaviness of the moment, on the first SUNday morning of Saturn Retro 2015, I've begun the daunting task of commencing the posts on this annual Saturn Retrograde period. 
So, the first post of Saturn Retrograde, 2015, has been ritually commenced, on the very first morning, first SUNday morning of Saturn Retro 2015. Whew...