Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Log 04: crystal healing summary

Dear friends, in this past month, I have been narrating comprehensively in my other two blogs, about my past three months of experiences with energy healing techniques, and healing crystals under guidance of energy healer/ light-worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar. But one thing that I have consistently noticed in this period is, especially when I would log in to write a new post, that despite no new updates, there was always a consistent flow of views in this blog. This blog, out of my three blogs, always has some views on it's own, whether I update something or not. Maybe, this lays testimony to my long, unwinding Saturnine journey since 1997. And today, while uploading my perspectives on Shanidev/ Saturn in the Saturnine Energy page, I realized something. That, even though, all these years, I had been consistently working with Saturnine ideas, perspectives, processes, etc, I have never had the opportunity to work with Shanidev/ Saturn energy or healing stones. But now, after appropriate initiation, and guidance from my energy healing guide Dipankar, there now exists a window for that practice. As, coincidentally, the energy healing stones I have been working with these past two months, namely black tourmaline and since today, black onyx, are directly connected to Saturn/ Shanidev. So all the energy experiences, other things finally culminate or sum itself out in here, my Saturnine blog. For Shanidev/ Saturn is the window of physical summation, actualization, in the real, material world of substance. Jai Shanidev!