Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Retro 2015-17:Sun's monthly transit thru Aries

Dear friends one thing I always repeat in all my blog posts and life, especially during Saturn Retrograde, is that I find astrological inferences at the fag ends, tail ends of transits. The current fixed annual monthly transit of Sun through Aries 14th April to 15th May, in it's most EXALTED and annual powerful position has been completely overlooked by me. And even though from Bihu, 14th April onwards, I had noticed a sidereal, peripheral burning, which has by now become full oven roast, had been completely overlooked by me, as the Annual monthly transit of sign through Aries, it's sign of maximum exaltation! ESPECIAALY, from 14th April to 30th April is the annual rising SUN period of the Sun! Which will boost the current Saturn retrograde effect by at least 200% for these 15 days! From 30th April as Sun cropsses 15 degress/ mid heaven/ mid zenith of Aries the shakti/ rajasic/ pitta qualities will slwoly subside. But for now it's roasting time.
Make the most of the next few days Sun, Mars, Ketu, Shakti, rajas ruled p[eople.
And Saturnines kindly crawl under any rock that you still manage to find... :P

Personal Updates: (Under personal updates I update personal inputs after I have posted links and all, so hardly anyone gets to to see it , unless I mention it on facebook astro separately. later someone's browsing). )  
 29th April, Wednesday: today the Sun is transiting from 14 degrees aries to 15 degrees, it's degrees of maximmum exaltation throughout the entire annual year. Today the Sun is the most powerful in the entire year. So today's in a way, a peak for all Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled people, especially Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, ascendants. For this exaltation of Sun in Aries is occurring in a mool Trikona sign (1st, 5th and 9th house). For Libran ascendants like myself it's in 7th house of Aries, directly opposing the self Libra, Sun's direct gaze directly at Libra it's sign of maximum debilitation. As I always repeat myself challenge planetary transits are ideals for energy clearing. Since morning I got thwarted from two trips, first accompanying my friends parents on their daily radiation at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute at Rohini. Later because of a last minute hitch couldn't accompany my wife for her site trip  at Noida. Twice, since morning, due to some last minute hitch failed to set out of home itself. Sun is at 14 degrees 36 minutes at Aries, at this hot noon, 12: 52 pm. Rising up to it's apex/ zenith of 15th degree at Aries. Crawling up inch by inch. I utilized the home-by-default time to clean up pending junk, sort out my long pending junk in cupboards, desks etc, because the energy of this roaring burning Sun energy can be perfectly utilised by all Saturn ruled people like myself, for clearing up long pending piled up messes.

 29th April, Wednesday, 1:05 pm, Sun at 14'36" at Aries, reaching max exaltation at 15 degree by evening: Another thing I'm experiencing while writing this post is that I can't even select the usual font colour of expression, which is automatically set in the settings.But that only lays testimony to this annual rise to the peak of the Sun's max exaltation in Aries. since past few days this rising Sun in Aries has gaused deep regression in my Saturnine self. I could regress back into crossed over pasts with effortless ease. Even the dreams were overloaded with scenes from crossed over pasts, BOTH remembered and not remembered. The turbulence in my seventh house, which is Aries, has also not been small, in fact been of Titanic proportions due to no apparent reason. Such waves only lay testimony to the power of planets in our personal human experience, and the necessity of understanding their phases as the path to one's personal human energy clearing and evolution. Inch by inch, blow by blow I'm being able to narrate this half degree climb of Sun to its max exaltation peak. What else is there to do with such energy transits? Except be still, and observe and report. Damn I had recorded a movie Observe and Report on Tata Sky, but deleted it later without even watching it. Currently, as the words unfold, I feel for me this Sun peak is all about internal affairs, being stationary, observations, archiving, but also combined with rupture, upheaval, tumult and getting completely knocked off balance. I hope my Sun, Mars, Ketu, Jupiter ruled friends are making the most of this phase. In fact, lot of them are doing so too, as I mentioned in previous posts. 

Cocooning phase of Saturn Retrograde
One major phenomenon I find repeating during Saturn retrograde is that one can only begin to understand, perceive retrograde notes/ posts DURING retrograde. The very energy of the time frame changes. Once Saturn Retrograde ends, I become someone else, something different. Adim of Saturn (Rx) cannot fathom Adim of Saturn directional, and vice versa. It's a annual cocooning phase!! Mandatory for the annual development and unfolding from karmic perspectives. And the test subject here in this case in one's own self!

30th April, Thursday, 9:31 pm, Sun at 15'55" at Aries:  Since yesterday the Sun has coursed through the span of 14 and 15 degrees of Aries.  The final climb from 14 degrees to the maximum exaltation of the Sun, the solar zenith at 15 degrees of Aries.  Yesterday unfolded a long harrowing day where after the previous post, I found walking in the hot sun across our Savitri theatre complex where a fire had broken and whole roads were jammed beyond belief. Later, I was with my friend Susmit, throughout Patparganj, Noida accompanying him on his official friends. Guzzling whatever cold juice, shikanji, etc , I could find on the way. Later we landed up at his place where I collapsed like a bloated whale! The blazing Sun at 15 degrees Aries was inflaming everything, especially those Saturnine ruled. With the force of max supernova Solar blaze that only Sun in Aries can express. Especially in this period of Saturn Retrograde' 2nd gear/ orange phase (check previous posts). 
After 10 pm, when the Sun finally crossed post/ beyond the zenith of 15 degrees of Aries, the effects of the slightest drop was immediately felt by me, Susmit and i paused to buy ice cream for cousin Shivam's surprise/ planned birthday party. He was thirty years and we had a great gathering after a long, long time. And partied really late into the night. 
Today as the Sun coursed through the 15 degree, woke up with terrible hangover yet woke early, and found myself stranded by a taxi, bus,  rickshaw strike. Finally paying double the fare, reached hungover, ghoulish, and accompanied my firmed parents to our regular radiation at Rajiv gandhi Canacer institute at Rohini. Later, after returning I visited two temples for the Thursday's Jupiter dawn karma. The day went by, crawling through 15 degree, as I am completing this post, the Sun must have entered 16th degree of Aries, thankfully. However the solar blaze of Sun in Aries will hold strong from 8 degrees to 23 degrees Aries. Hence sloping upwards in a blazing trail from 23rd April Thursday to today 30th April, Thursday. And then, from today onwards sloping downwards slowly until next Friday, 8th of May. During this period, I'm also getting a lot of anger, rage, indignation, tensile brooding wrath, coursing through my blood. But these bouts do thankfully subside over few hours. And also spasms of anxiety, dread, fear and apprehension. That's the effect of 12th house natal sun!

3rd May, UNIMAGINABLY SURREAL SOLAR ENERGY:  Since the above paragraph/ update on Thursday, a lot of Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people have got unimaginable breakthrough in these past three days. As the Sun continued through the mid-heaven of Aries, the exalted Solar energies have somehow, uunimaginably magnified the Saturn Retrograde to a surreal level. Many Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people around me has got unimaginable results beyond their wildest expectations, and that have completely zapped me far beyond my own astrological expectations of them, and totally bedazzled their near and dear ones. BUT ALSO, at the same time, I saw many people change from Sun ruled to Saturnine, DURING this very Retrograde season! They were caught in the metamorphosis that long pending karma often creates in some Saturn Retro seasons. And on the other hand, Saturnine ruled like myself had to face a surreal level of pressure to stray from the Saturnine path. In one of the conversation with my energy healing guide Dipankar, he said he was so glad that I connected with him on November 2014, and since then have continued on the energy clearing path. Otherwise the surreal solar energy  of this period would have completely blown me away. Like a kite whose string is cut off!!  Even as I write this, I feel the unimaginable tug, pull push of the Solar waves within me. Creating a topsy turvy churning in my blood.
 Because our blood holds our life force, the seat of our DNA code. And intense planetary transits can cause this unimaginable churning in our bloodstream itself. For the Sun/ Mars/ Ketu this unimaginable churning in the bloodstream during this current time is an opportune period, a legitimate and endorsed call of the wild. But for the Saturn ruled, Saturnine like myself, it's the call of Dracula himself...  :P

5th May, Tuesday, Dipankar's prediction of Karmic Window until 15th May:   
Over the past few days my healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar had shared about the karmic window uptil the 15th of May. The ways of cosmic energy, their windows of karmic clearing, etc, operate on a completely another level from planetary motions and transits, but definitely sometimes they connect to prevailing periods of planetary transits. And this mentioned window of karmic clearing has totally corresponded to my this/ current post, on the current motion of Sun through Aries, a sign of it's exaltation. Today morning, i had a long conversation with Dipankar about some of the knocking, shaking that I hade been experiencing for the current period since Sunday. He explained about this karmic window, and it's clearing up of our pending karmic entanglements. Previously I had been on a fit of great agitation, but Dipnakar's words suddenly lay light on the matter... I'd rather expereince knocking, shaking on this side of 15th May, than on the other! Also it corresponds to my own follow up of Sun's current motion through Aries, which concludes on the 15th of May. But from the astrological perspective, this Energy window which commences just at the end of Solar exaltation in Aries, is directly a sign of rising Saturnine energies. And whose effects, Dipankar commented, would extend far beyond the normal scope and reach of Saturn Retrograde. So this year, Saturn Retrograde 2015 is indeed a mechanism of functioning for the spiritual energy balance on earth. And, all the extra knocks and shakes coming my way is only a sign of conclusion of a long clearing journey that began on November 2014, arriving at some kind of conclusion. Topday morning, when Dipankar's phone call came, I was accompanying my friends parents at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute at Rohini, as I have, these past two weeks. And today being Tuesday was a weekly review day by the doctor. As my friends dad, complained of some aches in his neck, the doctor replied.."it's proof and indication from the body, that the therapy is working!!". Exactly, the same phenomenon like the treatment of my father in laws cancer. TB cells were inserted in the cancer area to fight the cancer cells, and urinary bleeding indicated the treatment was working. And absence of blood meant it was too far gone to register any effects. Sometimes a  calm period is just a dead calm before the storm. And, sometimes extended knocking shaking may mean a long karmic journey is coming to it's conclusion. I pray that those who are reading goes on to read the energy insight of  Dipankar's note (Click this link: Dipankars post) linkwas and begin their energy clearing process in some manner. Availing of the energy window of this opportunity of this period! Cheers! I'll follow up/ update here...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Retro 2015-16:Napoleons failures during Saturn Retrograde

Dear friends, I have kept on repeatedly repeating that annual Saturn Retrograde of 4.5 months is great period for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people and a period of regression for those Saturn ruled. Today I want to illustrate a widely discussed astrological case study to express about Saturn Retrograde. It's a normal practice of astrologers to discuss about planetary effects of the famous historical events, and turning points of human history. And one of the most famous cases is indeed about the two landmark defeats of Napoleon during Russian invasion and in the Battle of Waterloo. Today I offer you my own perspectives and diagrammatic representation of this historical case study. Especially from the viewpoint of Saturn Retrograde, 1812 and 1815. Check the two above charts for reference.

Even though in western astrology, Napoleon's birth-chart is given as Libra Ascendant, with Saturn in 10th house, from our Vedic astrological perspective he is Virgo ascendant with Saturn in the 11th house of karmic credits/ blessings. 11th house is the best place for any planet to be!! (Click link: astrosage: horoscope of napoleon-bonaparte). Like my astro guru the late T.N Sarma used to cite, Napoelon was indeed a very, very, Saturnine person. Especially with the two Rajasic planets of Sun, Mars in his 12th house of karmic debts. (I, who am maintaining this Saturn blog for years have my Sun in the 12th house too!). 

But as we see, in Chart 1, above, showing graph of Saturn Retrograde 1812, he began his long build up and final launch of Russian invasion on 24 jun 1812, when Saturn was still in the yellow/ 3rd gear phase. If he had just postponed the long awaited invasion by 1st of July, ebbing retro of one month, he would have had battery backup throughout the entire month of July!! But then he had still to cross the red/ danger period of ultra retro from 1st Aug to 21st Aug. The best period for his long invasion would have been after 21st Aug onwards..

In Chart 2, above, showing graph of Saturn Retrograde 1815, it shows his battle of waterloo smack in the middle of the orange phase/ 2nd gear of Saturn retrograde. even though his mistake of Russian Invasion was off by few days, his Waterloo Battle was directly in the middle of his worst annual period of Saturn retrograde. By the time, the planets turned better from 7th Aug, too much had already gone by. 

My astro guide T.N Sarma used to say that Saturn/ Shanidev showed a dream to Napoleon not to commence his invasion on his planned dates, but he had ignored it. And for someone like napoleon, with Saturn in the 11th house, definitely it played a significant and important role. He should have completely handed over the charge temporarily to a Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled person. Anyways, I couldn't have compiled such a loaded, layered, historical compilation, in any other period than Saturn Retrograde. With tribute to my astro guide who taught me all my invaluable insights on Saturn Retrograde, the astrological genius T.N. Sarma, who passed away on 14th April, 2009, at the peak of Saturn Retro, 2009. With tribute and gratitude.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Retro 2015-15:Solitary shakings and nationwide earthquakes

This post I have to write twice, with a bit modifications, both in my Energy Clearing and Saturn and Jupiter blog.  Last few days because of my current challenging transit of Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio I had been consulting my energy guide Dipankar for various challenges that i was facing. And especially about about some knocking, shaking that began from Thursday evening. Dipankar tolde me amongst other things, specifically about some dana karma related to Ketu and Saturn to be done on Saturday. But I expressed my reservations about that, as I have a long history of Ketu daan already, and also Saturn was beneficisl planet for me, so I feared doing any Dana karmas to lose his effects upon me. We left it that.  However, the events that followed after 24 hrs of my putting the question immediately showed me, that for people who on the Saturnine journey, unravelling unfoldings are facilitated by Lord Shanidev..

Soon, after my conversation, situations developed, and I was knocked from Munirka, to SDA, and then finally landed up at my friend Kareem's bookstore at Nehru Place. His wife and son was there, and they were staying over at her dad's place. One thing led to another, and I found myself  setting forward to their residence at Tulip apartments, at Levan, Sonepat, Haryana . On the way I crossed a giant Sri Siddh Shani Mandir, on the GT Karnal Road., which I have crossed many times while going outside of Delhi on Holidays. But never found the time nor intersection to vsist it. When one crosses it from below on the car, it's like a towering temple that looms above you. It reminds of a giant temple hill which I have been seeing in my dreams since last 22 years.

After reaching Kareems place at Tulip Grand apartments, I tried to show him my film After Paris but the Pen drive didn't load on the usb socket of the DVD, so we decided to see DVD movies. And amongst his DVD's was the film Magus, which was based on John Fowles novel of the same name. In the movie, Michael Caine is a school teacher on a Greek island whom a mysterious neighbor called Conchis, played by Anthony Quinn, pulls into a surreal and complex game. Much like another of my ever favourite movies The_Game_ starring Michael Douglas. In both the movies, the protagonist is drawn into a complex game that supersedes reality and at the end of which is unfolded by revelation and insight. In both the movies, the protagonists gets insights, understanding, wisdom but at the astronomical Cost/ Price of knowledge which is usually connected to the journey of energy healing and spiritual growth. And by cost/ price I don't mean dollars or Euros, but the high voltage turbulent and tumultuous  currency of knocking and shaking!!
Early morning, Kareem made tea at 5:30 am, and from his balcony I saw the looming, giant, goliathan flag of OP Jindal Global university. The owner Naveen Jindal was known for his giant flags in all his ventures, especially afetr his 7 year long court case with government resulting in the (Click Link): Naveen Jindal amended-flag-code. But this flag was something elses, especially shimmering in the grey haze of pre dawn. Like the wing of a massive flying reptile. Suddenly, it struck me that Flag is the symbol of Ketu. And always previously I could NEVER relate ketu with simple flags. But this Giant, goliathan, levaithan looming far above us, shimmering in the wind, looking like the wing of a giant wingspan, myabe of mythological Jatayu or Garuda. (Ketu was related with flying, aviation, and NOt Rahu as is usually mistaken for). The shaking/ tremoprs that I felt inspired great desire in me to fulfil all the daana karma previously suggested by Dipankar.

Later while returning, I went to the Giant looming, towering Sri Siddh Shani Mandir, and poured oil without any doubt. because his oil daan was one of reverence, awe, and deep mystification at this towering presence similar to my temple hill dreams of past 22 years or more. Later I fet handicapped people, beggars, children who were conveniently located around this lone, towering,  temple by the GT Karnal Highway.
I asked Kareem to drop me on the way at GK2, but he said to accompany him for tea at Nehru place. gfinally when I returned, I drooped by the Bhairav Temple, gave oil to Shanidev, and Sringar to Mahakali. Being Saturday today, there was a huge line ahead of me, but the oil pouring idol of Shanidev was separate, and because i had to give black clothe to Ketu (as is mostly practiced in North India, in contrast to the grey one we give in the East), but Ketu idol had No queue. On the way, on handicapped guy smiled at me from his vehicle, and i had opportunity to offer him some of my personal favorite Jim Jam biscuits. By the time I reached, and bathed and breakfast it was hardly 11am on Saturday morning. But the end of a long, elaborate, energy healing odyssey facilitated by the divine grace of Lord Shanidev....

BY THE TIME I update this post, the news was out: (Click link): news/world/2015/04/25/-7.5 magnitude earthquake, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake had begun in Kathmandu, then Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Delhi, Dwarka, and so forth!! What I felt was my own solitary experience of knocking shaking for me has unfolded into a journey which was synced with the 7.5 magntiude earthquake sweeping across the nation. After my intense conversation with Dipankar, for the past 24 hrs, I was set off on a unraveling  journey. One which synced with with the mysterious energies governing planet Earth. Like some animals and birds, for once i was in sync with planet earth...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Retro 2015-14:Dazzling Solar Talents

Today, in my 14th post on saturn Retrograde 2015, I will take a welcom break from astro theory and avail the opportunity to share the dazzling shine of some of the Sun, Mars, Ketu, Agni ruled people during this period that I'm fortunate enough to know. As I said this period is especially great for such people. Especially in terms of breakthrough, illumination, dazzle, shine, flame on, and sizzling spontaneous combustion...

First is the song/ video of my friend Lueit Parasar Hazarika based on the traffic police who serve us through rain and sun. Finally he's uploaded a complete video of his first song, especially a melody which would help the Assamese audience to connect in a heartfelt way, that runs through the blood and tears of the common man. I have enjoyed his songs and worked with him for long. But right timing for such a rupture
The next is a dark jazz verison of Nirvana's song Come As You Are by my favourite jazz singer and a friend Vasundhara Vee, who's quite popular in both Delhi, and abroad for her mellifluous numbers. In fact everyone knows Vasundhara, but THIS song oozing with oomph and sensuality and amazing jazz music, at this time should propel her to the next level that she desrves. I have only worked with her on a single ad, which never got aired. She was her ususal, comical, casual self, as always with me. But this song is sizzling.. Shine on!!

The next is a dazzling cover of my ever favourite guitar performance, a piece that I often share with most people Emotive Ballad; by Jess Lewis. What a surprise to find, one budding young guitarist Shrikant Biswakarma I know to have done his own version of it. What maturity and economy in such an unexpected young age! But only five likes on his facebook page. He definitely has young, tasteless, item song loving friends on facebook. Shine on boy, for your notes are the stuff dreams are made of...

And then, one of Sangeeta's friends Mani Padma suddenly posts a ballad on facebook The Whore Of Belisk: a ballad by Mani Padma which was awesome as I didnt even realise that such a style existed in this modern day and age! What style, eloquence, language, and phrasing. Strange is that Vasundhara writes great ballads, but she's too shy to share. Aewsoem dazzling talents of Sun, Mars, Ketu, Agni, Shakti in this Orange period of saturn Retrograde!! Cheers!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Retro 2015-13:Retrograde Films

Today's my thirteenth post on annual Saturn Retrograde, 2015. Today I want to discuss about some films that I saw currently, and in other Saturn retrograde periods, which reflect the true quality, essence, nature and characteristics of Saturn Retrograde. While watching any of them, you can actually feel the nature of Saturn retrograde, especially from the Saturnine perspective.

The magnificent, yet eerie visual spectacle of Lars Von Triers film Melancholia perfectly describes Saturn retrograde beyond any other movie in comparison. Especially the super slow motion, super static, super stagnating, opening sequence. I had already written about my personal experience of watching Melancholia in the post Saturn Retro: 2014/02/ Melancholia by Lars von Trier. Even this retrograde I couldn't help opening my selection of films by this Retrograde magnum opus, from beginning to end, both from screenplay wise, treatment, and the visual style..

The films of Tarsem_Singh reflect the static, suspended, hypnotic, floating, unworlds. There are always secnes where things are suspended in extreme potential energy looming with oozing release, explosive supernova to come. the viewer is left breathless with the impact of static energy, collossal unfolding, static energy perfectly expressing the Saturn Retrograde energies...

(to be contd).....

Retro 2015-12:Into 2nd Gear

Dear friends, this is my twelfth post on annual. By now Saturn retrograde has commenced into it's second gear / 2nd phase, (the orange arrow in the  illustration above). The energy shift of Saturn retrograde from it's 1st phase/ gear to it's 2nd phase/ gear is comparable to a car, where the explosive, combustion energy of a engine is  converted into the physical movement of the wheels by means of gears. The 1st phase/ gear, which comprise the first two weeks of Saturn retrograde is exactly like the explosive combustion energy generated in an engine. And the  2nd phase/ gear is like this energy being converted into actual physical momentum/ movement. The Energy of Saturn Retrograde can be used by Sun, Mars, Ketu, Shakti, Rajas ruled people for various breakthroughs and energy leaps. And for Saturn, Rahu, inertial people this energy manifests in the form of karmic recompense, churning, and Energy Clearing.

Personal Updates on 2nd house transit: I'm Libra ascendant (Tula lagna), and retrograde Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house, Scorpio. I'm experiencing personal churning, in topics, issues, matters related to 2nd house, (Click link: Significance of the Second-house.) This churning is a manifestation of the energy clearing process Saturn facilitates during it's retrograde motion for those Saturn ruled.
The 2nd house relates to our own Self worth, and many events have compelled me to have constant thoughts, like: What am I worth? Am I any worth at all? Am I What is the opinion of people around me, towards me? What are the opinions of close/ related people towards me? What are the opinions of community members, of neighbors towards me? are constantly churning in my mind now. Especially thoughts of my own personal opinion of myself. How I personally perceive my own  self worth.
 The 2nd house represents the bedrock, the foundation of our physical reality, our personal existence. I'm experiencing some churning in this area too, especially defining the terms of my own ground realities, zones of stability, comfort zones, etc. The churning energy of retrograde Saturn is compelling me to question and review, various concepts, ideas, approaches which is the very foundation of, the bedrock of my physical existence. However, this mandatory churning is essential for the Saturn ruled.

Mandatory mistakes/ Compulsory madness: I was browsing through my 70 articles on Saturn retro 2013 which many of  are oozing with rabid, foaming personal narrations on the churning combustion of Saturn retrograde. Especially some are pretty graphic like: Saturn-retro-2013-47: Lionel Richie live and Saturn-retro-2013-52: Stupid Stunts!! Which, on retrospect makes me comprehend the necessary madness we have to experience, the mandatory mistakes we are compelled to make, on the journey of evolution.
Heaviness of Saturn Retrograde during 2nd gear: During this period of 2nd gear, Saturn ruled people experience great heaviness and gravitas. This is on account of  all the energy of the previous Retrograde periods temporarily reconnecting with that of the current retrograde period. Hence, the layered heaviness that Saturn ruled people experience during Saturn retrograde period.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Retro 2015-11:Retro phase 2

Dear friends, after the climactic and high voltage three weeks described in the previous post, we now move into Saturn Retrograde's Phase 2/ 2nd Gear/ Orange (check diagram above). It's like 2nd gear in a car's engine, after the rupturous period of combustion that happens in a engines during it's 1st Gear, we move into gear/ phase of lesser sparks and fires. During this 2nd gear phase, lasting throughoutthe burning, spark/ combustion is more converted into momentum. So with Saturn retrograde, this Rajasic month of April is ideal for all Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people to actually begin progress, forward movement of some kind.
For Saturn ruled people: This period is to actively initiate review, and reexamination of their life structures. Reevaluate and reexamine their life paths, purposes, journeys. Time to chew the cud, mull and ponder over things in depth. And maybe look over long pending issues. An ideal time to delve into past life karmic connections and debts. Engage in past regression, reviewing long repeating life patterns in their lives. Every day in April for the Saturn ruled is a time to connect and reestablish issues from the past. Put their energy into processing bygone/ pending issues.
In previous years I have written in detail about Gravitas and Supergo for Saturn ruled people. Gravitas or heaviness is mandatory to be experienced by the Saturn ruled during this period, as this involves a deep induction of potential energy into the nervous system, personal energy aura. Highly reminds of the Kenji Mizoguchi film The_47_Ronin_(1941_film) which I saw in one of Osians film festival's special Mizoguchi revivals. The movie is based on the Japanese historical story of  the Loyal Forty Seven Ronin.  The entire movie showed out of commission Ronin soldiers in exile/ waiting/ out of structure, wandering. soldiers waiting to move into action when (ever) their time came. They spent time drinking, wasting, almost decaying. But they are always called the Loyal 47 Ronin, because they stuck to the programme, stuck to Saturnine energies. and finally, when the time came Saturn delivered the due harvests! An experience that is very analogous to  the Saturnine experience of this period.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Retro 2015-10:Climax of Supernova phase

Dear friends, in the previous post I had written about how the period from 28th Mar to 4th april was "super Flux week" because of the simultaneous drop of Saturn Retro energy combined with a yet parallel increase of Chaitra Navaratra Shukla Paksh. And I had also promised the personal updates follow up on the same post. However, as the enrgy unfolded, I found it tremendously Solar/ Shakti ruled, because the Rate of daily increase of the Chaitra Shukla Paksh waxing moon, was by far steep[er than the phase change of the long drawn out span of saturn Retrograde. Hence, at least the fag end sees a Supernova of rajsic/ Skati energies in flux. Hence the first 4 days of April sees the Cocncluding Climax of the acute and increasing Rajasic/ Shakti period of  Chaitra Navaratra Shukla Paksh. A Super powerful period for all Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled people. For all kind of break throughs, beginnings, commencements, enetrprises, endeavors, whatever! Like Nike says.. Just Do It!!

Saturnine/ Rahu people: Definitely the time to lie Low! Regress, review, exprience the neccesary pullback that is essential for the release later. Definitely, due to the high energy of the phase, you might be tempted to commence something. But restrain yourself.Commence after the eclipse on 4th April, Saturday evening.

Personal Updates
3rd April, Friday, Chaturdashi: Since Wednesday, 1st April, and Dwadashi, I have been besotted with heaviness, gravitas, a burning sensation, and experiencing massive pressure upon me from all sides. The burning solar flares, eruptions are hammering at all my weakest points. I have Sun in 12th house, the house of Karmic debts, in my natal horoscope. And the rattling, bone shaking during such intensified solar phases, is often a intensely accelerated phase of burning pending karma. Every night, have been riddled with past life, dreams/ nightmares. In the previous post, I wrote in detail how I saw a dream in episodes. Over two days! Like continuing sequels in a movie, which has never happended before, as far as I can remember! 
Entering the Vortex, the Centre of the Sun
Many times, especially since yesterday evening, I feel like I'm on a spaceship going into the center of a Sun, or entering the center of a storm! Like they have shown in many science fiction movies. And closer we approach the center/ the vortex, the more powerful the electrical waves, interference, turbulence, rattling, shaking of the spaceship! unimaginable gravitas and imploding pressure that we experience from all sides. Simply unimaginable! My friend Subhash yesterday, shared on Facebook, a random link of International Space station, showing Supertyphoon Mayask. Showing the vortex of the storm, of Supertyphoon Mayask. A uncannily graphical rpresentation of the astrological events of the heavens!! And remembering my ever childhood comic Kamandi, issue #55 " The Vortex Beast". And my ever favourite bone chilling tale Edgar Allan Poe, tale "Descent into the Maelstorm"..

4th April, Saturday, Purnima/ Full Moon+ Chandra Grahan/ Lunar Eclipse: 
Since yesterday, the Purnima Tithi / Full moon phase began on 3: 17 pm and will last till today 5:35 pm in the evening. (Click link drikpanchang.com link for chaitra-purnima-date-time). So, from3:17 pm, yesterday,  to 5:35 pm, today, we are going to experience the full strength, 100% force of this entire two weeks build up. Of the agni/ shakti/ pitta/ rajsic energies of the Navaratra Shukla Paksh waxing moon! And which was compounded manifold by the red hot "Rising Retro", namely the intense rajasic/ solar first two weeks of  Saturn Retrograde. So, these 26 hrs, is the Core of the Energy Vortex!!
And todays Lunar eclipse is from 6:42 pm to 7:15pm. (Click link for lunar-eclipse-date-time-duration). However, if you check the detailed timings, the first contact to last contact with Lunar penumbra, is from 2: 33 pm to 10: 29 pm. So this eight hour period is the astrological window of this significant eclipse.  
So, 26 hrs of  Energy Vortex, combined with eight hours of penumbral eclipse.  
From 2:33 pm to 7:30 pm is  the Eye of the Storm!! Use this period for prayers or charity. Or worshipping your personal Deity

I write this post at 8: 24 pm, 4 hours past the peak/ centre/ apex of the 26 hour Purnima Tithi which began at 3:17 pm yesterday, to 5:35 pm, today. The the energies that increased, accelerated, boosted by the Chaitra Shukla Paksh waxing moon, should begin to ebb from here onwards. And I should experience an ebb, in the  flood-tide of karmic issues that I have been Increasingly/ acutely facing over these past two weeks. From my Saturnine perspective, especially these last four days, I have personally experienced many people, situations, events, circumstances flaring up, and accelerating analogously to this steep increase of  agni/ shakti/ pitta/ rajasic energies. And the culmination of that vortex of energies is today's Lunar Eclipse + full Moon, occurring in Virgo, my 12th house of horoscope, ruling over karmic debts. 
At least, whatever unfolds, may it help clear my manifold pending karmic debts.....

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