Friday, February 21, 2014

Retro2014:01: Melancholia- Lars Von Trier

Todays 21st Februray, 2014. And we are already two days into the Arrest phase of Saturn Retrograde, beginning from 4th of march. See graph below. The brown coloured "Arrest" phase commences, two weeks before Saturn retrograde actually begins from 4th March. This "Arrest"phase gives us signs and feelers into the approaching phase of the 4.5 month long Saturn Retrograde. And as a sign of the coming times, I randomly and unplannedly ended up watching Lars Von Triers movie Melancholia, stg Kirsten Dunst, and Charlotte Gainsbourg. I had sworn to never watch any of his movies after the super dark, ghoulish Anti Christ, banned in Cannes itself. But since I am still permanently hungover his earlier unbelievable Dogville, stg Nicole Kidman, I took courage. This makes perfect sense as far as this brown coloured "Arrest" phase is concerned. A perfect preamble, prefatory gesture into the approaching Saturn Retrograde...

From the first frame of Melancholia, I was mesmerized. the emotions of Saturn Retrograde perfectly expressed in all it's full glory. Kirsten Dunst in a super slow motion frame, with autumn leaves falling on all sides. An unimaginable opening sequence of  suspended time, suspended animation. Still, static, floating objects. In a timeless space, forever frozen. things clacified, fossilized in midst of their motion. Frozen into statues, 3 dimensional time sculptures. Saturn retrograde expressed beyond imagination.

In the movie storyline, a vast asteroid/ planet called Melancholia hidden behind the Sun, crosses  paths with the earths orbit in a collision course. finally ending in a total cataclysmic global catastrophe. The entire movie is a slow, nerve crawling buildup to this looming catastrophe. In fact, the underlying darkness, sense of looming doom was much more effective and powerful than Trier's  ghoulish movie Anti Christ. In fact the dread, melancholia stays with you much longer.. and deeper.On the surface there's beauty, but beneath that there's a acute sense of Gravitas, foreboding doom of a approaching unimaginable fate.

Melancholia in Terms of Saturn Retrograde
But what  was most awesome, was this movie being the perfect expression of this rapidly approaching Saturn Retrograde. I could have watched this dated movie, anytime, but yet I was watching it now, in the brown coloured Arrest period of Saturn retrograde (check above graph). Seeing the signs, portents of things to come in this rapidly approaching 4.5 month long period of Saturn Retrograde 2014. As i will explain myself in future posts in detail, Saturn Retrograde is a period of forward motion, becoming, identity for the Sun ruled people. But for Saturnines, i.e, the Saturn ruled people, it's a time of unbecoming, unraveling, regression, decay and retreat.

The movie opened with joy, magic, fun, social warmth, ceremony, success of Kirsten Dunst's marriage. Somewhat like the forward, glorious motion I have been experiencing since Saturn went directional in my ascendant house, in it's exalted position in Libra since July 2013. But then, everything goes haywire, as Lars Von Trier runs amok with his usual iconoclastic darkness. Everything falls apart, in a series of unimaginable disasters, until the final Cataclysmic Catastrophe, where the runaway blue planet Melancholia ultimately crashes into the Earth, ending all human life. Somewhat, like the effects we Saturnines, saturn ruled people experience during Saturn's retrograde motion. Somewhat chilling as this Saturn Retrograde is happening in my ascendant house Libra, directly aspecting my 7th house, ruled by marriage and partnerships.
What was noticeable, was the twilightish colour blue in the entire movie. The planet Melancholia suffused everything with it's turquoise illumination. But this was haunting pale "melancholic" blue. This is the melancholic "blue" colour of Saturn Retrograde, that all Saturn ruled people experience during Saturn's retrograde motion. What we call the "Blues". This blue is not soothing, but a haunting twilight blue, unimaginable. In one scene Kirtsen Dunst lies beneath the night sky, fully naked and exposed to the Blue rays of looming planet of dread, Melancholia. It's a sequence of suspended animation, things floating in static suspension, with a VAST underlying feeling of dread and unease.  You can actually sense the invisible portent of pproachinga cataclysmic doom. Almost mirroring the  sense and feelings of the of the approaching Saturn Retrograde in my ascendant sign Libra, in my self itself.
My approaching dread of Saturn Retrograde, magically expressed by the stunningly visual and the  suspended animation of Lars Von Trier's haunting movie... Melancholia..

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crawl 08: Jupiter in Saturns house

Saturn/ Shanidev in my 9th house fate, philosophy, etc, makes me continually experience the slow, unfolding repetitions. As opposed to the straight cut linear path, I experience the cyclic motions,  reexaminations, spirals of deconstruction. It's destined/ thrust upon me to experience this! The Saturnine process. The crawls pace of things.
The month of February was so super slow for me. In contrast to the previous months of November, December, January, with so many things happening all at once. Multiples and multitudes of events. Suddenly the month of February finds me in still waters. A dead autumn gloom. Due to the current Jupiter retrograde? In all previous years, the periods of Jupiter retrogrades have always been full of activity, as Jupiter is Retrograde and Debilitated in my natal chart. But as the therapies and obeisance to Jupiter have unfolded over the past year, has Jupiter become a progressively beneficial planet for me? And hence causing me to experience this current Jupiter Retrograde as a grinding slowdown? I guess i will only find out once Jupietr goes directional, in the first week of March. But uptil then, I drown in this Saturnine, crawls pace of things.

(In my natal chart, Jupiter is  in my 4th house, Capricorn, owned by Saturn). On a recent/ deeper perspective my Navamsa Lagna is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. is this what I was experiencing all this while? A retrograde and debilitated Jupiter energy in a Saturnine package? As in deconstruction, do I have to decode the Saturnine aspect to unfold the Sagittarius Navamsa personae lurking beneath. What Zizek calls Tarrying with the Negative for creation of Being??? Well, guess I have to walk the walk, and find out for myself.
For "traditional" Vedic astrology is a truly post modern deconstructive process...