Sunday, September 15, 2013

Log 01: Saturnine beginnings

I began my astrological journey while still being an Architectural student in Mumbai. to cut a long story short, the journey was jump started by finding the book  The Greatness of Saturn by Robert E. Svoboda  in a nearby book fair in 1997. After a long journey I discovered the Serpentine Nodes, karmic designs of life etc, etc, becoming a Vastu consultant, astrologer myself. Yesternight, 15th Sept '13, i was up late updating a Post on Kalsarp yog transit, 2013 in my Serpentine blog dedicated to the nodes. later i was scrambling through my old archives, found an PDF book Fire and Ice; the Brotherhood of Saturn by Stephen Flowers. Browsing through it late night, i discovered this ancient German theosophic order had perfectly embraced, understood, and proliferated the rather difficult Saturnine path. A viewpoint which refreshingly shook of the stranglehold from the classical Aryan Vedic standpoint which lay emphasis on Sun as the centre of the astrological universe. Or the classical Roman- Greico stanpoint providing a rather lopsided  logocentric/ centric viewpoint on the importance of Saturn or Lord Shanidev, in our material existence. I feel the Saturnine viewpoint embraces duality, the serpentine deconstruction of Nature embodied by the post modern Aquarian age. Hence under the extreme significant auspice of Saturn + rahu in my ascendant sign Libra, and the Kalsarpa in my ascendant axis, and prevailing Chinese year of the Serpen, I commence, or rather re- commence this blog on the philosophy, metaphysical, scholarly, deconstructive, occult, post modern, Karmic approach of fabulous yet highly misunderstood Saturn/ Lord Shanidev, titled.. Saturnine. Jai Shanidev!

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