Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crawl 08: Jupiter in Saturns house

Saturn/ Shanidev in my 9th house fate, philosophy, etc, makes me continually experience the slow, unfolding repetitions. As opposed to the straight cut linear path, I experience the cyclic motions,  reexaminations, spirals of deconstruction. It's destined/ thrust upon me to experience this! The Saturnine process. The crawls pace of things.
The month of February was so super slow for me. In contrast to the previous months of November, December, January, with so many things happening all at once. Multiples and multitudes of events. Suddenly the month of February finds me in still waters. A dead autumn gloom. Due to the current Jupiter retrograde? In all previous years, the periods of Jupiter retrogrades have always been full of activity, as Jupiter is Retrograde and Debilitated in my natal chart. But as the therapies and obeisance to Jupiter have unfolded over the past year, has Jupiter become a progressively beneficial planet for me? And hence causing me to experience this current Jupiter Retrograde as a grinding slowdown? I guess i will only find out once Jupietr goes directional, in the first week of March. But uptil then, I drown in this Saturnine, crawls pace of things.

(In my natal chart, Jupiter is  in my 4th house, Capricorn, owned by Saturn). On a recent/ deeper perspective my Navamsa Lagna is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. is this what I was experiencing all this while? A retrograde and debilitated Jupiter energy in a Saturnine package? As in deconstruction, do I have to decode the Saturnine aspect to unfold the Sagittarius Navamsa personae lurking beneath. What Zizek calls Tarrying with the Negative for creation of Being??? Well, guess I have to walk the walk, and find out for myself.
For "traditional" Vedic astrology is a truly post modern deconstructive process...

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