Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Retro 2014:06: Karmic Concepts

As described in the earlier posts, when Saturn goes retrograde it's a karmic time for both Sun ruled and Saturnine people. This is when we have the opportunity to clear out, override pending mistakes of our past. Sun ruled people should do this by bringing clarity, sharp focus, determination to their lives, and Saturn ruled should by avoid all Solar aspects in their lives.
This is because all Sun ruled people, were once Saturnine beings in their past who had commited many Saturnine overindulgences. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, they should display extra focus, will, determination, strength, clarity, passion. Similarly, all Saturn ruled people, were once Solar Rajasic beings in their past who had committed many Rajasic, fiery, solar overindulgence. Hence during Saturn Retrograde, they should display extra reticence, reserve, patience, forbearance, indecision to make up for their former passionate Rajasic excesses.

Personally, I'm going through a mixture of extreme randomness, lassitude, lethargy, heaviness,  gravitas during these past few days. There were many a issues where I had to take a call, but I'm merely postponing such decisions of clarity for a later call. Regressing I am into former times and former issues wholeheartedly, pulling the Saturnine bowstring as far back as possible. As compared to annual Saturn Retrograde 2013, there are hardly any posts that I have uploaded. This is merely because of the sheer mood of Gravitas and Heaviness I'm going through me right now. In fact this time, I'm being able to exercise the function of regression far more wholeheartedly, a invaluable exercise for all Saturn ruled people, i.e, Saturnines during Saturn Retrograde. Now is not the time for clarity, realization, landmarks, banners, like how it is for those people with malefic Saturn, or powerful Sun. Those Saturnines, whose eye gaze crosses over these lines should read the earlier post also titled Heavier Concepts. For Saturnines, now is NOT the time for structures, or clarifications, or resolutions. Just drag on, from one point to the other, and don't fight the prevalent zombie like mood that you are right now in. Restrain yourselves from the temptation of passionate display.

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