Monday, July 13, 2015

Retro 2015-24: Ultra Retro: Paris Reversed 02

Dear friends, as discussed in the previous post, since the Paris trip of Ultra Retro 2009, in all the preceding years, the last week of the Ultra Retro period, the final concluding week of the 4.5 month long Saturn Retrograde, has always represented the inverse, inverse, redemptive, karmic recompense, shadow, of that fateful, windfall Paris trip. In fact, every year, my last concluding posts of Saturn Retrograde, always end under the title of Paris Reversed. Even after actually having created my first full length film on that Retrograde trip, and the hangover thereafter, the last week of Ultra Retro, the comprising the very last Retro energy period, and concluding week of annual 4.5 month Saturn Retrograde itself, will be maybe forever celebrated/ mourned or ritually observed by myself as a period of acute karmic redemption, and regression. As a personal testimony of the error and misappropriation of Saturnine energies, during the acute and intense Ultra retro period. When, a Saturnine ruled person should officially regress, and acutely rewind, the gross violation of moving forward, or indulging in "quantum leaps/ breakthroughs".
And, even as I thought the last so many uncountable posts were enough, the raw physical force of saturn Retrograde, the sheer force of physical circumstances, compel me to type out the words on this keyboard, and post the posts on Saturn retrograde.

Paris Reverse: Today's 13th July, the 18th day of Ultra Retro phase, of Saturn Retro. On the 18th day, of Ultra Retro 2009, I was fully mobilised, empowered, and moving around Paris. Having crossed over, my initial days of hesitation and recitation, I had become completely at home in this strange new city. And, today as a reversion, find myself crippled, paralyzed at my home ground. A truck accident at Panchsheel flyover completely jammed the Outer Ring road, and traffic was brought to a long standstill. I had get down from the auto-rickshaw, take a Metro to Malviya Nagar stop, then take a rick to the edge of Jahapanah forest, where the bottleneck again began, and walk across the forest short cut back to home. In all my ten years in Delhi, in this area, I have never witnessed such a acutely paralytic traffic bottleneck. Back home pending, mundane, household, problems rapidly transforming into meaningless arguments and energy sapping conflicts, rapidly descended my spirit to an all time low, moon in the gutter kind of feeling. And exact reverse of the rush of exploration, adventure, adrenalin of exploring an utterly magical, and romantic city as Paris itself. The anti gravity, magically buoyant feeling, floating head-rush has aptly transformed into a clogging, filthy drain, a gutter, a rotting pile of festering human heap of  the most utterly, ridiculous meaningless, mundane garbage of human existence!!
Louvre Reversed; On the 17th day of Ultra Retro 2009, namely 29th April, 2009, I had visited the great global Art lanmark of the Louvre museum. I was roaming

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