Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Saturn Retro 2016-7: Seven days

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Dear friends this is my seventh post on ongoing Saturn Retrograde 2016. In the previous post, I had talked about the special nature of this years Saturn retrograde,  which is lot like an elaborate Rajasic Shakti energy Layered Cake, possessing many elaborate and  powerful underlying layers. Click link: Saturn-retro-2016- post-6-Energy-Layer-Cake.

And today I want to talk about the next Seven Days, that represent the culmination of this long buildup since Feb 20th itself, as mentioned in my previous post. The next Seven Days representing the rise of Sun in Aries from 8th degree to max 15th degree i.e, max exaltation, from 22nd April, Friday to 29th April, exactly Seven days.. from Friday to Friday. Like a ultra blockbuster movie running for exactly one week.. Friday to Friday!!
I'm really sorry for uploading this today, Tuesday evening, but as you would read below, you would understand my Saturnine experience/ viewpoint, and forgive my obvious Saturnine delay!
Below is the ling to Seven Days.. my ever favourit Sting song since the summer of 1996..

I feel, if utilised properly, especially by the Rajasic, Shakti, dynamic Sun, Moon, Ketu, ruled people (not Mars, as Mars is currently retrograde) this seven days can comprise the Seven doorways one has to cross, to reach liberation, or the kundalini rising through Seven Chakras to reach fulfilment. Each of these Seven days, owing to the long buildup since Feb 20th itself, (mentioned in detail in the previous post), can be compared to the Seven notes, or Seven colours of the rainbow from the Shakti ruled people. It reminds me of the multifarious rainbow colours of the rainbow crystal!! Just reach out and touch it. Yes, this is your time to merge into Shakti, take the leap to connect to energy. An amazing moment, an amazing opportunity!

However, for the Saturnine people, Saturn ruled people, it's definitely the most challenging, even ghoulishly cathartic Seven days, and can be compared to the Seven tasks of Hercules, or like the tests faced by Prahlad, at the hands of Hiranyakashipu. There's nothing much to do except chant the name of God, Vishnu, Jesus, Allah, Mahakali, Guru, according to one's religious practice. The special nature of this scorching one week would see the worst fears of the Saturnine person come to rise, come alive. Like my favourite childhood comic book Tarzan at the valley of Death, sorry I couldnt find the link where Tarzan crosses seven challenges, in a demonic mountain, to get a sacred flower to cure Jane, of an evil spell, BUT, that comic was the most artistically created masterpiece, where Tarzan and his companions face the Seven sacred fearsome challenges, in the valley of deat.

But, due to the this years retrograde Saturn being in Scorpio, this Herculean test of Seven days, fearsome challenge would be highly internal, complex, involving stinging emotions, scathing rebukes, and churning of one's internal insecurities brought to life. And, more so because Mars itself is retrograde and conjunct with Saturn. Imagine a very intensely visceral scenario, a lot like this years Oscar winning movie The Revenant directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu starring Leonardo De Caprio.

Where the challenges faced by the protagonist comes in layers, much like the Layered Caked described in my previous post. In a series of subsequent events one following the another. In fact, my friend Mriganka was repeatedly talking about this movie, and I should have shared this movie analogy in the earlier post itself, but due to the extreme Saturnine challenges and delays that I'm currently facing, all these identifications and expressions are surfacing only now.

.. due to exhausting nature of this post I will update..add more later..:P

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