Thursday, November 28, 2013

Crawl 03: Two sides of Gravity

Today, on occasion of our 8th marriage anniversary, we went to see Gravity the movie in 3D, at luxury theatre of PVR, Directors cut @ Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, The movie was spectacularly, full of special effects, two astronauts marooned in space, human struggle, emotional drama in space. Sandra Bullock with a stellar performance. an emotional movie worth watching!!! Now from the saturnine viewpoint...

From the Saturnine perspective: Gravity is such a loaded word! my first connection with the word was with the John Meyer song "Gravity". he sings about gravity dragging him down under, in the same lines of other songs: the song "i believe I can fly", Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge " One day i'll Fly away", and most importantly Pink floyd's "Learning to Fly'. All these, and another million songs are about flight, anti gravity, flying away, into the sky/ beyond. Gravity, the movie talks about a complete reversal of this scenario, without Gravity, without humanity, lost, marooned, isolated in hevavenly space, you crave, die, long, to return to the ground, terra firma, .. and Gravity! In the last scene sandra bullock claws, grasps at mud on a lake's edge,cherishing gravity! In most metaphysics/ astrology etc, Saturn Shanidev has been always associated with Gravity/ gravitas. everyone curses him for the heaviness/ burden of their lives, but like in this movie, outside of his influence, in the cold, suspended animation of zero gravity, free folating, unberable terror holds!! What Milan Kundera calls: The Unbearable Lightness of being!

Being Libran ascendant, my ascendant constellation/ Nakshatra is Swati (15), the symbol of which is "young plant shoot blown by the wind".. basically a rootless, ungrounded character. who could crave for saturnine gravity, the ROOT-edness of the Muladhar chakra, more than ME! I could so identify with the later part of the film, as Sandra bullock, alone in space, yet scrambling, scampering to return to earth/ root/ Gravity!! So what I'm saying is cherish the Gravity, the Saturnine heaviness, the Karmic burdens, that we constantly bicker about. WITHOUT it, we could be so utterly rootless, un-grounded, lost/ marooned in space! So, cheers to Gravity, the movie! Jai Shanidev!

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