Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crawl 04: Ovewrhelming Middle of things

According to Heisenbergs Uncertainity principle of quantum physics,  for any atomic particle, at any time, either it's Position OR it's Momentum can be measured. Never Both! In realm/ influence/ path of the Sun, or the Solar path, always Position is very transparent  and clearly  measurable. Where WE STAND, our status and position on the great cosmic grid! But, in the Saturnine path, we have no inkling of where we stand, our position on things, or on the  Status of things! ALL we can make out is that somethings moving! In the Saturnine path, we never have any clue about WHERE things are headed for. Just a great middle-muddle, jumble, of  movement. We can definitely feel something is in progress, but can never make out where it's headed towards! Such is the saturnine way I have been experiencing these past few days..

As mentioned two posts before, I have bought an android phone, but was immediately desperate to sell it on Olx and Quickr, to upgrade to a 3G phone. Out of 30 plus people, who called up to enquire about my phone ad, two guys did actually land up, (I don't even know whether through Olx/ Quickr). But exactly after ten minutes AFTER buying it, returned it, saying it wasn't the model they were looking for!! What a great movement, motion, for a caveman like me, YET, in the end what an anticlimax/ great damp squib!! Meanwhile, a lot of sudden work is flowing over my head, a lot of haphazard motion without any meaning. Obviously, I cannot make out head nor tail of where it's headed for. Things are happening in a jumbled up mash of events, through a sudden  ultra overdose of movement.  And I can't even complain, because few months back, I was always whining about a lack of movement. But then, the world was cosy, ordered, clear cut, defined and  transparent. And now, suddenly, it's gone completely berserk, all of a sudden, it's become too much movement, to be able to be handled! And of all the processes begun, commenced, NOT ONE of them has reached any closure. Every process is stuck in the awful middle, in the half baked, midway of things! JUST LIKE MY ANDROID PHONE: it's always in the middle of  something: updating software, downloading something. Never reaching any rest or closure!!

In my Serpentine blog, I have mentioned that Ketu is always about extremities: the beginning or end of things, and Rahu is always about the middle. The continuing, ever ongoing, process of the middle/ muddle. I must add that, it feels incredibly draining. All this insecurity and uncertainity! But, all I can do, as of now, being Saturnine/ Saturn ruled, is try to crawl forward...!!  :o  :o

Update/ inference/ hindsight: 3rd December, 2013, Tuesday evening, 8:54 pm-
As characteristic of the theme/ topical planet of this blog Saturn, I guess this tail end, retrospective, hind sight add note, foot note of wisdom and revelation was/ is/ and always will be in throe/ hidden curriculum. I'll (once again) repeat myself for the trillionth time, being acutely Saturn ruled, I get headway of prevailing transits,  only halfway through (at the best) and at the fag end, at the worst! While posting the above article "Crawl 04: Overwhelming middle of things" I never even gauged that i might have been subconsciously been following the Sun- Saturn transit across the skies! An hour back, my friend Kapil Razdan called and we were chatting away after a long time. I had predicted the current transit of Sun across his ascendant sign Scorpio ( 17th Nov - 15th Dec) to be a particularly powerful period for him. But he was equally fazed like some of the rest of us, especially me! The reason, after some insight, was that, in his birth chart,  he had debilitated Moon in his ascendant sign of Scorpio! As the Sun transited his natal sign, Scorpio, his already debilitated Natal Moon became even more combust ( The Sun does that to any planet it crosses, it burns it out). Hence, the marked effect of overstress that he was experiencing! And as usual, a LATE eureka moment for me! For my own self, being Libran ascendant with natal sun in 12th house,  the rising ascending malefic Sun across my 2nd house of Scorpio, was directly aspecting my 8th house of disease, obstacle, unease and dread. AND AS I TYPE THIS, the Sun is in the (guess the word) MIDDLE of Scorpio, and the above article I subconsciously titled it as "Overwhelming Middle of things"!!! the Jungian perspective of all people being synchronously, unconsciously connected to transiting planetary rhythms was proved truer, one more time. But WHO would follow WHICH planetary transit depended on SO many factors in the "horrorscope". Being Saturn ruled, obviously the Sun's transit across the heavens would definitely have a direct effect on me! Because wherein the rule of the Sun, my malefic lord ended, the rule of my significant Karmic lord, Saturn began!!
The very simple fact of myself being into astrological research/ observation so deeply, is simply because/ due to the 9th house Saturn. Because of the Saturn position ( especially conjunct with Ketu) I was simply programmed to function THAT way!
Anyways, finally I want to add, that this insight of prevailing transit of Sun across Scorpio, especially it's halfway/ mid-way/ middle position was only triggered on hindisght by the "conicidental" call of my friend Kapil Razdan. An event whom I had merely to recognise, it being there, straight in front of my face! From tomorrow, as the Sun enters 18th degree and beyond of Scorpio, I can shrug off some of this accumulated pressures, and exhale in Saturnine shade of relief! Jai Shanidev!!!!!!!!

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