Friday, December 13, 2013

Crawl 07: Friday the 13th!!

In vedic astrology, the Sun represents the Structuralist approach, where things are always defined, rational, ordered, linear, clear cut, and transparent. What you see is mostly what you get. Whereas, Shanidev/ Saturn, the son of the Sun, represents the deconstructive approach, the serpentine journey, where things are always different from what they seem. You never get what you see, and never see what you get. 
Today's Friday the 13th, after a long time. It was considered inauspicious in Western tradition because it was when Jesus Christ was put on the crucifix. The very famous horror/ slasher Friday the 13th, movie series, made it much more popular to the masses. From the Vedic astrology point, it doesn't hold much salt, but from the Hebrew Kabbalah numerological viewpoint, they ascribe some dark attributes to this day. From the logic, rational, centric, Solar viewpoint, one would try to define whether this myth is true OR not. Classify it clearly either as True OR False. But from the Saturnine/ deconstructive perspective, it is another matter altogether. It is worthwhile to penetrate deeper into this apparently simplistic Urban legend of Friday the 13th. To plumb beneath it's surface implications, to reach a  deeper perspective, of the underlying potential that this day has to offer! I feel it's an opportune day to address/ pay homage to the symbolic/ theoretical mythological darkness associated with the Crucifixion of Jesus, the son of God, in the Christian religious order. I believe, at the prehistoric, primitive age, the roots of all world orders, religions were the same. And hence, there is some salt to the mythic rituals, observances. Rather than adopt the Solar approach of ignoring/ subscribing to Friday the 13th, I will try to use the occasion, as an excuse of an opportunity,  to plumb into the undercurrent of it's belief/ mythos. For some potential unraveling insights that this day might have to offer. Who knows?
... to be contd.. (?)

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