Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Retro 2014:05: Heavier concepts

Today's 26th March, the 22nd day, of this 4.5 month annual Saturn Retrograde. And I begin this post by repeating myself, that Saturn Retrograde is a time for progression, conclusion, breakthrough for Sun ruled people. And a time for repeat, review, regression for us Saturn ruled people, the Saturnines!

Today, as a part of the regression process of Saturn retrograde, I unearthed my older journals on Saturn Retrograde. Sifting through endless pages of scrawly hand written of notes, I noted down, and sorted many of my insights and observations, and have decided to upload this to this post. After all, the endless pages of scrawly hand written philosophical notes/ observations of my journals are NOT on any web link! ;)  

          Greek Concepts of Harmonie and Diapherein.
a)   For the Sun ruled/ malefic Saturn people, Retrograde is a time for Harmonie- bringing together things, pulling together, synthesis, defining of Logos/ meaning, consolidation of issues, creating structures, integrating Verticality
b)    For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for Diapherein: go through time, passages, undergo unfolding serpentine processes. To scatter, diffuse, breakdown, all their internal structures and strongholds, etc. Just to cross over from one state to the other, without great conclusions.

         Provisional and Conclusive aspects of Structure and Deconstruction
a)     For the Sun ruled/ malefic Saturn people, Retrograde is a time for conclusive actions, breakthroughs, decisive moves. To bring an "Aar ya paar" kind of  Closure! Finalization. Resolution. Acting decisively for closure on internal Self/ issues.
b)    For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for provisional, inconclusive, temporal, processes. All conclusions arrived at now should be considered genuinely provisional. 
c)     For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for Dissemination, the deconstructive term denoting the play between Surplus and Lack defining any object/ entity, with NO Prospect of ever stabilizing or Closing it.
d)    For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for Dissemination without return, i.e, unending loops of interpretation and re-interpretation without return/ or closure. 

        Gravitas Ego and Super Ego
a)      For the Sun ruled/ malefic Saturn people, Retrograde is a time for defining Ego, taking stands, outward displays of Identity and individuality. They should aspire for dynamic movement, and for states of un-caged freedom.
b)    For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for Gravitas. The Greeks associated Saturn with Gravitas (depth of personality). Gravitas is like a plumb line for the soul. And Saturn Retrograde is the ideal time to employ it. Basically, creating a way voluntarily, and welcoming the effects of Depression.
d)    As Thomas Moore in Planets Retrograde says.. “ Feeling low and Heavy, we are forced to turning inward, turning to fantasy, inner space, darkness, void. Rather than turning to the Literal action of the Ego. Retrograde is time for Inner contradictions, and NOT outward displays of Ego.
f)     For the Saturnine people, Retrograde is a time for exploring and experiencing inner doubts, complexities, complexities, frustrations, personality flaws, lackings, idiosyncracies and brooding thoughts. A time for descending deep into the depths of the subconscious, to retreat, withdrawal, deep into oneself.
h)    For the Saturnine people, if Gravitas isn’t used during Saturn retrograde, by welcoming the effects of depression that facilitates the process, then this force turns against us and becomes tyrannical as the SUPER EGO. Unutilized gravitas becomes Super Ego. This   SUPER EGO is part of the psyche comprised of internalized voice of our parents. Critical admonishments that control us by belittling us and bringing attention to our shortcomings. The harsh words of our inner critic.   Once the SUPER EGO is activated, it’s very Hard to accomplish anything in life. We’re infantilized, cut off from the powers of our adulthood. We tend to freeze and venture nothing. We remain stalled and floundering in our depressive state.
k)    Thus For the Saturnine people, ONLY if we use Gravitas throughout the Saturn retro period, does Super Ego diminish and and let us progress, evolve, at the rate of growth that is warranted upon us.   If we don’t utilize Gravitas, we are at the mercy of Super Ego throughout directional Saturn. Becoming cocooned, infantilized, cut off from adult hood, freezing in paralysis, venturing nothing, ever. Using Gravitas excessively during Saturn Retrograde is the only way for Saturnines to free themselves from the dominion of the Super Ego!


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