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Crucial Period: 13th June - 7th July

Dear friends, finally we have arrived at the final phase of the annual Saturn Retrograde 2014. This three week period from Friday the 13th June to Monday 7th July is very significant and crucial for BOTH the Sun ruled and Saturn ruled people. Our correct actions during this three week period can make a great difference for us for the next 1 year. So read properly, utilize this three weeks optimally, or be damned for all I care. I have done my karmic bit by this free service.

SUN ruled people: for these three weeks.. initiate things, Search for the NEW, screw the Past, the buffaloish inertia, Go For It, strike the iron while it's hot, focus on Progress, movement. Charge AHEAD! Even if the environment around you is discouraging, screw it, command your WILL to power! Choose action! For, You ARE the Hero/ Heroine. Stuff that movies are made on! This three weeks make you WHO you Are! Even and ESPECIALLY if it's "AGAINST all the Odds"(click this link to see video, morons)!
SATURN ruled people: (like myself)for these three weeks... Regress, Rewind, Retreat, Replay! Go BACK in time! Enter the PAST, into the Time Loop, that's been repeating Over and over again. Resurrect History, both personal and public. LOOK backwards! At the Ghosts/ Pasts/ "Bhutam" (sanskrit) that's been Hovering around. Watch this latetst Sci Fi movie, showing in the theaters Now, starring Tom Cruise..Edge Of Tomorrow (it's a movie)!! Understand that this three week period is a WINDOW to enter your PAST, and correct/ amend or at least Learn from HISTORY!

My own personal REGRESSION Rituals during Saturn Retrograde:
Being a Saturn ruled, I have always conducted elaborate Repetition rituals, Rewind rituals in such intensified periods of Saturn Retrograde. The level of Replay has been so evolved over the time, that in normal periods it is almost impossible to grasp the sheer magnitude of such rituals. But, yes, during such times, with the correct rituals, it's possible to actually REWIND, REPLAY and RELIVE our own Past histories, experiences and even work out their Pending issues! Glory be to Lord Shanidev for rewarding my almost lifetime research on saturn Retrograde with awesome insights about this crucial three week phase occurring every year!! Below, as a tribute to Shanidev,  I will illustrate, enumerate, elucidate, account, recount, my notes/ experiences of my own Regression rituals during this intense Saturn Retrograde period.

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Updates of three week long "Ultra Retro", 2014
This year, 2014, in these three weeks of "ultra" period of 4.5 month long Saturn Retrograde, my ritual will be focussed on Replaying, Reversing NOT a far back period in time, but merely the week before, June 8th, Sunday- June 13th Friday, which comprised of our sudden trip to Two Chimneys Resort at Gethia, Uttaranchal to escape the scorching broiling Delhi heat. Why this period? Because, "randomly/ coincidentally", we reached back/ returned to Delhi after our brief five day vacation, on the very first morning of this three week Ultra Retro period, on Friday the 13th, June itself. And these approx Five days of Holiday in this period are too copincidentally close and analogous to to my Classical well referred tp Paris Trip in Ultra Retro 2009. And this time around, I reached back to ground Zero, well in time, to commence the rituals of repeat, replay, rewind, reversal and voluntary redemption! I will update below, in this very same post, for eases of future reference, access, etc. Cheers! Jai Shanidev. And like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, may we manage to breach the Time Loop of karmic repetition!!

Past week 16th Jun, Monday- 20 Jun Friday
Comparing to last years massive/ humongous updates during Saturn Retrograde 2013, especially during the Crucial three week  period of "Ultra Retro" this year is almost nothing.
From the first day of Ultra Retro 2014, Friday the 13th Jun, I have the experienced the reversal, inversion/ regression so natural for a Saturn ruled, Saturnine person to be experienced during this period. I was literally moving backwards in time. But not too far back in time, like last year, Retro 2013, when my Paris trip of Ultra Retro 2009, was beiung reversed out. But rather, a day for day, shift for shift, reversal/ inversion of the week before, of our analogous/ concurrent five day trip to . r Two Chimneys Resort at Gethia, Nainital, to escape from the scorching Delhi heat.
Technically, I was BACK to ground zero, Delhi, on the very first day of the three week period of Ultra Retro. But a regression phase is a regression phase. It does reverse/ inverse our experiences. But, for the Sun ruled people around me, they were definitely blooming with Solar radiance all around.

 20 Jun Friday: "Different" versions of the "Same" movie..
Past two days, I was down with dehydration in this sheer Delhi heat. My constant obsession has been to watch the Late Night show of  the sci-fi action flick "Edge of Tomorrow" starring Tom Cruise currently running in the theaters. It's about Time Loops, Reversals, repetition so PEREFECTLY analogous to the Repetitive/ loop experiences of  Saturnine/ Saturn ruled during this annual three week period of Ultra Retro. Coincidentally, I ended up watching yet another strangely same sci fi action flick "Oblivion" starring Tom Cruise on Star movies. The ghostly repetition is evident here. Both cerebral sci fi action blockbusters, and both starring tom Cruise. Especially in Oblivion, there are versions of Tom Cruise in the end. Create by a giant Teta machine from outer space. And I feel that, even though I haven't been able to watch Edge of Tomorrow, I watched a version of it in Oblivion. Especially in this drowsy, spaced out dehydrated state. Talk about Repetition!!!!
If i manage to wartch Edge of Tomorrow, I will feel it's the same storyline/ series continuing from Oblivion itself. Both having HIGHLY retrograde/ regression themes as a part of the plot/ storyline.

21 Jun Saturday: Summer Solstice
Some of the main repeating experiences this past few days, as a Saturnine (Saturn ruled) person is that I'm feeling all walked over, depressed, deflated for no reason. Going into auto- regression, mulling, brooding, pondering, chewing the cud over numerous events, experiences, bitter sweet understandings, issues, old histories. One of the well timed retrograde updates by my friend Ravi Deka about Ghoulish holocaust of the Bengal Famine made me rewind the past horrors of history in great detail. Later I mixed some burnt leftover rice with onions to have meal in that mode, so aghast was I to read the details. Prayed my silent tribute by feeding crows, dogs in tribute to passed away hungry starved souls.

22 Jun Sunday: Combust or Retreat
Was out on a strange trip with my wife's elder sister, my sister in law, Mamoni b'dew. For furthering a marriage alliance of her nanad's daughter to a young business analyst in Gurgaon. That's pretty spaced out and far out for ME! Trying to dress in semi formals, yet wearing floppy floaters! Haha! Mamoni b'dew is a teacher in Army Public school, Jorhat, and has a pretty strong Sun. In service of the Sun/ Durga on Sunday morning. Later we came to Sarojini market in this scorching Delhi summer heat for her  random shopping trip. Burnt out/ scorched out, reached home. Now back to Electral water, so that i don't regress into recently recovered dehydration. On facebook a friend Anupal posted lines from Crying in the Rain , and I posted the youtube link for Crying in The Rain: A-Ha. An ad that I had composed music for, a prestigious ad starring Farhan Akhtar, was up on the air. And no great surprise, my music wasn't on it! What was there? The reference song track on which I'd worked on! At least, I got paid. This director calls for me, makes me compose, many times over, pays me. I wait with bated breath. Later, when the ad comes up, it's some other music. After sometime, he again calls me. And we repeat the process, all over again. Just like the trailer of Edge of Tomorrow. Live. Die. Repeat. All over and over. Again and again. That's what I call Perfect Saturn Retrograde!!! Either get combust by the Sun or Retreat/ Regress backwards. Or Repeat All over and over. Again and again.

24 Jun Tuesday: Voluntary Irresolution and Purging
Yesterday, Monday, was a repeat of dehydration, weakness, replayed all over in the perfect repeat/ replay/ rewind tradition of Saturn Retrograde. Yet, somehow i was on the move on various pending works. This year, over the past four months, I had not been so prolifically updating the minutes of of Saturn retrograde, as in comparison to the humongous updates of last year, 2013. But this three week concentrated/ intense phase of "Ultra Retro" finds me instinctively and seamlessly resurrecting in full glory, all the repeat/ replay/ rewind functions of Saturn Retrograde. It gently and inconspicuously started from Friday the 13th, and by today it already feels like years and years have passed by. Things have slowed down so much, grinded to a massive halt and then moving started moving backwards, in this very "short" period of time. Now, I currently find myself completely disoriented, disconnected, and completely off the track/ rails. Uprooted, and transplanted in some vague, nondescript nowhere land.  As if, the body was programmed to break down to this specific magnitude and degree, in this particular period of time. Endowing me just that precise dose of nebulous, disconnected haziness, necessary to experience, undergo and recount this 3 week phase of Ultra Retro. And the dreams.

Every night has been full of my nightmarish"temple hill" sequence, repeating consistently since childhood, in various forms and formats. Over the years, this nightmare has reduced over the years, which I correlate it with my own  reducing mountain/ hill of pending karma and unresolved karmic issues. However in regressive periods like Ultra Retro, this dream sequence resurrects with full force. As if it's force and magnitude lending credibility to it's function of expurgation/ purgative function for this acute 3 week period. And, I too experience it not as a nightmare, but even in my dream experience, there is some vague, minimal consciousness, awareness as regarding it's purgative, cleansing function. Some kind of subconscious surgery!!

I'm feeling weak, dehydrated, nebulous, hazy, blurred, edgy, nervous. A sense of foreboding gloom/ apprehension has cast its itself over me, as if in subconscious expectation of some looming catastrophe ahead. But this irresolution/ cloudiness is mandatory for Saturn ruled people, during this three week period. This is an appointed and allotted time for the Saturnine for regressing into irresolution. And, for the Sun ruled people, THIS is the window of opportunity to hurl themselves relentlessly into action, clarity, purpose. For my own Saturnine self, though I had recovered, the dehydration of past weak easily resurrected itself . As if to especially restate it's repeat/ replay/ rewind tradition function in this mind boggling heat of scorching Delhi summer. Today morning, while making tea, the milk churned into channa, curdled into sour water. I stopped halfway before it's complete and ghoulish transformation, and proceeded to have this sour, weird, concotion usually known as morning tea. Because I completely and utterly lacked the reserve of strength and fortitude to fetch some fresh milk and start all over again! This is what I call an effective purging.

Later I watched two sci-fi regression movies back to back. First was Edge Of Tomorrow stg. Tom Cruise. I've mentioned this movie above many times. In the movie, Tom Cruise dies in battle with Time warp cyborgs and stuck in a time loop, he repeats the same day over and over again. Until he meets Emily Blunt, who trains him and helps him get out of his predicament. Inspired by it, I watched yet another of my favorites, The Butterfly Effect stg. Aston Kuscher, who has the ability to revisit certain times from his childhood and make critical changes, which completely and utterly transform his present life. Thinking about the concepts of both movies, I found their concepts analogous to the process of regression, healing, etc. We revisit our pasts, resolve their current issues in the present. ONLY when we pay tribute to our pasts during strategic periods, do they help us clear our present. Hence, in that light, this current period of Saturn Retrograde is very vital for us, for providing us an window of opportunity to revisit/ rewind/ replay long crossed over bygone issues/ histories. But also repeat our nightmarish issues and exhaust and expunge them.

25 Jun Wednesday: Repeating/ Replaying History
Since Monday, I was supposed to leave somewhere, but my tickets had continually got unconfirmed, postponed, and today in the morning news, the same train, I was supposed to be traveling on, had an accident at Bihar. Check news: Rajdhani-express-derails-near-chhapra-in-bihar-railway-suspects-sabotage". Today whole day passed by in a dehydrated, in a state of zombie like limbo. No tickets confirmed, and mysteriously my dehydration resurrected again. Finally, the tickets were mailed to me for tomorrow morning and I'm traveling by the same train, which had the accident. The body was in a strange stupor, in a kind of dehydrated trance. Both movies have shown that much clearly,  that a state of haziness, disorientation, blurred shock, is a precursor, precondition of all regression. Either we are clear in our awareness of the present OR drowning in a half hazy state of nebulosity.
Merely, yesterdays journey postponed by one day, has seemed to stretch time into a indefinite stretch of limbo. Today, whole day drowned in a series of old reruns, endlessly one after another on TV. Drinking Electral water at regular intervals, neither moving anywhere, nor getting somewhere, just waiting seemingly endlessly! feeling so drained. Re-reading over these past sentences resplendent with all their human visceral ooze, makes me retrospect one singular fact. Over the years the necessity for regular expurgation of human visceral ooze, outpourings, writing in form of blog posts, ednless journals, has decreased over the years to this few random accounts DURING Saturn Retrograde. Thats called evolution in some way!


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