Friday, July 11, 2014

Saturn Retro 2014: Epilogue

11th July 2014: Even though Saturn Retro gets over only on 21st July, the effects of it have concluded on 8th July, officially. After that for the saturnine, it's a strange return to reality/ release. But in minor installments. There is a definitely a radical shift from extreme theory. Into the domain of real situations things and events.
But it's not a seamless transformation. But in a series of jagged edges, jumps, etc. Slowly in packets. But definitely there is a reversal. A reversal of the resultant void, aftermath of the Paris trip of 2009. Where there was sheer void in 2009, now in 2014, some spurts, of random activity are mushrooming all over, randomly. Random bursts of haphazard activity. From which I'm in gratitude. Jai Shanidev!

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