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Saturn Retro 2016-9: Reversal of 2009- 02 Sky and Swamp

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Reversal of Saturn retrograde 2009- SummaryDear friends, in the previous post Saturn-retro-2016-8: Reversal-of-2009, Part 1, I had discussed in detail, that for me, how, most Saturn Retrogrades after 2009, has mostly been a karmic reversal of the great Saturn Retrograde 2009, a landmark year, where, the violations of many previous years of Saturn retrograde, (and probably of  many past lifetimes) finally came crashing down in one mega avalanche of catharsis and redemption.

But also, as discussed in detail in the previous post, from Retrograde 2013 onwards, I have been able to utilize the energies of this Saturn Retro period, for some amazing repetition, replay, regression, and re enactment of past historical events.  Re- experiencing events from my retrograde past,  in a more revised, reoriented Saturnine manner....

Reversal of Saturn retrograde 2009- part 1: summary
As discussed in the previous post Saturn-retro-2016-8: Reversal-of-2009 Part 1, the the 3rd gear, Phase three(coloured in yellow)  phase of Saturn retro 2009, saw me entering a month long zen/ militaristic/ Architectural skills/ Life skills up-gradation training programme under friend Monindro, at his place in Mumbai. A very much Sun, Mars, Ketu super-masculine disciplinary training programme.
And how, this year 2016, from Monday 9th May itself, the yellow coloured, 3rd gear, Phase three phase of Saturn retro 2016, was full of highly layered feminine Moon, Neptune, Venusian energies..  comprising closest of people landing up in town, in highly social, medical, emotional, personal issues involving layers and layers of complex multilayered  seams of Moon, Neptune, Venus, energies.

Reversal of Saturn retrograde 2009- part 2/ today/ current..
Such an elaborate preface, of the previous two paragraphs though very tiresome was absolutely essential, for anyone who has understand, conceive, perceive the manifold complex layers of Saturn Retrograde, especially from the Saturnine perspective.

In Saturn retro 2009, the the 3rd gear, Phase three(coloured in yellow)  phase saw me drowning into the Sun, Mars, Ketu disciplinary training programme.
And today, in Saturn retro 2016, yellow coloured, 3rd gear, Phase sees  me drowning into highly layered emotions of Moon, Neptune, Venusian energies..  completely...

Reversal of Retro 2009 & 2016: update 20th
In Retro 2009, I was centrally focused on my army like, architecture, life fitness training programme. On the lines of Nietzsches "will to power". A super-masculine, steel bodied, endurance programme at Monindro's place, Belapur, Mumbai, isolated away from all. Completely enraptured and focussed on the uphill task, the mountainous road of Guts and Glory..

Retro 2016 finds me unfocussed, distracted by the environmental issues, social, daily issues all around me. Work and personal issues gone to dogs. A flabby, foggy, drowsy, ill stomached, weak, crawling journey, at home ground, Delhi, and flooded with people, especially with female energies. Completely bogged down by domestic issues, because our landlords caretaker gone home, so in charge of the sudden water shortage, multi-layered domestic issues, downhill journey to a great swamp...

In Retro 2009, I was completely focused on my self, body mind tuning, lean, mean, steely warrior approach. Focus on Self, and Will to Power triumphing over all peripheral/ environmental issues.

In Retro 2016, I cannot even focus on my stomach problems, probable amoebic or fungal infection in my guts, haven't  even sorted tickets for back home journey, haven't been able to sort out my current monetary mess. Self at the cost of a seething flood-tide of peripheral/ environmental issues.

In Retro 2009, towards the ending stretch, the martial, mountainous, guts and glory, forward march despite/ against all odds, later did run into swampy, muddy ground, like Napoleons army at Waterloo. In fact, it was my first experience of the energy drop of the Blue phase of falling Retro. And also about the s-l-o-w-l-y decreasing forward impetus, Martian/ Solar energies towards the end of Yellow phase. Like how, a ball ultimately comes to stillness, suspended motion, at mid-air before eventually reversing it's direction downwards, ground wards due to gravitas.
Currently, in Retro 2016, I'm experiencing the exact mechanical process described above, in Reverse. But it's very difficult to explain, as opposed to the Retro 2009 illustration of a ball finally coming to suspended motion, at mid air.
As opposed to the Self/ Will to Power over environmental/ peripheral factors in Retro 2009, in Retro 2016, it's been the complete reverse... the Self getting totally derailed, Willpower getting completely submerged due to environmental/ peripheral factors. Fragmentation, dissemination, infected stomach, foggy brain. Even writing this particular post happened in many installments and after many delays. What I'm experiencing here, is the Soul, the Energy Core of the inertial heaviness of Retrograde's Yellow Phase, when the humongous, leviathan wheels of saturnine retrograde energy, halts to a close on 8th of June for a month till 8th of july, the Blue phase of Saturn Retro.
Not to forget, that, this year's Saturn Retro has been further complicated by the energies of retrograde Mars conjunct Saturn retro in Scorpio. AND Guru Ghandala yog in Leo, the conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter after every 7-8 years! Like I said, a multi-layered flood-tide of peripheral/ environmental complications entangling itself into Saturn Retrograde!!
At this juncture, I question myself, the function and purpose of my humongous layered accounts of Saturn Retrograde. The Examination of stillness and gravitas. All these narratives are on a Blog, not on any official book, textbook, or leather bound volume of astrological authority. The work itself is serious, elaborate and layered. But the function itself is completely obscure. My usual experience has always been.. people reading my posts, and saying, "we didn't understand it, explain it to us, in the good/ bad, do's/ dont's, simplified paradigm. 
BUT, the true undercurrent of Saturn Retrograde's function, is one of self doubt, self negation, review, reexamination, reprise, especially among the Saturn ruled people. An instinct that must have led to the birth of philosophy and metaphysics in the history of the human civilisation!! It was definitely a long forgotten season of Saturn Retrograde, that must have sparked, ignited and fuelled the philosophical gene in the evolutionary process of humankind...!!

... updated later.. .

Sky and Swamp: Retro 2009 and 2016

1st June, Wednesday: As a true hallmark of retrogression experienced by me, a Saturn ruled person during period, I'm updating this post (thanks to blogging), Retrogressing back in time from 1st June, Wednesday to 20 May, Friday. Wherein things are becoming extremely marshy, Neptunian, for me. As opposed to the Martian training campaign of 2009. Right now, I feel like a man with dissolved boundaries, complex multiplicities, like a water buffalo swamped in a marsh.....
A lot of Sun ruled people I know have testified to having reached sky heights during this period. And looking at the sheer strength of the Retrograde energies of 2016, I kindly ask them to continue, persevere till the 8th of June, to make the most of this powerful Solar energies.
Whilst many Saturnine like me, are experiencing Marshy, descent into the primeval bogs. Regression into one's swampy bogs of past origin. During Saturn Retrograde, the intent of the Saturnine function  is to purposefully elongate, extend, diffuse, disseminate and complicate. This back in time warp, update to a previous post is an example of that. 

Lucid Dream: Last night I had a dream about a relationship from my past in lucid, elaborate and extravagant detail. Even after waking up and having Liv 52 and Kumarasavya and sitting out in the terrace, the frightful sharp aftertaste remained. The lucid, elaborate and extravagant detail. seem to neutralise the efforts and history of the past ten years. But, there was no choice, I had to face it full on. Unravel those Retrograde aspects of my own sweet persona. Even as I've been struggling with this two months of vertigo, yet I've got to equivalently Retrograde into deep seated past issues. Enter into the bog of these swampy marshes that ooze with the backwaters of my subconscious.

Faculty 1990, Sec C, Whats app group: In the past three days, I have heavily connected to a Whats app group, Faculty 1990, our batch, section C. Despite past weird experiences, and fallouts, because of the timing of the Retrograde 2016, I am snap on, to our earliest back bench, classroom humour, and deepest childhood backwaters, instantly. I'm ingratitude to the  powerful Retrograde energies of Saturn during this period, for whisking all Saturnines so rapidly and seamlessly into the past. In fact, the energies of this group must have provoked the lucid, elaborate, extravagantly detailed dream, mentioned in the last paragraph.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: These past few days I've been viewing and reviewing X-Men: Days of Future Past , half recorded on Tata Sky. The quirky irony here is that the entire film didn't get recorded, rather the pre-climax meeting of the world leaders in Paris, onwards got recorded. It's quirky because I record the most unknown, low profile, but worthy movies with alarming accuracy. This partial recording of only the end part of the movie seems to correlate with the conclusion week of this entire two and half months (Red, Orange, Yellow) phase, check graph above, of Rising Retro, coming to an conclusion. And, in this Saturn Retrograde 2016, I have layered seams and seams of retrograde posts, links , hyperlinks to previous articles, retro histories, one upon the other, in an burgeoning heap of crumbling gravitas.
Later, I'm going to continue Sky and Swamp as a stand alone post, in the Future from where I come, namely 1st June, 2016. But the current text to happen in the past, like in the movie. Watching this Retrograde, back in time X Men, movie during this Retrograde period feels so awesome. Mentioning the movie itself, seems to have opened a valid doorway into the energies and electri-cities of/ from the past. I think, instead of this retrograde update to a previous post, if I had simply uploaded a new post titled "Retro 2016, x,y, z.. X Men: days of Future past", the subtle energy that I'm feeling, while typing this, in my fingers, skin, breath definitely wouldn't have occurred.
Because of the layers beneath layers, the retrograde energy is flowing at the bottom most, tail end of this previous post. Thanks to blogging, time jumps are convenient and methodical. Ultimately, this blogging kriya (process) is being undertaken, so that I can acknowledge, archive, intercept, cognize, and thus manage the retrograde energies in the most awesome way. 

As Edgar Allan Poe says in his tale Murder in the Rue Morgue (click link: Complete-tales-and-poems-of-edgar-allen-poe the game of whist or draught is far superior to Chess, in which all pieces have multifunctional complex moves.. be updated...

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