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Saturn Retro 2016-12: Heavy and Light

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Forecast: 25th May- 8th of June

Sun Ruled/ Saturn malefic: Actually an unique period for you, as Saturn the chief lord of gravity is Retrograde. Make that leap, that jump, utilise that Anti- gravity! Break your existing levels of ennui.  Seize this opportunity to break ground, break dawn, break ice. Initiate. Forget logical fundas. Disconnect with History and Connect with Energy.. now! Change the gears, your cycles of patterns. With DECISIONS that will feel seemingly light, but this light-hearted Levitas will be the axis of decisions around which, a lot of actions and decisions in the coming times will revolve...

Saturn Ruled/ Sun malefic: An unique period for you to connect to Gravitas, heaviness, stillness, regression, and rootedness. Saturn you karaka Lord, is retrograde, so time to FUSE/ Infuse your Body/ Mind/ Soul to ancient glacial ice ages. A perfect time for regression. Connecting to history. Pay your mandatory tribute to

Because this is the Saturnine blog, and I'm Saturn ruled, I'll continue below, with the mandatory description of the heaviness, complex layers of my own Saturnine experience, of this heavy phase. A Saturnine testimony of  the Gravitas, of the Gravitational heaviness of the the 3rd gear, Phase three(coloured in yellow)  phase of Saturn retrograde 2016...

Saturnine Gravitas 2016
I should have done this format much earlier. A general, clear cut forecast coloured in red for the Sun Ruled  and in blue for the Saturn Ruled before moving on to describe the heaviness, complexity, layered seams of the Saturn Retrograde experience from the perspective of the  Saturn Ruled person. But already too much water has gone by the bridge. And I was feeling the overwhelming and mandatory sluggishness of this phase. In fact, it has taken me so much time to reach this format of narrative about Saturn Retrograde, through years of churning, mulling, processing, sorting, sifting, reviewing, retrospecting, historical comparing, analysing, to reach this current format...
Today's post made me realise that, after a periodical tribute to the Sun, father archetype/ King/ Surya leads to a more qualitative Saturnine unravelling. In this blog, i can illustrate the necessary Saturnine heaviness, complexity much lucidly after an occasional simplified paragraph to the Sun Ruled..

Kurma avatar 
Kurma Avatar, is the tortoise manifestation of Vishnu's Dasa Avatar ( 10 manifestations). Kurma Avatar connects to the Saturn, Lord Shanidev. Hence, look closely, in this blog, main page picture, ( seen in PC, not Android) Lord Shanidev is mounted on a ferocious violet tortoise/ Turtle!
The Saturnine person during this time plays the role of the Kurma Avatar of Vishnu, a turtle immersed in the cosmic ocean, UPON whose back the the churning of the cosmic Ocean is taking place. His job is to immerse himself in the churning heaviness of the times. It's his cosmic duty to do this. If he can do that, a lot of things will be proper in people, places, environment connected to him/ her. It's the necessary Saturnine duty!

Reversals: Then- 2009 and Now- 2016
As discussed in the previous four posts..  Saturn-retro-2016-8: Reversal-of-2009, Part 1, and Saturn-retro-2016-9- Reversal-of-2009 Part 02, and Saturn retro-2016-10-reversal-of-2009-Part 03, and  Retro-2016-11-reversal-of-2009-part-04: most Saturn Retrogrades, for me, post 2009, have been a reversal of the great Saturn Retrograde of 2009. A landmark year of crash-down and disaster, yet which, stands as a classic model, a foundation for all Saturn retrograde research and wisdom, for both the Sun Ruled and the Saturnine... 

Then, in Saturn Retro 2009, during the last two weeks of  the 3rd gear, Phase three, I was in the last throes of the month long zen/ militaristic/ Architectural training programme under friend Monindro, at his place in Mumbai. A super solid Martian/ masculine disciplinary programme, which was yet becoming increasingly heavier. Even though, I continued to plough forward against all odds, an with all the iota of Will to Power, the environment continued to swamp us with pitfalls, breakdowns, weird peripheral happenings...
Now, in Saturn Retro 2016, during the last two weeks of  the 3rd gear, Phase three  I am in probably the last throes of the voluntary heaviness. Rooted at my home, hardly gone out, drowning in movies, reading, analysis and meditation on Saturn Retrograde. A cloudy, hazy Neptunian becoming, an internal churning yielding tangential environmental developments around me. Even as I continued to  churning within/ inside,  the Will to surrender, the peripheral areas are showing some tangential luminescence, random glowing lights, like those of Aurora Borealis.

Then, in Saturn Retro 2009, during the last two weeks of  the 3rd gear, Phase three, I was yet floating in Mumbai. Like a man on a mission, whose objective functionality was over, yet undefined, hung on, on the inertial impulse of the starting point. The mandatory isolation from the outside world, a compulsory requirement of the zen/ militaristic/ Architectural training programme under friend Monindro, had started getting to me. 

Now, in Saturn Retro 2016,, during the last two weeks of  the 3rd gear, Phase three, I am yet submerged at home due to many domestic reasons, and issues. But strangely, even though i had restricted myself to home, people from all over, were connecting vociferously to me through phone, net, whats app, facebook, etc. The inertial heaviness of the constriction had still hung on in a predominant manner, yet the hazy, peripheral, fringe trickles of grace, had begun to flood in, in cloudy, nebulous whimsical bursts.
A kind of Cenitrifugal saturnine development. Even as my soul wracked and writhed under the extreme crushing gravitas, akin to the crushing squeeze of a boa constrictor, or a mammoth python, the fringe centrifugal, peripheral events were visible to me, from the squeezed corners of my eye. On that note, there is a boil/ cyst/ whatever on mine left eyelid. There is pain, but that pain is one of release of suppressed energy, a mandatory infection of some sort. i have splashed water on my eyes, and that seems to have stalled it's growth somewhat.

Then, in Saturn Retro 2009, I struggled to stay on the line of line, the axis of the super Martian/ masculine disciplinary programme, exerting every iota of my willpower. Fighting against the overwhelming Gravitas of  the prevailing Saturn Retrograde energies. Fighting against the cloudy, hazy Neptunian cloudiness..
Now, in Saturn Retro 2016, I am exerting my philosophical muscles, my inherent neurasthenia, to ooze out the last pores of the (in)-voluntary heaviness, drowning, immersion into the Gravitas of  Saturn Retrograde, trying to perpetuate this prevailing state of cloudy, hazy Neptunian energies.. I can't imagine that someone would be caught in a position like mine, where one had to voluntarily exert effort to remain in Gravitas, immerse oneself forcefully in cloudiness. To perpetuate the philosophical, mental becoming. As a balance to counter balance, the previous excesses and mistakes of Saturn Retro 2009, and beyond..

The Thousand Retrograde Mistakes of my life [and past life]
Check this post from Saturn Retro 2013:.. Saturn-retro-2013-68-negation-of- negation, wherein I have listed the Saturn Retrograde mistakes of my life. (This sentence that I wrote reminds me of the Chetan Bhagat popular bestseller 'The Three mistakes of my life'. I could write a book.. The Thousand Retrograde Mistakes of my life [and past life]). Thanks to blogging, hyperlinks are possible to previous articles, for the immaculate cross indexed reference, that is mandatory/ necessary for the Saturn retrograde treatises. When I read over this post from Saturn Retro 2013, it makes me understand/ realise my effort/ endeavour during Saturn Retrograde. Undoing, or counter balancing history, or past sweet deeds! Thousands of times have i been suggested by many learned readers of my posts, to use my writing skills for books, art criticism, fiction, etc but Thousands of times have i replied that this cerebral endeavour is to merely counterbalance the Thousands  Retrograde Mistakes of my this life.. [and past life]. Mercury (writing/ intellect/ ability) IS exalted in Virgo, it's thoroughly and unapologetically  obvious to me, but it's in the 12th house of karmic debts..!! So, the Mercurial function can be awesomely used, but as an offering to dissect, and disseminate mistakes and past life misdeeds! Voila! When Saturn is directional I would rather be, what I am, and NOT be this complex, Retrograde aspect of myself!  When Saturn is directional, i just want to be a breezy, shmoozy, trippy dude! ;)

The classic post from saturn Retro 2013
Returning back to this post from Saturn Retro 2013:.. Saturn-retro-2013-68-negation-of- negation, I find a lot of interesting layers/ ground that i have previously touch upon..
In this post, I wrote that.. "The act of getting married and moving base to capital New Delhi, during the inappropriate time, of Saturn Retro 2009 has found me existing in a  pathological/ crippling homesickness ever since. Ideologically trapped ever since, betwixt two worlds, and realities..."
But then, in Saturn Retro 2013, I was actually trying to undo the mistakes of Saturn Retro 2005-6.. by a voluntary return to irresolution..
"This year 2013, finds me submitting to the natural inertia/ conflict/ schizophrenia latent in my hometown Guwahati. Maybe this RETURN/ REGRESSION to former irresolution/ conflict is the true healing process? The perfect Lacanian medicine of Saturn Retrograde. What  Zizek calls.. “Negation of the Negation”.
Further, I wrote about my primal mistake of trying to  “transcend” the gravity of my hometown, during Saturn retro 2005-6. An effort, which completely backfired!
"Like, most others, I too have the desire towards all things radical/ exotic/ abroad/ bidesh.. the OTHER.  Which is a healthy, progressive, drive, essentially, BUT provided, this fascination/ longing for the other shore/ greener pastures has appropriate approach/ timing. Otherwise, such an attempt/ endeavour during the slippery timing of Saturn Retrograde, always backfires and makes one reach the farthest backwaters of the very swamps, one had been trying to transcend.."
And, right now, by disseminating this post from Saturn Retro 2013, I am merely trying to further the Heaviness/ Centripetal Regressive Retrospection that is the order, fashion and need of the Saturn Retrograde period. This Centripetal movement defines the essential approach of a Saturnine during Saturn Retrograde.. to access the cycles within cycles of history, to enter into the layers beneath layers within ourselves. Entering the labyrinth within, in a systematic and geological manner.

...updated later in installments...

Update: 29th May, Sunday
This post Heavy and Light is now dripping forward like visceral molasses, by virtue of it's own inertia. An inertia, which perfectly depicts the last two weeks of  the 3rd gearPhase three of Saturn Retro.
 Centre v.s Periphery-  Retro 2009 and  2013
Then, in Saturn Retro 2009, I persisted to stay on the line of the super Martian/ masculine disciplinary programme. Not by exerting my willpower, but by pure mechanical reflex. Somehow, despite the overwhelming peripheral Gravitas, I had managed to keep my central core of fire/ zeal, endeavour alive.
Now, inversely, in Saturn Retro 2016, Sunday, despite the many peripheral outbreaks, by virtue of pure mechanical/ inertial reflex, my central core of heaviness continues.  And, yes, (in)voluntarily, I'm reversing the misplaced zeal of Retro 2009, by a very cumbersome, inconvenient, and stubborn reticence,  resistance to motion, to movement. Although, the peripheral temptation is exceedingly high, but somehow the inner Core of my Gravitas persists. Maybe, the historical hindsight, the wisdom of past bitterness, helps in overcoming the temptation. Sometimes, bitterness and fear are very good teachers. Sometimes, failure is very necessary as a foundation pillar for future endeavours. My this very act of stubbornly persisting to extend this particular post "Heavy and Light" is the direct actuation of this Retrograde process. 
But in inverse /contrast/ reverse to Retro 2009, the peripheral breakthroughs of Retro 2016, the bedazzling radical becomings,  around me is actually making me giddy,  but I continue to persevere on the retrograde axis. By my estimate of retro 2009, after sometime, the anti- Gravitas should be most strong as the week unfolds..

 Mind/ Will v.s Matter/ Inertia-  Retro 2009 and  2013
Then, in Saturn Retro 2009, I persisted with my mind, my Will force to resist the peripheral inertia of matter around me, rapidly closing in. I stood like the last man standing tall, in an sci-fi action film, even as the hordes of invading droids/ insects/ aliens converged in upon him. 
Now, inversely, in Saturn Retro 2016, the many peripheral outbreaks, by virtue of their pure mechanical/ inertial force have closed upon me, uncountable multiple of times.My will/ soul/ matter and timbre have already fallen to the affectations of the invading Centripetal inertia of Matter, mindless substance. My Mind has uncountably succumbed to Matter. 
Inward/ Centripetal movement/ 
One thing, I feel confident about such a long post IS that, no one would read it this far. especially, after the updates/ installments of this post. After a humongous amount of data upload, public domain truly becomes private in the truest of sense. In this stretch of the blog post, it's me talking to myself. compiling and archiving the narrative for my astrological data reference on Saturn Retrograde. Also, it's awesome that such a public, portal like blog, can afford one, this inward/ Centripetal movement/ journey. My soul, trying to divest the inherent Cyclic motion of my soul, the Retrograde gene in my bloodstream, through a method of regressive/ cathartic writing! I'm sure, even all this is on a public portal, NO one would venture so far down this updated in installments post, NO one would venture so far into the my guts/ innards, the very entrails of Saturn retrograde
But, I must say, this regressive writing/ Centripetal movement, feels SO good, somewhere inside. the body chemistry responding to a right act, in the right Retro time. Other than these last two weeks of the 3rd gearPhase three of Saturn Retro, 2016, I don't think I would have been able to afford the Gravitational stamina, to plumb so far down and deep into the viscera/ entrails of the Saturn Retro phenomenon. 

Mumbai reverse/ inverse 
In Saturn Retro 2009, during the month long zen/ Architectural training, Monindro often took me to me his favourite pub, Totos-garage at Pali hill, Bandra West. I remember the atmosphere, the mood of that place. And how that mood connected me to nostalgic memories of our pubbing during college days. How far removed from the scene, the crowd it made me feel. Lost amidst a sea of unknown faces. 
Yesterday, Saturday evening, Saturn Retro 2016, Sangeeta and i went out with her friends Ramiya and her hubby Jaikumar to The-piano-man Jazz club, opposite Deer Park. Jai was in the Navy, posted in Colaba, Mumbai, and after a long stint there, he had transferred to Delhi, to be with his wife Ramiya. All of us have a long 20+ yrs history in Mumbai, as Sangeeta and Ramiya used to work together after college, and Ramiya is from Mumbai.
The evening in Piano man was exact inverse of the evening at Toto's in 2009. There were too many known faces, musicians in the audience, and we interacted with the highly interactive and performing band Red Mawkin. Also Jaikumar was saying, he preferred Delhi over Mumbai, even though he was in hallowed/ exalted Navy, and posted in Colaba, the poshest southernmost tip of outh Mumbai. this was so contrary to the the usual Delhi- Mumbai comparison, I usually hear. Very, very strange...
The Mumbai training, Toto's etc of   Saturn Retro 2009, was reversing itself by Jaikumar's long dialectical discourse at The Piano man, this Saturn Retro 2016. The Mumbai trip of 2009 was casting it's exact mirror inverse/ shadow image in this Saturday evening at The Piano Man.. be updated...

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