Friday, August 10, 2007

Rahu... the permanent DifferAnce of Meaning..!!!

Literal Meaning is never absolute. It always calls forth other meanings. Just try looking up any word in the dictionary:
it always brings other words to explain itself and other meanings.. and this goes on. Hence to attempt to find totally absolute meanings is like opening a Pandora's box...
it calls forth permanently changing meaning..!!

In my drawing above, a green seeker on the bottom right hand corner tries to find absolute and originary meaning of a word....
...but such is the play of language he ends up opening up a Pandora's box of infinite substitutions..
... a galaxy of forms, an avalanche of endless metaphors and endless profusion of meanings.. Context ever so slightly changes.. so does the literal meaning ...
.. this is the pure Maya/illusion of Rahu..!!!

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