Friday, August 10, 2007

Qualities of Rahu Ketu Music: Deconstruction/ Transformation, etc

Rahu Ketu influenced music is characterized by being distinctly separate from the comforts of mainstream, run  of the mill fare. Some qualities of Rahu Ketu music: experimental, psychedelic, oddball, cutting edge or extremely ancient, obscure, vague, abstract, songs illustrating Transformation/ Deconstruction as techniques, quirkiness, weirdness, bizzarre, etc, etc.
The album, 'A kind of Blue'- Miles Davis, is a perfect example of Ketu music. Most songs were hardly rehearsed, and very spontaneously performed. All the musicians were technically brilliant, but they used pured form in a pathbreaking way that redefined musical style as we know it. A rupturous, singular, revolution. 

For me the following Steve Vai songs are best descriptive of Rahu's serpentine construction, as they define a familiar/ fixed/ predictable  form at the beginning but gradually their tail changes, into a completely different path, bylane.
1. Tender Surrender  2. Call it Sleep 3. Christmas time is here
Rahu Ketu music is always characterised by a process of form, breakdown, shifting, of contexts is illustrated in many forms of progressive jazz and experimental songs.

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fervent said...

we carried out a project for a couple of years inviting 28 artists to contribute a piece on "deconstructive music:. thinking that deconstruction is an exteriority to music we asked from the same artists to contribute a "supplementary text". the results of this research can be seen here.

fervent on the behalf of the moremars team