Friday, August 10, 2007

The Rahu Ketu of Image/Visuals

While making the illustration of my wife above I first started by making a picture of a woman, in a valiant warrior form representing an independent strong woman. Being ruled by Ketu myself, I hexed it, myself and she started facing a horde of problems. Only when I made a full scale demonic depiction on the left did things somewhat resume to order. This was only once it happened like this.
Illustration in its Rahu Ketu aspects has two components: The symbol of Ketu is a flag. It represents all kinds of signs, portents, omens, signals. Ketu endorses, boosts, amplifies and finally manifests the illustrated subject in some way. This is the priinciple of Creative Visualisation embodied by Brahma, Ketu's overlord. Ketu requires obssessive desire on behalf of the subject. But which enables manifestation of the desired object. As repetitively discussed in all the uncountable popular bestsellers on the topic of Creative visualisation/ positive thinking etc. With Ketu, thoughts often become things. 
The symbol of Rahu is a mask. It always hides Another face/ reality inside. Rahu negates, hexes, erases, reverses the depicted subject. Since medieval times, Rahu hexes, masks, amulets demon images are used to prevent, protect from catastrophe. The best example is of Tibetan Death masks. One keeps the image of the terrify subject consciously manifested somehow around lest it manifest into the conscious. 
Finally i balanced the overtly barbarella type of illustration of Wifey above with the crone like imagery below.

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