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Retro 2014:04: Napoleons waterloo, Paris, etc

Hmm, were already into 21st day, third week, of the 4.5 month annual Saturn Retrograde which began from 4th March, Tuesday. But it's only today that I'm writing this 4th post on Saturn Retrograde. Haha, what an irony, that, even though, this IS a saturnine blog dedicated to Saturn/ Shanidev, it has to compulsorily begin with a citation/ preface to the Sun/ Surya, the father of Saturn/ Shanidev. And that I have to repeat the fact that Saturn Retrograde is an excellent period for Sun ruled people, and quite Karmic/ regressive for us Saturn ruled people, the Saturnines!

Even though I wrote nothing, on the contrary, so much has gone by these past few weeks of Saturn Retrograde. Three deaths in succession, one bright young architect who jumped from the 10th floor, she was suffering from Bi-polar ailment, married to a very close family friend of mine, whom i know from his birth. Then another of my faculty high School seniors Birendra Sikaria suddenly passed away, may his soul rest in peace. Yesternight my wife's grand mom passed away at the ripe old age of almost hundred years! The sequence of deaths, seemed to have followed the graph above, first the most young and most shocking, second slightly older yet before his time, the third at a very ripe old age of almost hundred after prolonged stay in hospital, and whose passing away was ultimately a release for her soul. Always in Saturn retrograde, I lose someone around me, it always gives me the shivers.

Now, we  are well into the Orange phase of Increasing Retro in the the above graph. For the Sun ruled/ malefic Saturn it is a period of blooming energy/ Shakti. Whereas for us Saturnines/ Saturn ruled, even though, the acute solar storm of Red has passed us by, the lingering effects of dread and unease still continue. I was going through so much fragmentation and regression automatically these past few days. And, I'm really pleased from the Saturnine point of view. Because, for us Saturn ruled people, if NOT now, when? Better this substantial annual expurgation happening on it's scheduled time of Saturn retrograde. I'm (in)voluntarily feeling severely lethargic, heavy, postponing matters here and there. Being Saturn ruled, this is my time to pull back the bowstrings, retreat, hibernate.

I was reading my past years posts on (click link)74 posts on Saturn Retro 2013 on my Karmic Unravelling blog, and one thing I noticed. About the foaming fervent almost rabid madness of my writings on Retrograde 2013. Obviously a form of catharsis for many previous years. However, this year, I'm almost writing like a lethargic, bureaucratic office notary. In the government report style, with it's accompanying dryness, detached-ness and  delay of narration. Lots of inflammable happenings have happened outside of these blog pages. Lots of combustion, chaos, and brain fry. But, I've delayed, dampened it so very much in this blogging/ narrative. (Except of course, the synchronised death sequence, tallying with above graph). But I had to go through years and years of violent expurgation to reach this current frame of mind/ body in this Saturn retro phase.

I know there's going to be quite some shockers ahead. But all Saturn ruled should maintain the lethargic, heavy, Tamasic mood/ disposition as much as possible. That is the Dharma of all Saturn ruled people for now. And the exact opposite for all Sun ruled/ malefic Saturn people. They should forge ahead to consolidate the breakthroughs of the prior Red stage. Make hay while the Sun shines without the hindering influence of Saturn.

I'm rather enjoying this long winding, meandering, unfolding serpentine posts. They are helping me to sync into the very mood of Saturn/ Shanidev in his Retrograde state. Most people mistake Saturn to be a cold dry detached planet. But, definitely NOT for those of us whom it's a beneficial planet. For us, he's a source of joy, delight, jouissance, progress, benefit, light, etc etc. Only when he goes Retrograde, are we officially scheduled to experience the darkness, gravitas usually associated by the rabidly superstitious masses with Saturn/ Shanidev. For my own Libran ascendant self, Saturn, the Lord of 4th and 5th house, gives me khujli, desire, restlessness, jouissance, libido, movement, energy, extrovert-ism, etc, etc. But that's PROVIDED I exercise the scheduled restraint, and regression that is mandatory for us Saturn ruled during Saturn retrograde. Submit voluntarily to the heaviness of gravitas naturally incident for us during this phase. So, so many years I have done the exact opposite, and borne their dark fruits. Our mistakes during the annual 4.5 months of Saturn retrograde, bear dark harvests for the subsequent period of  8.5 months of directional Saturn, that follows after Retrograde's end. 

I had one rising itch, these past few days, to copy paste the entire 74 posts of past Saturn Retro 2013, from my Karmic Unraveling blog onto this blog, to their rightful place! But, I'm feeling too lazy and not upto it. The link provided in the fourth paragraph above,  is good enough for those who are really interested anyways. Hey wondrous! I'm thinking like a lethargic, bureaucratic policy maker! Cheers to that! I feel like a heavy water buffalo wallowing in a muddy paddy field. That's the way to go, this Saturn Retrograde phase. And not prance about like the restless, nervous creature that I usually am.

Today, me and my cousin Sangram were trying to shoot some patches of my long, pending film: After Paris. Firstly, it took a humongous time to gather and download all the older files and clips from my archaic older PC to a pen drive. Then, while at my cousin Sangram's place, his machine was crashing. Later we did take some random but perfect shots depicting stagnation, decay, exile around different places. We got turned down twice by two people who were crucial to the wrapping up sequences of of this looong pending unfinished "short" film of mine.. After Paris. It has been like a heavy load on my shoulders, a la- Betaal on king Vikram's shoulders (that's me) for the past five years since 2009. All because of my gross solar mistakes during annual Saturn retrograde 2009. My trying to sieze the bull by it's horns, at the wrong time. My late astro guru T.N. Sarma, who passed away on Ultra Retro 2009, used to say that Napoleon, who had a great Saturn, lost his battle of Waterloo because he planned it during Saturn Retrograde. Otherwise, we could have have been all speaking French instead of English, across the great wide globe!! An Ode to Napoleon is due at this hour of Saturn Retrograde. Especially, as I drag out the the old calcifying shots of my unfinished short film "After Paris".

During Saturn Retrograde 2009, in the very first day of the dreaded Ultra Retro phase (check graph above) my then guru, astro guide suddenly passed away. But my wife had already clubbed me into accompanying her on her official trip to Paris, merely two weeks away. My Paris Trip happened during the extremely Rajasic/ Solar phase of Ultra Retro. a mistake for which I had to undergo great expurgation and hellish experiences for a long time, once Saturn went directional. And even before that I had shown great rajasic initiative during the previous stages of Saturn Retrograde. when, I could have just chilled and regressed in the serpentine backwaters of Saturn Retrograde. Something, that I try to follow during the annual period of saturn retrograde, ever since.

The GHOSTS of PAST Bygones and Retrograde Redemptions
As is customary for one as Saturnine like myself to repeat, regress, review, and retrospect during Saturn Retrograde, hence even after uoploading this post, I had to add this paragraph in tribute to the process of regression. For the past considerable days, I have been heavily retrospecting and regressing into my past. Former days, forgotten days, crossed over and forgotten territories, ancient ghosts, wisps of memories lurking in the backwaters of my soul. And one thing was predominantly CLEAR as I sliced across the cross sections of a multitude of memories. In my past/ prior life/ lives my violations were of the Rajasic/ Solar nature. I was a Rajasic/ solar soul gone corrupt/ haywire. A patriarch of power gone berserk, and rouge. Hence, in this life, i have to make amends to correct the same. By being/ becoming the Saturnine soul. flashbacking my many histories, one thing was even more clearer.. that I grossly violated the period of Annual Saturn Retrograde, many times over. And over! the way to correct ALL my past and prior mistakes, i have to consummate myself totally with the spirit of Saturn Retrograde. sync myself completely, utterly, and totally with the energies of regression, retrospection, and repetition. Use every opportunity that presents itself to make amends to ghosts of the past. To dive into haunting issues. Regress into pending backwaters utterly.

Redemptions for the Ghosts of Past bygones...  

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