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Retro 2014:02: 4th Mar- 21st July

Friends, once again the annual Retrograde motion of Saturn (in respect to earth) commences from 4th of March to 21st July. Four and a half months. I had covered the previous Saturn Retrograde, 2013 in great detail in my Karmic Clearing Blog, please click this link: 74 Posts on Saturn Retro 2013. This year, after even having a blog dedicated to Saturn/ Shanidev, I was still not sure of doing a feature on this years Annual Saturn retrograde period. However, over the past few weeks I've been brought to a great slowdown in affairs, compelling me to look at this prevailing motion of Saturn/ Shanidev. One way or the other I'm compelled to do this feature!
Since 2003 itself I have had vast records, comprehensive journals of observations, data, etc on this annual period of Saturn Retrograde. Last year, 2013, I wrote all my observations directly on my blog, making it available for all to see, the strange effects and phenomenon of this unique annual phase. Check my 74 posts on Saturn Retro 2013, there are a vast pantheon of strange phenomenon. This year, since more or less I have decided to go on with this annual observation, first I reformatted the graph for the schedule of Saturn retrograde, 2014...

Saturnine perspective of Annual Saturn retrograde 2014
Saturn/ Shanidev is the opposite of the Sun. Hence the period of Saturn Retrograde is a HIGH period for Sun ruled people, and a LOW period for Saturn ruled people. in Vedic astrology, Saturn is symbolised by the bow and arrow. Saturn retrograde represents a period of pulling back of this cosmic bowstring. So that once Saturn turns directional, the Saturnine person, can commence with his progress, forward motion for the rest of the year. For Saturn ruled people, it is a time for introspection, withdrawal, reversal, retreat, etc. Since, this blog is Saturnine, all observations and descriptions of the Retrograde phenomenon will be henceforth, EXCLUSIVELY from the Saturnine point of view. How Saturn Ruled people could maximise the benefits of this 4.5 month long Annual Saturn Retrograde people.

Detailed Schedule of Annual Saturn retrograde 2014
The different phases of Annual Saturn Retrograde is described in specific colours as follows:

ARREST phase: Two weeks prior to the date when Saturn/ Shanidev turns Retrograde, the fall/ drop in Saturns forward motion, commence the noticeable effects of Saturn retro. Suddenly, this is felt by the Saturnine person as a fall in energy, jouissance, enjoyment, libido, adrenalin, a kind of let down. On 18th Feb, Tuesday, EXACTLY two weeks before Saturn turned retrograde on 4th March, Tuesday, I was at a friends wedding at Tivoli Graderns, Chattarpur Farms. I was very excited and looking forward to an evening of fanfare. However, I notice that we had to return early withe mere drinks and snacks, as food would be served much later when the groom finally arrived. There was a considerable fall in my jouissance level, I remember feeling left high and dry! Later, whole night I was up till 3am, Whats app-ing with my hostel friends group, drowning in reminiscing about the hostel days.

INCREASING RETRO: As Saturn's retrograde velocity increases daily, this 2.5 month period can be experienced as a period of Fall/ retreat for the Saturnine person. This period is further subdivided into three phases, which for convenience I'm classifying as First, second and Third Gear..!
FIRST GEAR: (Two weeks)- The first two weeks of Saturn Retrograde, present the highest difficulty for the Saturn ruled person. Depending on the position of Sun and Saturn in his birthchart, he can experience this period as a sudden arresting of his movement, a sudden stagnation, a sudden fall. This is when the highest Acceleration occurs (Highest daily change/ increase in Retrograde Velocity). And hence Force = Mass X Acceleration, highest acceleration ( change in Daily velocity) also translates as HIGHEST regressive force experienced.
SECOND GEAR: (One Month)- In this one month, gradually the initial shock of the "First Gear" wears and the Saturnine person can finally find some tolerable gaps, and cracks in the long Retrograde exile he had been experiencing since the Twilight Phase itself. In this phase he can commence random movement here and there. However, since the overall movement is of Retrogression, regression, retreat, substantial activities connected to retrospection, repetition, contemplation are suggested. 
THIRD GEAR: ( One Month)- In this one month, the Saturnine person has adjusted to the hibernation mode of Saturn Retrograde. Review, retreat, contemplation, philosophy, is encouraged. To counteract the prevailing ternd of Regression, one can use a diverse, diffused, fragmented and scattered approach of random activity to keep the blood circulating. As Saturn gradually approaches Highest/ maximmum/ 100%  retrograde, daily increase in velocity reduces, and the Retrograde forces are experienced as reducing.

EBBING RETRO:(One Month)  As Saturn's retrograde velocity drops from its maximmum 100% velocity, this period of reduced accleration, reduced force, represents a month of Forward motion after a long time, almost of past three months for the Saturnine person. He should make the most of this month, by both initiatig and responding to all kinds of progressive, positive, movements, energy, jouissance, etc. make the most of this.

ULTRA RETRO:(3 weeks)  This period can be compared to the afternoon heat around 3 pm, when it's hottest, even hotter than noon. This sudden three week period right after a month of ebbiong Saturn Retrograde energies can be experience as QUITE a shock, sudden backward fall, sudden regression. It's very pronounced because of it's compression, contraction to a 3 week period of intensity. Saturnine people should take all kinds of precaution during this phase. Completely let go of ones ego, and just mechanically respond to the external circumstances. And after a three week period of deadly acute effects this ultra Retro suddenly vanishes! Dissolves into the air!

RELEASE: Hence the actual physical effects of end/ release of Saturn Retrograde energies actually commence Two Weeks prior to the official ending date of annual Saturn Retrograde. After the sudden mysterious vanishing of the 3 weeks of acute Ultra Retro energies, the effects of Saturn directional motion already commences. Two weeks before the official end of annual Saturn retrograde. This is the end of saturn Retrograde, and distinctly felt by the Saturnine person as a rise in energy, jouissance, enjoyment, libido, adrenalin, a kind of boost. Cheers to a phase well utilised.

Postscript: This year, definitely i had been completely trying to avoid writing about Saturn retro, but after having uploaded the above post, i feel considerably lighter. Sharing the insights and oozing loquaciously during Saturn retrograde is definitely a Karmic schedule for me. a process by which i gather potential energy for movement, motion, and release once Saturn turns directional later. Personally, i love movement much more than theory and observation. and the motion accorded to me is a direct proportion to the theoretical inputs i ooze out during saturn retrograde. a time for contemplation, observation, theory, abtract concepts for the Saturnine.

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