Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Retro 2015-21:Max Retro Velocity of 2015

Today, tomorrow, and day after, 20th May Wednesday, Thursday 21st, and, Friday 22nd May, are the three days of Saturn's maximum retrograde velocity in 2015! And as usual I gathered the data and composed the chart below only by the time, max retro velocity had fully commenced, today..!! As always, at the very last minute. These three days, Saturn Retro velocity is 4:29 secants per day, after which it drops to 4:28 for two days, before one last spike to 4:29 on Monday, 25th May, before it steadily starts to drop throughout the entire month of July! Check Chart below...

16 May Sat:  Degree: 8:02:12 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
17 May Sun:  Degree: 7:57:45 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
18 May Mon:  Degree: 7:53:18 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
19 May Tue:  Degree: 7:48:50 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28

20 May Wed:  Degree: 7:44:22 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
21 May Thu:  Degree: 7:39:53 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
22 May Fri:  Degree: 7:35:24 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29

23 May Sat:  Degree: 7:30:55 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
24 May Sun:  Degree: 7:26:27 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28

25 May Mon:  Degree: 7:21:59 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:29
26 May Tue:  Degree: 7:17:30 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:28
27 May Wed:  Degree: 7:13:02 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:27
28 May Thu:  Degree: 7:08:35 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:26
29 May Fri:  Degree: 7:04:09 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:25
30 May Sat:  Degree: 6:59:44 Transit Velocity in degrees- -4:25
31 May Sun:  Degree: 6:55:19

The above red colored dates of Maximum Saturn Retro velocity ensues a great amount Retrograde energy, and therefore, great breakthrough for Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta ruled people, and constrictive, restrictive gravitas for Saturnines, like myself! Tanima Das an upcoming artist, decided to have a screening of my film After Paris on the very first day of the drop from max Saturn Retro velocity. Missed by a bredth of a hair! thank goodness for that! Ode to the Johnny Depp film of same name: Nick Of Time. Since morning have I been grappling with the data of the degrees, and finally noting down painstakingly the correct degrees from! But Tanima planned the events weeks before! women's intution!! Check: After Paris screening event by Tanima Das.
From Sunday through Tuesday, I was in Jagannath Puri to celebrate the 49th marriage anniversary of my in laws. Yesterday we returned in Air India flight which was only five hours late for a 1.5 hr journey, and we mad a landing in great dust storm. And by today, Wednesday, 21st May, I'm FULLY reinstated and completely sunk into the broiling daily grind of Delhi summer, which burned me with far more intensity because of the brief sudden round trip to and forth, from the windy sea beach heaven of Puri. Exactly like the retrograde emotion of After Paris. Completely and perfectly scheduled to experience the full grind, full force of the sheer constrictive, strangulating, vice-grip, squeeze of annual Saturn Retrograde 2015's maximum daily velocity of 4:29 for the next three days!!!!
Macro (Zoom Out) and Micro (Zoom In)
 Today's Thursday, 21st May, day 2 of three days of  retrograde Saturn's maximum backward velocity, relative to earth. In my brief one year stint in Economics, before I reappeared Architecture entrance exams for the second year, we had to study about Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, namely the small picture and and bigger picture, and where they two meet and intertwine. Today, especially since yesterday, when I get to the individual daily degrees of retrograde Saturn, the vast broad picture that assimilates years and years of historical data into it's calculations, has now begun to Zoom In into a  the smallest focused micro graphs, daily graphs of radians and secants and sub degrees of retrograde motion.
Saturation of Saturn retrograde= Suspended animation
Suddenly, we are looking at the whole picture in extreme Zoom In, looking at individual pixels of graph, of data. Especially, when these three days of Wed, Thur and Friday, when retrograde Saturn's daily velocity sticks to the constant of 4' 29", radians/ secants whatever. Yesterday was still acceleration, as it moved up from 4'28" to 4'29', but today, it remains still. Frozen, constant. There's No acceleration for Thursday and Friday, maybe there is change, but too microscopic to physically register. What matters in these three days of constant retrograde velocity is that vast Macro/ Zoom Out has converted into Micro/ Zoom In. A period, when you can actually listen to stillness of the cosmic wheel of time that are incessantly churning, either backwards or forwards! Like a ball rising up to its maximum velocity and then a pause of stillness/, suspended moment of stillness in mid air, before it begins it downwards descent. Yesterday, when I went for the second time to the vegetable vendor, to return a bunch of rotten tomatoes, I heard some passing Arabian women talking amidst themselves, in impeccable English.. ".. I have reached the point of Saturation..". That perfect verbal dialogue, kept ringing in my ears for next two hours at least. And today, I know this Saturation is nothing but retrograde Saturn's current maximum velocity. Hmm! I'll update more as these next days unfold..
The 'turn' of Sa'turn'/ The hinge
From one perspective, these three days of maximum retrograde velocity of Saturn, namely daily retrograde motion of 4'29" radians/ secants, can also be considered the hinge on which the "turn" of Saturn is constituted, Because these three days constitute the stillness/ pivotal suspended inter-phase between Saturn retrogrades increasing velocity and decreasing velocity of motion. As I explained in the earlier paragraphs, the signs, graphs, indications are in microns, the smallest of the small of things, especially for the Saturn ruled. This period of stillness is the vortex of potential of Saturn's potential force of turning. in my childhood, my dad used to bring us rubber band wound propeller powered airplanes made of balsa wood. You had to wind the propeller in the opposite direction for quite some time, Until it was taut to a maximum wound up energy. after that you released it, and threw it into air, the wound rubber band would spin the propeller and the plane would fly for sometime. a better, and more economic example is that of a mechanical clock, whose spring you had to wind up for sometime and the dials of the clocks gears, etc would be be in motion for the entire day or two. Such is the exact motion/ mechanism of Saturn retrograde. By which change is introduced into an existing system,

Friday, 22nd May 2015: day 3 of 3 days of Max Saturn Retro Velocity
Today's the 3rd day of three days of maximum velocity of annual Saturn retrograde, 2015. The peaking Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies have been simply unbelievable. Yesterday, first half was quite normal, pleasant, but second half the Solar energies spiked, shook me and totally uprooted me from my groove. Followed by the entire day today, Friday, until now, 4:10 pm. The tornado like stormy whirlwind of the Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies have been quite sharp and acute. Many years, on the last day of maximum velocity of Saturn retro, it begins to wane, but not this year. It's volcanic effect of energy is lasting till full strength up and until the last day itself. Not only me, but people around me are also getting boggled by this sudden spike in Pitta/ Rajas energies. And many solar ruled have been able to successfully able to utilise this special window of exceptionally boosted Sun/ Mars/ Ketu/ Pitta energies. This time, more than ever as many more people are becoming familiar with the pattern of annual Saturn retrograde and it's effects on their horoscopes!

10:39 pm, 22nd May, 2015: it has be a long winding serpentine crawl these past three months of Rising Retro phase of annual Saturn retrograde. It began with mother in laws visit at beginning of March and a trip with wife's friends to Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, and has and concluded with a brief trip to seaside Puri, Jagannath temple to celebrate  in laws 49th anniversary. this entire trip began with a trip to mountains, snow, and three months later ended with a trip to seashore. And, in between was hundreds of layers of catharsis, expurgation, conflicts and ordeals. And, today I have reached the tether end of this three month long annual retrograde odyssey. Most of my fervent writing oozes out during retrograde, effortlessly. Now, today, I feel like a toothpaste tube, squeezed till the last drop! Like a rubber band, wound up to it's extreme tensile squeeze. This writings on my blog are but my offerings to Shanidev during this regressive period of retrograde. Inward reflections, ponderings and meditations.


mani said...

A very good example in the last paragraph about the winding clock. I now just have few questions on the terms. I get the idea of retrograde velocity now and how it is essential... or helps. Now I just have to match the terms with the dates and get it.

Adim Phukan said...

it's high time you did a reading from me, mani..