Sunday, May 31, 2015

Retro 2015-22:Revised dates

Dear friends, in many previous posts, I had posted the annual schedule for annual Saturn Retrograde as follows.. (check graph below)

However, this year's annual Saturn Retro also coincided with a window for universal Energy Clearing as announced by my energy guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Click link: (Log 11: window-of-clearing). And, after physically experiencing intense, cathartic, clearing experiences, that extended beyond the 26th of Jun, (my phone got stolen yesterday), I have slightly revised the annual schedule by few days, here and there. And, by which, ( check graph below), the various phases indicated in distinct colors, are neatly falling into  the months of April, May, June, and July. Especially now, that I have been initiated into energy Clearing, I can actually experience the living, breathing energy and power of the astrological phases that I write about. Even when I make errors of judgement due to mechanically, logical, statistical viewpoints, these living, breathing energies makes me experience things in their proper form, like my phone getting stolen yesterday!!! So that I may corroborate the proper current data. Super Scary, but yet, a direct testimony of the the living, breathing energy of such planetary phases!!

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