Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Retro 2015-18:Sun's monthly transit thru Aries-02

This is a follow up/ continuation from the earlier post on the continuing topic of Sun' current monthly transit through Aries:, and how it has accelerated the current Saturn retrograde energies. And how my energy guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar uploaded a post announcing this period as a energy clearing window for all uptil the  15th of May before the  Sun finally moves out of Aries. Continuing my updates.

My lightest of posts will now, inevitably end up heavy, serpentine, round about, and layered. This is a direct function of the super high Solar energies abounding around. Because, in my birth chart the Sun is in the 12th house of wastage/ karmic debts/ loss/ dissemination, and that too conjoined with Mercury, the lord of intellect, writing and communication. Hence, the necessary and mandatory state of affairs. in the words of W. B Yeats  in his poem, the Second Coming...
    Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
    Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
 As I have described in detail, in the earlier post, confirmed by Dipankar's energy prediction, such should be the effect around, now. At least before 15th May. What was once only restricted to the narrow/ particular and Saturnine, is seeming to have some universal energy implications for all.

Yesterday I hastily landed at Siri Fort to  to meet up with my friend Tuhinabha Majumdar whose National award winning film Story of Binodini was being screened in this special screening: ( click link: National Awards screening at Siri Fort ). I had the pleasure of watching the film with my friend the director. The film was based on the autobiographical book by theatre artist Binodini who is exploited since childhood, and throughout her existence, she sacrifices her entire life for the Bengal theater, without any recognition. This was a kind of time warp for me, as when my energy guide, Dipankar started his energy healing process with me in November 2014, the journey commenced with indications of pitra dosha, in connection to my great grandfather, my paternal grandmother's father. Later after much asking around from our Jorhat relatives, whom I found out to be a priest,  who amongst other services, performed the main puja/ worship for the Jorhat theatre at that time!!
Watching the agonizingly, brooding, visceral, personal testimonies of Binodini's character, behind the golden limelight of the theater stage, amongst being a sheer visual delight for me, also created a great bone shaking, haunting, testimony of  unknown residues from an ancestral past, whose legacy of probable, unexpressed, unresolved testimony, often rattled my bones inexplicably in my own personal journey of film and music. The imagery, depth, physical, tangibility of such residual testimony was brought alive by by Tuhinabha in an extraordinary visual texture, which consisted layers of characters, who intertwined with magical lyrical cyclic, and their accurate imagery authenticated the periodical tapestry. And seeing such images onscreen, in their full mutli layered hues (both spatial and in terms of times) gave me a strange sensation, as if a deeply fossilized and hidden knot/ entanglement, somewhere hidden deep within my within my belly, was uncoiling itself in some strange relief of catharsis, liberation, that comes from expression. Somewhere, writhing within the intertwining coils of my DNA, my own inherited bloodstream, there are grey areas of lineage, inheritance and influence of a distinct ancestral period. Visibly evident in own personality, as even though I'm an Architect by education, just guess, what I do in life...  astrology, vaastu, films and music.. Amen!!

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