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Saturn Retro 2016-14: Crossover Day

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is  preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles)Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles),  Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Crossover into Blue phase
Dear friends, in the previous post: Saturn-retro-2016-13-max-retro-velocity I had written in detail about the five days of max retrograde velocity of Saturn Retro 2016 from 1st June to 5th June which degree wise for the year 2016 is 0'04"27'". From, today, 6th June onwards, the blue phase of Falling Retro begins.. which lasts one month, and this year is from 6th June to 6th July (check graph above). This one month period of Falling Retro is a  period of respite for the Saturnine ruled, and a chilled out, somewhat relaxed period for the Sun ruled. After this one month phase is the Final Concluding, Super Solar Charged three week phase of Ultra Retro, from 6th July to 27 July. This  extremely intense Ultra Retro phase draws to a conclusion of the 4.5 month long annual drama of Saturn Retrograde! Jai Shanidev!

Reversal of Retro 2009
Friends, in my four Reversal of 2009 posts: Retro-2016-8: Reversal-of-2009, Part 1, and Retro-2016-9- Reversal-of-2009 Part 02, and Retro-2016-10-reversal-of-2009-Part 03, and Retro-2016-11-reversal-of-2009-part-04  and even the supplementary part of the previous post Saturn-retro-2016-13-max-retro-velocity, I have discussed in detail, how for me, almost all Saturn Retros after 2009, has been a Cosmic reversal of the great Saturn Retrograde of 2009. A landmark year of crash-down and disaster, yet which, stands as a foundation for all my Saturn retrograde research and endeavors. And similarly, today, I would like to draw contrast of the Crossover phase of 2009 and now in 2016..

PERFECT Synchronization between Saturn Retro 2009 and 2016
Then, in Saturn Retro 2009: After the month long Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ Architectural training programme under Monindro, my return train journey from Mumbai to Delhi was EXACTLY on the exact day of CROSSOVER from the  concluding max retrograde velocity of the yellow phase/to the blue phase of Falling Retro, 2009. 

 Now, in Saturn Retro 2016: My wife and elder sister flight to UK is EXACTLY on the exact day of CROSSOVER from the  concluding max retrograde velocity of the yellow phase/to the blue phase of Falling Retro, 2016.
SEVEN YEARS LATER there is this bizzare/ super-Ultra PERFECT SYNCHRONIZATION between the the Crossover Day(s) of Saturn Retro 2009 and 2016.. read on..

ANTIGRAVITY, in Crossover, Retro 2009: Exactly on the exact Crossover Day of yellow to blue phase, I was on a train returning from Mumbai to home base Delhi, after the month long Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ Architectural training programme.
Despite everything, I was experiencing a strangely high surge of ANTIGRAVITY, UNGROUNDED, Uprooted feeling on the exact date of the Crossover Day of Retro 2009. An Uprooted feeling of UNGROUNDED ANTIGRAVITY, that last throughout the two day train journey from Mumbai to Delhi, before I finally landed up, back in home ground of Delhi.

GRAVITAS, in Crossover,  Retro 2016: Exactly on the exact Crossover Day of yellow to blue phase, I am at home alone, after my wife and her elder sis, have finally left to UK to visit their youngest sis recovering from illness. After the past so many months of Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ build up to this trip, some highly Sun/ Mars ruled people connected to me have finally taken flight on the exact Date of the Crossover Day of Retro 2016.
Despite everything, I was experiencing a strangely overwhelming tug of sheer GRAVITAS, GROUNDED-ness, Rooted HEAVINESS on this exact date of the Crossover Day of Retro 2016. More so, because I did not return back home on this exact date as earlier planned, I am feeling the Sheer Grounded Gravitas at  home base MUCH MORE! Sitting in the sudden/ quiet emptiness of home base, as if the sheer force of Crossover Day, 2009, has cast it's this shadow Inversion of Gravitas upon me, with it's EXACT symmetric inverse! Going by the two day train journey of Crossover day, 2009, this Sheer Gravitas should last for the next two days, today and tomorrow!!

Then, in Crossover Day, Retro 2009: On the Crossover day, 2009,  my JJ Arch classmate "Dholea", Ranjith P, my newly reconnected, similarly exiled cosmic twin of the lost architectural journey,  had shown up at Kurla station, to see me off, on my return train journey, back to home base. The past few days i had connected to Ranjith, Hamlyn and others, who had got stuck up, lost in the architectural course. His arriving at Kurla station, gave me a buzz of a comrade like, lost brotherly quality. That seemed to tie all of us, lost architectuarl souls, in an Un-Real, surreal, sublime, karmic connection. And, for the first time, the  past month of the Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/architectural training programme seemed to make perfect sense. By the Un-real adrenalin buzz of Uranus, higher cosmic perspective, of our Lost cause, to be supported mission!!
On Crossover Day, Retro 2009: Despite everything, I was experiencing the buzz of the Un-Real, a Utopian higher mission, idealistic energy, a great adrenalin rush, against all odds quality, best expressed by the sign of Capricorn!!
Now, in Crossover Day, Retro 2016: On the Crossover day, 2016, I stayed at home and watched Munich (2005 film), again, from halfway onwards. Wherein, the top secret Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ mission to revenge the assassinated sportsmen, slowly falls apart, as the secret agents are Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ missions, especially by the Saturnine ruled, during Saturn
retrograde. It always runs aground into swampy waters, uncertain marshy lands!!assassinated themselves, face lots of internal psychological problems, run aground into swampyAthough I have watched this movie many times, albeit fleetingly, but watching this from halfway onwards on this crossover day made me feel the sheer heaviness of the Disreal! On the Neptunian, Marshy, qualities of the misplaced Martian/ masculine/ militaristic/ missions, undertaken during Saturn Retrograde!
On Crossover Day, Retro 2016: Despite everything, I am experiencing the sheer Gravitas  of the Dis-Real, the Dystopian quality of unreal Martian/ missions of my past (lives?). Homebound, domestic stillness, a great lethargic ennui, surrender to centrifugal forces,  best expressed by the sign of Capricorn!!
Munich Summary: As I randomly watch this movie in this Crossover perspective, it makes me realize that, any Sun, Mars, Ketu, Uranus ruled people who could utilise the enrgy of these two Crossover days, today and tomorrow properly, can actually become a nuclear/ core/ central power deciding the fates and lives of many other people. Truly!!

... updated later in segments...

Crossover Day, 6th Jun, 6:04 pm: On Crossover Day, Retro '09, I was on the train back to home ground, Delhi. Reverse Movement. Whilst today, as a symmetric inversion of Crossover day Retro 2009, I'm truly stagnating in a Forward(?) Stillness? In 2009 it was a day of horizontal movement, even if it was a regressive sort of motion, a recall to Home ground/ base of Delhi.
Whereas, in symmetric inversion, today I'm in a extremely Vertical shaft of gravitational Drag! I feel the weighted gravitas so strongly upon me. Stagnating at home,even as the weather changes from a MONTH long stretch of the hottest, most horrible summer to a cloudy, magical, windy day.
Suddenly our common friend from Mumbai called to announce that my friend Monindro's father had passed away a week back. He was in Imphal, looking after his father, and finally he passed away. I tried calling him, but could not connect!
Disconnection/ Reconnection: Bizarre, that a my friend, the Zen master trainer from Retro 2009, is abruptly/ sharply making a re-apperance on the EXACT Crossover Day, which in 2009, I had left/ Disconnected with Mumbai and Monindro. The very EXACT Crossover day 2009, which I had made a dis-connection with Mumbai and Monindro, is the very EXACT Crossover day in 2016, which  Mumbai and Monindro, after a loong time is spontaneous/ bizarrely Re-Connecting with me!
One difficulty I experience while narrating Retrograde phenomena, is having to explain it too much, instead of noting down the sheer core/ Ore of sharp repetition, synchronicity and connection..
Anways, going by the symmetric inversion of 2009, in two days, I would maybe considerably discontinue with these intense narrations/ narratives of these Saturn retro notes. 
Horizontal movement and Vertical Drop: In Crossover Day, Retro '09, the train journey back home signified a Horizontal motion after almost a week of rapidly building up stagnation. Whilst today, in Crossover Day, Retro '16, the EXACT symmetric inverse of '09 is happening: after almost a week of rapidly building up movement, today was a sharp vertical Drop of Sheer unimaginable Gravitas and I find myself almost mechanically grounded at home!
Despite, no such labour, I find an paranormal stiffness of the thigh muscles, joints. The shadow of Crossover 2009 is casting it's ghostly symmetric inversion upon me. Such is the power of Saturn retrograde's magnetic prowess.
Automatic Retrogression: Also, this last few paragraphs of segmential updates, will be hardly be read by anyone/ most, as it's TOO far down the blogpost, and AFTER a long stretch of somewhat elaborate Retrograde narrative. As I sit here and type, i see visions of my grandparents place/ childhood memories of Nowgong town ( i say as Now Gone town, because the grandparental place has been long sold, long, long back). This sudden grey weather day reminds me of a childhood day in Nowgong, with similar windy, cloudy grey afternoons. Today, the Crossover day is creating it's own magnetic energies.
Then, in 2009, I was in movement yet Coccooned in the chair car of Garib rath express from Mumbai to Delhi. Today, in 2016, inversely I'm in great stagnation, yet the Skies and Weather have opened up, in an amazingly contrasting sudden magical windy way. Within becomes without, personal becomes external environmental manifest, for me on the trail of the Saturn retrograde phenomenon.

... updated later in segments...

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