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Saturn Retro 2016-20: Ultra Retro phase

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Ultra retro 2016: 10th July to 31st July
Dear friends, we're at the final three week phase of Annual Saturn Retrograde 2016, which, this time is from 10th July to 31st July.  Check the graph above, it's got the revised dates for Ultra Retro phase.

This period is a phase of breakthrough, forward movement, actualization, progress for the Sun, mars, Ketu ruled people. And a period of regression, retreat, withdrawal, retrospection for the Saturnine, or Rahu ruled people.

Saturnine updates, 10th July to today 21st July
Since I'm a Saturnine creature, this Ultra Retro period represents EXTREME doses of review, retrospection, retraction, review, analysis, re-examination, etc, etc. Below are my running/ live updates for this period..
Prologue: Falling Retro phase: The one month long Falling Retro phase: 6th June to 10th July (check graph above) which is a one month period of  movement breakthrough for all Saturnine ruled, fared well for me. I experienced flotation, dizzy anti gravity, breakthroughs, rapture, sparkling energies. especially towards the end of this one month phase, it ended with a two day dazzling sojourn through Bangalore, which was definitely buzzing with unprecedented energy.
But Sunday noon, 10th July, as I returned to Delhi, the energy descent commenced. The fall from sudden windfall began.. DOT On Schedule! Especially when the travel arrangements were "randomly" made by a person who, completely did not believe in Saturn Retrograde, astrology, anythiong at all!! And the scheduled annual 21 days of the most intense regression, descent, confusion, retraction for all Saturnine ruled people, commenced, fated.. ON the DOT!!
So cloudy/ clouded, heavy, enmeshed, nebulous was I, after that sharp descent...that it took me 10 whole days to post this post on Ultra Retro phase..!!
As customary to all saturn retrogrades post 2009, I draw comparison to the landmark wrongly timed Paris trip of Ultra Retro, 2009. And, as in many uncountable earlier posts, have relegated in detail, the commencing years of Saturn Retrograde have been a (in)-voluntary reversal of that wrongly timed windfall trip! So, when the descent, coming down, hangover commenced ON schedule  from 10th July itself... it's merely history reversing itself, uncannily.. On the Dot... On schedule!!

Update, 21st July, Thursday: I'm eleven days into Ultra retro 2016. Coludy, hazy, blurred vision, tendency to night blindness (began Vitamin A) along with continuing Vitamin B injections and capsules.
BUT, I'm extremely satisfied because I have been able to connect to some seriously potent Sun, Mars, Ketu souls, who have commenced their realization, energy becoming during this auspicious period for them!
However, ALL that you write, the concluding 21 days of this Ultra retro period, the sharp energies of this most acute, powerful Shakti energy phase of  the 4.5 month period of annual Saturn retrograde period.... like always... manages to completely unhinge me, uproot me, exasperate me.. totally!!
Each day into this swamp of 21 days of Ultra Retro seems so weighted, heavy, cloudy, repetitive, shaky. Unbelievable experience! I feel wracked by self doubt, denial, contradiction, questioning deeply and intensely..  my beliefs, my belief structures, existence itself!!
 I want to channelize all my inertial, visceral, ooze, saturnine, serpentine, complexity into this singular post!!

Update, 22nd July, Friday: This year, the descent process essential for Saturnine ruled was almost fatally delayed for me. The astrologically scheduled cathartic, redemption, regression process was almost not taking place. As if the strange shadow/ the elation/ high of  the wrongly timed Paris trip during Ultra Retro 2009 was enacting itself. But from last two days, the acidic bite of retrograde was finally taking it's scheduled grip upon my innards. The tentacular, sharp, ghoulish vaccination process of Ultra Retrograde was in action.The "kamur", the heartbreak, humiliation, downfall, persecution, weakness, scheduled for all Saturnine people during this period, was finally underway. The personal experience of this is so intensely bitter, yet, from the Saturnine perspective of  this Ultra Retro period.. it's perfectly timed.

23rd July, Saturday: Morning woke up early at about 6;23 am. sat out on our terrace, windy feeding pigeons biscuit crumbs. Brought out my journal and began updating the last weeks events of Ultra retro, from Day 6th, last Saturday, 16th July to this present day. Only when you bring pen to paper in a journal/ diary form, can you actually make out the visceral process of the saturnine Ultra Retro phase. Un-becomings, diffusions and perplexities.
Cleared out a pile of books and documents on my desk, and found one faded, stapled copy of a thesis (?) submission.. "Perplexity etc.. Incomplete project of the self.." author: Mriganaka Madhukailya, dated 2003. Hastily browsing through this document gifted to me long back by Mrigstradomus, I found text/ content that prophetically seemed to describe what I was currently experiencing in this Ultra Retro 2016. Bizzaro, dude! Hence would like to quote and explore some excerpts from it...

The incomplete project of the self/ Mriganaka Madhukailya/ document 2003.
"Indeterminacy, uncertainty, disorder, randomness, vagueness, fuzziness, ambiguity, crisis, chaos seem to capture all our attention and language.. Such terms denote prima facie, insuperable obstacles to the attainment of true, certain, or precise knowledge about things and events..". 
Currently I am feeling the mountainous pile up of Ultra Retro energies, as an insuperable obstacle, which is blocking me from clarity, knowledge, comprehension about my current confounding expereiences and events..
"Human reason has this peculiar fate, that...  it is burdened by questions, which,... it is not able to ignore, but which... it is also NOT able to answer..".
How creepily oracular is Mrigstradomus' text.. exactly what I'm experiencing in this current Ultra Retro.. regarding some ongoing discussions, confounding issues! Neither it's black, nor white. A vast grey fuzziness, oscillating, fluctuating indeterminacy, is all .. that I can experience and fathom!

Paris Week:reversal of Ultra retro 2009
For me most Saturn Retrogrades after 2009, has been a karmic pattern reversal of the great Saturn Retrograde 2009, one landmark year, where, the summation of many years of Saturn retrograde violations, finally came down crashing in one mountainous mega avalanche. The reasons for which is explained in these post from Saturn retro 2013 in detail: Saturn-retro-2013-68: negation of negation and the Paris reverse posts: Saturn-retro-2013-69: paris-reversed 01, then Saturn-retro-2013-71: paris-reversed-03 but post 70 seems to be missing, then..Saturn-retro-2013-72: paris-reversed-04 and the last conclusive post of the series.. Saturn-retro-2013-72: paris-reversed-04.
The last seven days of Ultra Retro 2009 comprised of the Paris trip from 27th April, Monday- to 3rd May Sunday. This year 2016, the last seven days of Ultra Retro 2009 begins from Monday, 25th July to 31st July, Sunday. Monday to Sunday, like in 2009. I call it now the "Paris" week..

Update, 25th July, Monday: On this Ultra Retro position, Monday, 27th April, 2009, we had set forth for Paris. We reached airport morning time, and the flight had set out at, I think, Noon. And, today Monday morning finds me in a hangover, later I have to go to Malviya Nagar, to sort out some vaastu issues of some family friends place, that they have collectively taken on rent, and the natural issues that arise from such an complex arrangement.
Monday, 2009: Every peripheral issues sorting out to Cohere/ Integrate into the leap/ flight/ rupture to Paris. Monday, 2016: Core/ Integral nucleus dripping out, dribbling away into peripheral territories and issues.. a natural entropy movement for all/ most energy systems.
I quote a poem from biker baba Ravi Jyoti Deka's poem "ride"...
Love's a fluid.. 
Now It's all smeared..  
These two stanzas perfectly depict the descent, the decay, the entropy, I'm experiencing today, on this Monday, 25th July. The perfect reversal of the adrenalin rush, the surge, leap, of the first flight to Paris, on Monday 27th April, '09.
I feel drained, old, peripheral, dumped, like an obsolete piece of machinery, abandoned in a swamp, like a relic of an abandoned car wreck, leftover banana peel, used sanitary napkin, coca cola gone flat and limp, stale yellowy milk, abandoned old man in a retirement home, like a forlorn old hag whose beloved has moved onto greener pastures, like a jello (custard jelly) gone flat and dead, like an .. wait.. why should i write more? Let me tag Ravi Deka with this post update..
let him add some of his literary gems, limericks, litanies, which I will integrate into this live/ current

Update, 25th July, Monday, evening of Visceral ooze: Some days we don't post, and some days we post acutely. On  Monday 27th April, '09, we reached Paris after travelling on flight almost the whole day, with a stop over in Dubai. Inversely/ reversely, today, Monday, 25th July, 2016, whole day was a gradual grounding, descent of energies, a natural downflow of energies with a stopover at a very somewhat exotic place at Aurangzeb road, which I found the exact mirror inverse of the Dubai airport, with it's glitzy, glammy, exuberance. The place in Aurangzeb road was shady, quiet, an oasis, garden like.
The evening touchdown in Paris was accompanied by rain, and inversely today's such a dry, hot evening, and I'm regressing deeply into my innards, visceral, schizophernic, human ooze, the stuff of Sartres Nausea. the tenterhooks, and inner tentacles of being. Sitting in my shorts, typin these words in the haunting glow of the monitor on this severely humid, groggy, visceral evening. Swamplands of your inner world.
The forward rush of that Monday evening, Ultra Retro 2009, of touchdown at Paris, has reversed itself in this Monday evening, Ultra Retro 2016, in an inward, imploding, visceral, ooze of human slime/ residues. Regressing into my self. The inner backwaters, swamps, the mud slime, from whence we have crawled out as amphibious beings from the primitive bog swamp, the chemical soup of cellular ooze. I feel my body, now in terms of visceral ooze, the Body without organs, just a mass of visceral, crawling exoskeletal, crawling life form. And which has regressed into it's roots into the cellular/ chemical soup in the origins of the bog/swamp.
This visceral un-becoming, where the strands of one's being come apart layer by layer, strand by chemical strand is a kind of (in) voluntary process.This writing process has been completely fuelled by the acute regression energies of Saturn Retro's Ultra Retro phase. It fuels and actuates the entry process into the labyrinth of our inner selves. the un-becoming, that lies at the nucleus of  Saturn retrograde energies. Today, I took so many vitamins, to somewhat undo the vision bluriness, night blindness etc. I must have felt disoriented in the first evening in Paris, because inversely, today, there were some flecks of vision improvement, but with a long way to go.
This post is getting longer, now with all the regressive, visceral updates, additions. I think I'll continue it, later, if it reaches beyond a point, crossover into another post. RIGHT now, you are inside of my mind, thinking, at the pace of my thoughts, oozing at the pace of my inner, visceral ooze, you (absent/ virtual/ theoretical) reader, are one with my body/ mind. I see my bloated, hairy stomach swell and ebb in the hypnotic glow of this monitor, with the rhythm of my breath. My body is falling into this hapless, shapeless, mass of visceral abandon. The visceral, jelly ooze of Ultra Retro. ...
Conversely for the Sun, Mars, Ketu ruledyou should be feeling sharp, electric, focussed...
The visceral, jelly ooze of Ultra Retro. ..

Update, 29th July, Friday, Crashdown: On  Friday, 1st may, Mayday '09, the zenith of my Paris Trip, I witnessed, participtaed, shot the unbelievable Mayday processions at the heart of Paris.
And today morning, inversely, 29th July, Friday,  my phonje crashed, I'm out of contact, walking the streets in rain,  friendly repairman missing, lost and wandering like a dead soul, reached cousin Bubka's place, searching and searching.
On Wednesday, 27th July, I as a move to reverse the Wednesday, 29th april, Louvre museum day, began the mammoth task of plotting saturn retrograde graphs from my birth year to the current 2016. And also began the process of noting down historical events that occured each year during saturn retro, since 1973. Check Link: saturn-retrograde-graphs
Since then, the Retrograde energy has spiralled completely out of control, resulting in todays scheduled/ random crashdown and burnout. But the reversal is perfect...!!!
But still.. aarrggh!! Later, I saw Mulholland Drive.. again..
29th July, Friday, afternoon, Mulholland Drive: On  Friday, 1st may, Mayday '09, the zenith of my Paris Trip, I witnessed, participtaed, shot the unbelievable Mayday processions at the heart of Paris. And now I saw the dark, unnerving, rattling David Lynch movie.. Mulholland Drive. In which, the plot of the movie is directly depictive of the Saturn Retrograde process.. the split of the Disreal/ Unreal.
As in Mayday, 1st May, 2009, I was floating in the suspended animation of Paris magic like Naomi Watts in the beginning of the movie, a starstruck actress arriving in Hollywood. As the movie slowly unravels, she gets more and more entangled into the ghoulish entanglements of the underbelly of the underlying Disreal (read Ugly truths) which slowly strips her soul of the charm, innocence, and finally finds her crawling in the lowest belly of the darkest swamps. Mulholland Drive, kind of expresses the dark, visceral unbecoming from that magical, unreal Paris trip in Ultra Retro 2009. an unraveling journey, which took seven years to fulfil the cycle.
as an inverse, reverse, to balance that spectacular, stellar Mayday in Paris, of Ultra retro 2009, today I/ nature found me traversing dark underbelly of human emotions, and by lanes of Govind Puri, in rain and mud, and finally into the vortex/ Core of Mulholland Drive. The core of the mud swamp. from where, the natural dynamics/ turn of Saturn retrograde may unravel newer openings and directions for my becoming. balancing the magical Unreal of the Paris trip with the darkest visceral Disreal possible to my own mortal soul. For the spear that smote wound shall make the way for healing/ reversal...
Looking at this blog, the youtube link of Mulholland Drive puts up the seamiest still from the movie, haha, but only those who have seen it in it's entirety could understand the saying from Deconstruction.. "prefaces harbor lies..".. be updated further......

...( scheduled updates until 31st of july)....

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