Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturn Retro 2016-21: Ultra Retro- part 2

Dear friends, this post is a continuation from the previous post : Saturn-retro-2016-20: Ultra Retro Phase, so please read that before plunging into this...

 Reversal of Paris Trip:Ultra retro 2009

Update, 30th July, Saturday, 2016:
Graveyard visit: On  Saturday, 2nd May, 2009, the 20th day of Ultra Retro '09, I had our Hotel California, at Champs-Élysées , early morning, boarded a Metro and reached the graveyard to visit the fabled gravestone of Jim Morrison. However, on enquiring I found that I had arrived at the wrong graveyard!! Yet, one housing many intellectuals and path breakers of Paris. I spent my time roaming among the gravestones, in a quiet silence, stillness of the Saturday morning.  It was my last day, last few hours in Paris, before the inevitable return on that very evening. And, somehow I tried to cling on the solitude, suspended animation, the frozen stillness,of those ancient gravestones.
Above, a singular Jet aircraft moved almost silently across the clear blue skies. And my soul, oozing with nostalgia, tried to cling on, to the aura, to the ancient stillness of the elaborate Gravestones, ornate funeral ornaments in tribute to the stellar souls, who had trail blazed their way across human history! It was a suspened moment of stillness, anti-gravitas, an ancient repose, moment of sheer nostalgia, that I desperately tried to cling on to the..  infinitely sublime... before the spell gave away, and the inevitable tide began to ..turn...
Inversely: Today, Saturday, 30th July, 2016, the 20th day of Ultra Retro '16, was all bustling with the vast ooze of mundane preoccupations, mobile repair, sore throat, illness, rainy, soggy weather, feeding my stray dogs .. cooked and raw meat. Their wet fur smelling like the stench of ancient carpets soaked with damp water for ages. I had played with the snout of one of the dogs, and later forgot, whether I had washed my hands before spreading butter on my toast. Ghoulish!!!
 The infintely sublime of the Parisian graveyard morning has perfectly inverted itself into the mundane, the profane, the hideously coarse. Throat feeling sore, head dizzy, body semi feverish, some deadly disease is definitely upon me..!!
Yesternight, without my mobile phone functional, I had sunk into my unread store of comics, alternative tales from Dark Horse comics, DC Vertigo series..  some grotesque tales form the Wasteland, unnerving Disreal of Enigma part 7, and the usual brain fry of Doom Patrol, as if a natural sequel to having watched the disturbingly Dis-real energies of tne unnerving Mulholland Drive at cousin Bubkas place earlier that day (check previous post).

On that 2nd May of 2009, I had tasted the taste of the infinitely sublime, and today I feel like some grotesque diseased germ, malevolence lodged and burning in my throat. Inversion of the 20th day of Ultra Retro, seven years down the line..
On that Parisian day, I had tasted the flavour of the Unreal, and herein today, struggling with the ghoulishly acute taste of the Disreal, stuck in my throat area. Every word that I type out further, seems so weighed down, by the viscous mass of some visceral, molasses like tensile paste. Some deeply lodged, visceral fragment, or corrosive fluid within me is getting churned..
Throat area/ Throat Chakra feels battered/ pulverized/ ravaged...
This kind of visceral, body-centric, cellular writing is perfect for such acute prevailing energies of Ultra Retro. A Centripetal becoming,  crawling.. we enter into the visceral mass, the organic interiors of our slimy, cellular, viscous... innards!!
No money, no marks, no feathery caps for such kind of writing. Because neither it's astrological, nor post modern, nor novel material, but just mere sudden random outbursts ...getting entangled in the net mesh of this blogging process/ procedure...

Update, 30th July, Saturday, 1:06 pm: I think this post will get updated, micron by micron as the day slowly crawls forward. On it's own impetus. Writing for the sake of writing. To balance the fervour and automatic energy of the last day in Paris, 2nd May, '09. My dismal, low energy crashdown is a mere energy reversal of that buzz, inertial rush, the residual hormonal carryover, on that last day. Every moment of that Unreal day is being matched by it's equivalent points, nodes, graphs of the Disreal. I feel feverish, down, low, but yet some energy getting released. In some form. Cathartic.

Update, 30th July, Saturday, 2:14 pm: In a strange symmetry my friend, and senior from JJ College, a leading architect from Assam, Amitabh Sharma is posting continuous nostalgic snaps from his Europe trip, especially Brussels, etc. Mirroring my own Paris hangover circa Saturn Retro 2009. I had given hime the movie long back, but now, I think he would understand the dimensions of  such Saturnine hangover.
Ultimately Energy of emotions, never gets created nor destroyed, it merely changes hands, like money. like currency. So, all that I have posted during this period, will transgress borders, boundaries and seep into different domains, with the passage of time.. ideally/ wishfully, haha!

Update, 8th August, Sunday: On 31st July, my phone crashed. Then, as I got it repaired, I had throat infection, viral, which saw me slowly recover, over the week. The weather was changing, movement, release, turbulence around. One could feel the distinct turn, change of events. Once, the retrograde energies diminished, the phase ends, there's a sudden release, an influx of energy, which is quite heady, and often becomes too much to initially handle, after such a long- drawn, constricted period of Saturn Retrograde. Hence, until the day, when Saturn Retrograde officially ends, one is advised to practice grounding, balancing rituals, only if order to remain oriented in this crossover of phases/ energies! 

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