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Saturn Retro 2016-19: Brexit situation

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

23rd June 2016: analysing the astrology of Brexit..
Dear friends, taking a small detour from my narrow, microscopic analyses of ongoing Saturn Retrograde, I want to discuss a bit about Brexit or Wiki: Brexit-UK withdrawal from the EU which is a global event that happened during this Saturn Retro 2016 in Scorpio, and with the ongoing Guru Chandal Yog ( Rahu + Jupiter conjunction) in Leo. Read on about the Brexit story..

Guru Chandal Yog: The conjunction of Rahu and Jupiter in the same sign happens approximately after 7 to 8 years. This is a result of forward moving Jupiter  crossing one Zodiac sign in a year and Rahu permanently retrograde crosing through one Zodiac sign in a year. Jupiter and Rahu generally remain together in a sign together from 3 months to over a year. Guru Chandala is a powerful period of breakdown of older, dying, stagnant structures, and the birthing of subtle new seeds for the future times, to face the change of world history... if utilised properly..!!

Guru Chandala in 1994: From 18th May '94 to 11th Nov '94, Duration: 6 months

Events during Guru chandala 1994
On March 14th Apple computers releases the first Macintosh computers to use the new PowerPC Microprocessors. Birth of MAC to change the future world of computing, to today's I phones.
In May: Nelson Mandela was inaugarated as the First black president of South Africa, while American president Bill Clinton was first accused of sexual harassment.
In June: South Africa voluntarily rejoins the British Commonwealth after 32 years after having left it in 1961. AMALGAMATION of the African continent into British Commonewealth after 32 years. In May, Israel signs accord with Palestine and peace treaty with Jordan. IRA declares cease fire in Ireland.
In June: young bankers from the offices of J.P. Morgan are meeting in Florida devising ways to make money beyond traditional commercial or investment banking. These are young men who will see themselves as exceptionally clever and capable in making money by bets in "derivative" markets and exceptionally sound in their grasp of macro-economics. It will lead to the economic collapse that will begin in December, 2007. Seeds of future economic meltdown created!!
On Nov 4th, in San francisco, the first conference devoted entirely to the subject of the commercial potential of the World Wide Web opens. Featured speakers include Marc Andreessen of Netscape, Mark Graham of Pandora Systems, etc. Birth of the current online, commercial world!!!
On Nov 7thWXYC, the student radio station of the University of North Carolina, provides the world's first internet radio broadcast. Laying the foundation for all future podcasts, live webcam, etc etc for the future world.

SUMMARY of Guru Chandala, 1994
Even though South Africa, World Wide Web created a humble but unbelivable platform for the future, Jupiterian people like Bill Clinton, and reputed financial institution like J.P. Morgan created the seed, also created an unbelievable platform for forever quoted presidential and financial disasters incarnate.

Guru Chandala in 2001: From 16th June '01 to 16th Feb '02,  Duration: 8 months

Events during Guru chandala 2001
On Jun 6:  German intelligence warns the US CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists are planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.
Jun 20  In Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, who took power in a bloodless military coup in 1999, declares himself President. 
Jun 22  The Bush White House is told an Al Qaeda attack could be "imminent." But in the US nothing is done to increase airport security.
Sep 11  Attacks:  Hijackers board commercial airlines and two of the aircraft are flown into New York's Twin Towers.  3,000 are killed in New York City. A hijacked airliner slams into the Pentagon. , By phone, President Bush tells Vice President Dick Cheney, "We are at war, Dick."
Sep 11  Around noon New York time, the Taliban government in Afghanistan denounces the attacks. Around 6 PM, Iraq announces that the attacks are the fruit of "US crimes against humanity."  In the evening President Bush tells the American people that they have seen evil and that he will make no distinction between those responsible for the attacks and those who harbor them.
Oct 7US military campaign in Afghanistan begins. The purpose is to oust the Taliban-led government in order to prevent future attacks by al Qaeda. The United States and Britain begin bombing targets in Afghanistan. Australia is a member of the new coalition. Osama bin Laden calls on all Muslims to wage a holy war against the United States. Pro-Taliban and anti-US demonstrations erupt in Pakistan. Worldwide chaos, fear, breakdown.
Nov 10:  China is admitted to the World Trade Organization
Dec 2  Enron Corporation files for bankruptcy, the largest in US history.
Dec 20  The UN Security Council unanimously adopts Resolution 1386, authorizing a NATO-led security mission in Afganistan to assist the Afghan Interim Administration in the maintenance of security in Kabul and surrounding areas.
Dec 27  China is granted permanent normal trade status with the United States. 
Feb 2002, India  A train carrying Hindus on their way to rebuilding a temple at Ayodhya stops in the town of Godhra, which is 40 percent Muslim.  Muslims believe the Ayodhya site is theirs. As the train leaves the station, Muslims set the train on fire, killing 59 including more than a dozen children.
Feb 2002, India  In Ahmedabad, India, Hindu mobs kill more than 60 Muslims in their homes and shops.

SUMMARY of Guru Chandala, 1994
The build up and execution of thje Sep 11 attacks change world history, security at airports, and lots and lots of other things, throughout the world FOREVER. In November, China being admitted in to WTO seems subtle, small, but creates the birth of the Dragon, the foundation for China's current Economic Superpower status in the last ENTIRE DECADE!!
In India, Gidhra massacare, and Ahmedabad riots change a vast way of outlook in India, forever to be cited and remembered.

Guru Chandala in 2008-09: From 24th Apr '08  to 1st May '09, Duration: 1 year

Events during Guru Chandala 2008-9
On Apr 28th:  Just few dyas into the Guru chandal yog.. India sets a world record by sending 10 satellites into orbit in a single launch.

May 28:  In Nepal, the newly-elected parliament declares their country independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular and an inclusive democratic republic. Nepal's 240 year-old monarchy is abolished.
June 27: After three decades as the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, Bill Gates steps down.
8 to 24 August: Beijing summer Olympic games, proves China's presence as Global superpower
September 16: Stock market Crash of 2008 -9: Crashdown of massive financial institutions in the United States, due primarily to exposure of securities of packaged Subprime lending subprime loans and credit default swaps issued to insure these loans and their issuers, rapidly devolved into a global crisis resulting in a number of bank failures in Europe and sharp reductions in the value of stocks and commodities worldwide.
On October 11, 2008:  Global financial crashdown: the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that the world financial system was teetering on the "brink of systemic meltdown.". The failure of banks in Iceland resulted in a devaluation of the Icelandic kr√≥na and threatened the government with bankruptcy. Iceland was able to secure an emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund in November.[14] In the United States, 15 banks failed in 2008, while several others were rescued through government intervention or acquisitions by other banks.
Click Link: Wiki: Financial_crisis_of_2007- 2008

Nov. 26: Mumbai terror attacks, more than 170 people are killed and about 300 are wounded in a series of attacks on several landmarks and commercial hubs in Mumbai, India. Indian officials say ten gunmen carried out the attack. It took Indian forces three days to end the siege.
Dec. 28: Days after a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas expired, Hamas begins launching rocket attacks into Israel, which retaliates with airstrikes that kill about 300 people. Israel targets Hamas bases, training camps, and missile storage facilities.
Jan. 3, 2009: After more than a week of intense air strikes, Israeli troops crossed the border into Gaza, launching a ground war against the militant Palestinian group, Hamas. More than 430 Palestinians and 4 Israelis have been killed since the fighting began Dec. 27, 2008.
Jan. 17, 2009: Israel announces unilateral cease-fire in Gaza. Hamas says it will continue to fight as long as Israeli troops remain in the area.
Jan. 18, 2009: Hamas announces cease-fire in response to Israel's promise of peace.
Feb 23  2009: US finacial crash: The Dow Jones Industrial stock average (DJIA) drops to its lowest point in many years. After more than a couple of weeks of talk in the US about how prolonged the recession will be the message appears to have finally sunk in. 
Apr 2:  The second G-20 summit, involving state leaders rather than the usual finance ministers, meets in London. Its main focus is an ongoing global financial crisis. Described as the most important summit meeting since World War II, in London leaders of nations with big economies agree to new regulatory rules in world finance, sanctions against secretive tax havens, a trillion dollars to stimulate the global economy, and more aid to the poorest of countries.
Apr 26 : China celebrates the claim that GDP growth in the first quarter of 2009 was 6.1 percent and that the growth rate in industrial production has rebounded. Taiwan officials happiness abounds with an agreement on investment from the mainland. The conference announces a "new era of peaceful development." 

SUMMARY of Guru Chandala, 2008-9
Beijing summer Olympics 2008, creates the affirmation of the Dragon, China's Economic Superpower status, as the entire world reels in financial crisis around.Hamas crisis, War over Gaza strip and Mumbai terror attacks, Godhra killings were dark shadowy events, but bringing world attention to solving terrorism issues.
U.S. Stock market Crash of 2008 -9: Crashdown of massive financial institutions in the United States, rapidly devolved into a global crisis resulting in a number of bank failures in Europe and sharp reductions in the value of stocks and commodities worldwide resulting in  Global financial crashdown. And The second G-20 summit, of April 2009 was in London, where a gathering of World  leaders coming together to solve the Global financial Crisis! UK was at the CENTER of resolution and Solution!!

Guru Chandala in 2016: From 29th Jan  '16 to 11th Aug '16, Duration: 6 months

The current Guru Chandala of  2016

Out of all these four years of Guru Chandala period, illustarted above, this year 2016, is special as Overlapping Guru Chandal with Saturn Retrograde has further overlapped with a turbulent annual astrological event.. Shani Mangal yog ( Conjunction of saturn and Mars) in Scorpio from 20th Feb to June 17th and July 12th to Sep 18th.
Hence, the day/ date of Brexit, 23rd june, 2016, saw the power of three powerful overlapping astrological combinations to manifest it's rupturous energies... Guru Chandal yog, Saturn Retrograde and Shani Mangal yog. Hence, in short Brexit is a product of two opposing, conflicting conjunctions: Guru Chandala yog, and Shani Mangal yog. 
Also, as opposed to previous years of Guru chandala, there has been no such chaotic event except Brexit in these past 6 months, so the intensity of Guru chandala 2016 further combined with Shani mangal yog has been concentrated into one singular impactful.. event, which will impact a LOT of us for a loong time to come... BREXIT..!!!

Brexit is a result of conflicting energies..

Check above diagram, Brexit in Guru Chandala Yog, i.e, the Rahu Jupiter axis sees the decision being pulled apart by two opposing forces of Jupiter and Rahu. Jupiter representing the guru, the high priest, the Conservative, traditional, conventional,right wing, internal, patriotic forces. And, Rahu representing foreigners, immigrants, outsiders, export contacts, diplomatic alliances, foreign country collaborations, etc.
And along the Shani Mangal yog, i.e, the Mars Saturn axis, sees the decision being pulled apart by two opposing forces of Mars and Saturn. Mars representing the militaristic, adrenalin rush, inflammable, combustive, hot, tempestous headlong rush, the engine of forward thrust, the accelerator of the engine. And, Saturn representing long term implications, conservative slow policies, patience, slow negotiation, elaborateness, layerings of lawyerings..
Hence the Brexit child is a spawn born of unimaginable conflicting forces, the impact of which will have it's effect far and wide, once this acute conjunction of these four planets get over with.

Solutions for Brexit
The Solution for Brexit would not be easy, beacuse it's the birth spawn of two opposing, conflicting conjunctions: Guru Chandala yog, and Shani Mangal yog, but definitely remedies to repair the situations should be Fourfold.. i.e, the synthesis of four factors separately. Like the Four elements representing Mahavishnu.. Conch, Lotus, Mace, and Chakra (Wheel).
Firstly the Conch, representing which is usually used to announce important events, wars. So communication links, to both the external and internal agency communication would be ivotal to sort, categorise this paranormal currency upheaeval. Instead of sitting on their conservative approach the in- charge authorities should foster a massive think tank, communication conclave in order to deal with the situation effectively. Despite the decision the diplomatic connection to foreign collaborators should be kept alive in order to address the crisis energy of this situation.
Lotus, representing meditation, realization, acceptance, acknowledge of self, karmic laws is paramount to overcome this turbulent game changing equation. Also, to remember the fact, Lotus blooms in the mud, hence this Crises if utilized properly can represent a deeper insight, grip, connection to the economic, political, geopolitical forces around to sublate to a higher/ deeper state of growth/ evolution.
Mace, representing brute force, hammering power, necessary to sort out, all the complicate idiosyncratic dissents that ultimately was the starting point for this debacle. Any decision in order to resolve this complication should be reinforced with persevering inertia of intention.
Chakras,  the wheel of life, representing cycles of history, the wheel of fortune upon which civilisation revolves. Lot of time has transpired from the days of Sun never setting on the British empire. The historical vantage point to this cyclic event has to be acknowledge and decisions have to be based on historical insight, with reference to previous economic cycles. Only positioning the historical event of Brexis on the global timeline, the Chakra of historical cycles, can the nature, position, function and potential of this giant move can be comprehended, analysed and negotiated.

Moreover, check the above graph, BREXIT has occured on 23rd June, the falling Retro, blue phase of ongoing Saturn Retrograde 2016. Which is a good period for the Saturn ruled and not great for the Sun, mars, pitta ruled. SINCE, the decision, an albeit humongous and levithan one, has been taken, now Britan should move into a complete Saturnine approach of things, so that it can manage it's currency situation, domestic situation optimally. LET the SUN set on the British empire, but a new , mutant Saturnine Dawn begin, heralding in a newer, post modern era to the empire reinvented...

Plus broadly.. I would suggest a fourfold remedial programme connected with Rahu, Jupiter,, Saturn and Mars for all those connected with the Brexit currency and issue.. modifications of which are subject to individual planetary horoscopes.

.. to be updated....

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