Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crawl 06: Android Update

In my previous post, Crawl 02: caveman-in-future-shock I had bemoaned about how I was perplexed  with android phone technology. How, after disposing my crumbling cellular phone, I hastily bought a 2G phone, and later, how, stumbling with the slow Net speed, I further hastily, had attempted it to resell it by the internet portals of Olx and Quickr. But in the deconstructive journey of the Saturnine experience, first sight is often completely erroneous and things always gradually unravel, in the characteristic serpentine, crawls-pace of Lord Shanidev/ Saturn. A journey that finds me currently, NOT using my android phone for constant inetrconnectivity on the net, the sole purpose for which I had purchased it, but rather using it's rather ordinary resolution camera to relentlessly click my hearts desire, my forever fascinated, ever favorite style of the Panaromic view, the magic and mystery of the ultra wide angle photograph. And in a furthermore unanticipated bonus activity, load a LOT of my ancient archives of comic books from the forgotten Golden age, onto the phone, and delve into their complex artworks, designs, at all times and places. Previously, I had been rabidly cursing modern technology as a neccesary evil, but as characteristic of the Saturnine journey, after a short while only, am withdrawing my opinions, by getting amazed by the same digital conveniences. Surprisingly, Android technology, has quite a few tricks to teach, even to an old, antiquated, Saturnine creature as myself. Even though, it did not fulfil the object for which I had purchased it, but suddenly this device began to fulfill some desires, which I had unknowingly for long, fostered and  buried within myself. Especially, I found so, at the Select Citywalk mall, as my wife Sangeeta was wrapping up her Krispy Kreme project, and I accompanied her, reading endless comics on my Android phone, and clicking panaromic snaps, of her site. Even though, which had to be downloaded and compiled later on Power Point software on my PC! :P ! Jai Shanidev!

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