Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crawl 05: Delhi Election Results

The underlying motive of this "Crawl" post series is to give a genuine and accurate, narrative or testimony of the Saturnine experience/journey. And to give an accurate narration of any Saturnine experience, it is MANDATORY to include the compulsory preface/ preamble of that of Shanidev's father, the Sun. Without this mandatory preamble of the Solar- structure, the Saturnine experience DOES NOT exist. The Solar/ Sun order is SINGULAR, and can stand on it's own, as an independent entity, like as in Logos/ Truth/ Clarity, but the Saturnine process/ experience is SERPENTINE, and necessitates a meandering, winding, unraveling, process, becoming. In the Solar order, prefaces/ summaries prove to be consistent. But, in the Saturnine way, what appears at first sight, proves to be compulsorily, something else altogether, in the longer run of things. Hence all Structuralism thought is ruled by the Sun, and all Deconstruction is ruled by Saturn. The popular axiom of deconstruction theory: prefaces harbor lies, perfectly illustrates the Saturnine process.

Delhi Election Results: As the Sun made it's way through the sign of Scorpio, the current Electoral result in new Delhi assembly elections has shaken everyone- BJP: 32 seats, Aam Admi Party: 28 seats, and Congress:  8 seats. I was talking to different people about their views on this unexpected landslide in the electoral results. There was an overall jubilant mood about the triumph of Aam Admi Party who sweeped the electoral polls with tremendous support of the common people. But nevertheless, NONE of the three parties have the required amount of votes to form a stand alone/ independent government. They need the support pf their rivals, their competitors to do so! And hence the Sun- Saturn dilemma. IF the election was held in some other period, this weird situation would not have arisen! The Sun was oh-so-strong, in is transit across Scorpio, creating a heroic mood like that of Bon Jovi's .. Blaze of Glory, or Queens "We Are the Champions"!! But to form any sustaining and persevering government in highly Saturn ruled India, a good balance of all parties is VERY mandatory/ compulsory. It is NOT sufficient to be euphoric with revolutionary zest and ideal, it needs the machinery, the gargantuan yet necessary evil of continuing rulership. Aam Admi Party can prove the powerful watchdog over a coalition government, yet while at the same time subscribing to the already existent machinery. That can help them Focus of Rights and Process. So then, what is the solution??? I feel a good mixture of BJP + Congress + Aam Admi Party coalition where everyone is busy keeping each other on their toes IS the ideal solution for our Saturn ruled India! Because that would Guarantee the maximum service rendered to our Maha Bharat! I have had  the privilege of having some close friends in all the three parties: Congress, BJP and the Aam Admi Party. And from the intimate insight, with astrological justification can say that the the Tri-Guna Rajasic/ Sattwic/ Tamasic (you guess, which one is which is which) of these three Parties are ESSENTIAL/ MANDATORY for the healthy functioning of a Saturn ruled country like India! Jai Shanidev!

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