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Retro 2015-17:Sun's monthly transit thru Aries

Dear friends one thing I always repeat in all my blog posts and life, especially during Saturn Retrograde, is that I find astrological inferences at the fag ends, tail ends of transits. The current fixed annual monthly transit of Sun through Aries 14th April to 15th May, in it's most EXALTED and annual powerful position has been completely overlooked by me. And even though from Bihu, 14th April onwards, I had noticed a sidereal, peripheral burning, which has by now become full oven roast, had been completely overlooked by me, as the Annual monthly transit of sign through Aries, it's sign of maximum exaltation! ESPECIAALY, from 14th April to 30th April is the annual rising SUN period of the Sun! Which will boost the current Saturn retrograde effect by at least 200% for these 15 days! From 30th April as Sun cropsses 15 degress/ mid heaven/ mid zenith of Aries the shakti/ rajasic/ pitta qualities will slwoly subside. But for now it's roasting time.
Make the most of the next few days Sun, Mars, Ketu, Shakti, rajas ruled p[eople.
And Saturnines kindly crawl under any rock that you still manage to find... :P

Personal Updates: (Under personal updates I update personal inputs after I have posted links and all, so hardly anyone gets to to see it , unless I mention it on facebook astro separately. later someone's browsing). )  
 29th April, Wednesday: today the Sun is transiting from 14 degrees aries to 15 degrees, it's degrees of maximmum exaltation throughout the entire annual year. Today the Sun is the most powerful in the entire year. So today's in a way, a peak for all Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled people, especially Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, ascendants. For this exaltation of Sun in Aries is occurring in a mool Trikona sign (1st, 5th and 9th house). For Libran ascendants like myself it's in 7th house of Aries, directly opposing the self Libra, Sun's direct gaze directly at Libra it's sign of maximum debilitation. As I always repeat myself challenge planetary transits are ideals for energy clearing. Since morning I got thwarted from two trips, first accompanying my friends parents on their daily radiation at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute at Rohini. Later because of a last minute hitch couldn't accompany my wife for her site trip  at Noida. Twice, since morning, due to some last minute hitch failed to set out of home itself. Sun is at 14 degrees 36 minutes at Aries, at this hot noon, 12: 52 pm. Rising up to it's apex/ zenith of 15th degree at Aries. Crawling up inch by inch. I utilized the home-by-default time to clean up pending junk, sort out my long pending junk in cupboards, desks etc, because the energy of this roaring burning Sun energy can be perfectly utilised by all Saturn ruled people like myself, for clearing up long pending piled up messes.

 29th April, Wednesday, 1:05 pm, Sun at 14'36" at Aries, reaching max exaltation at 15 degree by evening: Another thing I'm experiencing while writing this post is that I can't even select the usual font colour of expression, which is automatically set in the settings.But that only lays testimony to this annual rise to the peak of the Sun's max exaltation in Aries. since past few days this rising Sun in Aries has gaused deep regression in my Saturnine self. I could regress back into crossed over pasts with effortless ease. Even the dreams were overloaded with scenes from crossed over pasts, BOTH remembered and not remembered. The turbulence in my seventh house, which is Aries, has also not been small, in fact been of Titanic proportions due to no apparent reason. Such waves only lay testimony to the power of planets in our personal human experience, and the necessity of understanding their phases as the path to one's personal human energy clearing and evolution. Inch by inch, blow by blow I'm being able to narrate this half degree climb of Sun to its max exaltation peak. What else is there to do with such energy transits? Except be still, and observe and report. Damn I had recorded a movie Observe and Report on Tata Sky, but deleted it later without even watching it. Currently, as the words unfold, I feel for me this Sun peak is all about internal affairs, being stationary, observations, archiving, but also combined with rupture, upheaval, tumult and getting completely knocked off balance. I hope my Sun, Mars, Ketu, Jupiter ruled friends are making the most of this phase. In fact, lot of them are doing so too, as I mentioned in previous posts. 

Cocooning phase of Saturn Retrograde
One major phenomenon I find repeating during Saturn retrograde is that one can only begin to understand, perceive retrograde notes/ posts DURING retrograde. The very energy of the time frame changes. Once Saturn Retrograde ends, I become someone else, something different. Adim of Saturn (Rx) cannot fathom Adim of Saturn directional, and vice versa. It's a annual cocooning phase!! Mandatory for the annual development and unfolding from karmic perspectives. And the test subject here in this case in one's own self!

30th April, Thursday, 9:31 pm, Sun at 15'55" at Aries:  Since yesterday the Sun has coursed through the span of 14 and 15 degrees of Aries.  The final climb from 14 degrees to the maximum exaltation of the Sun, the solar zenith at 15 degrees of Aries.  Yesterday unfolded a long harrowing day where after the previous post, I found walking in the hot sun across our Savitri theatre complex where a fire had broken and whole roads were jammed beyond belief. Later, I was with my friend Susmit, throughout Patparganj, Noida accompanying him on his official friends. Guzzling whatever cold juice, shikanji, etc , I could find on the way. Later we landed up at his place where I collapsed like a bloated whale! The blazing Sun at 15 degrees Aries was inflaming everything, especially those Saturnine ruled. With the force of max supernova Solar blaze that only Sun in Aries can express. Especially in this period of Saturn Retrograde' 2nd gear/ orange phase (check previous posts). 
After 10 pm, when the Sun finally crossed post/ beyond the zenith of 15 degrees of Aries, the effects of the slightest drop was immediately felt by me, Susmit and i paused to buy ice cream for cousin Shivam's surprise/ planned birthday party. He was thirty years and we had a great gathering after a long, long time. And partied really late into the night. 
Today as the Sun coursed through the 15 degree, woke up with terrible hangover yet woke early, and found myself stranded by a taxi, bus,  rickshaw strike. Finally paying double the fare, reached hungover, ghoulish, and accompanied my firmed parents to our regular radiation at Rajiv gandhi Canacer institute at Rohini. Later, after returning I visited two temples for the Thursday's Jupiter dawn karma. The day went by, crawling through 15 degree, as I am completing this post, the Sun must have entered 16th degree of Aries, thankfully. However the solar blaze of Sun in Aries will hold strong from 8 degrees to 23 degrees Aries. Hence sloping upwards in a blazing trail from 23rd April Thursday to today 30th April, Thursday. And then, from today onwards sloping downwards slowly until next Friday, 8th of May. During this period, I'm also getting a lot of anger, rage, indignation, tensile brooding wrath, coursing through my blood. But these bouts do thankfully subside over few hours. And also spasms of anxiety, dread, fear and apprehension. That's the effect of 12th house natal sun!

3rd May, UNIMAGINABLY SURREAL SOLAR ENERGY:  Since the above paragraph/ update on Thursday, a lot of Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people have got unimaginable breakthrough in these past three days. As the Sun continued through the mid-heaven of Aries, the exalted Solar energies have somehow, uunimaginably magnified the Saturn Retrograde to a surreal level. Many Sun/ Mars/ Ketu ruled people around me has got unimaginable results beyond their wildest expectations, and that have completely zapped me far beyond my own astrological expectations of them, and totally bedazzled their near and dear ones. BUT ALSO, at the same time, I saw many people change from Sun ruled to Saturnine, DURING this very Retrograde season! They were caught in the metamorphosis that long pending karma often creates in some Saturn Retro seasons. And on the other hand, Saturnine ruled like myself had to face a surreal level of pressure to stray from the Saturnine path. In one of the conversation with my energy healing guide Dipankar, he said he was so glad that I connected with him on November 2014, and since then have continued on the energy clearing path. Otherwise the surreal solar energy  of this period would have completely blown me away. Like a kite whose string is cut off!!  Even as I write this, I feel the unimaginable tug, pull push of the Solar waves within me. Creating a topsy turvy churning in my blood.
 Because our blood holds our life force, the seat of our DNA code. And intense planetary transits can cause this unimaginable churning in our bloodstream itself. For the Sun/ Mars/ Ketu this unimaginable churning in the bloodstream during this current time is an opportune period, a legitimate and endorsed call of the wild. But for the Saturn ruled, Saturnine like myself, it's the call of Dracula himself...  :P

5th May, Tuesday, Dipankar's prediction of Karmic Window until 15th May:   
Over the past few days my healing guide Dipankar-Roy-Karmakar had shared about the karmic window uptil the 15th of May. The ways of cosmic energy, their windows of karmic clearing, etc, operate on a completely another level from planetary motions and transits, but definitely sometimes they connect to prevailing periods of planetary transits. And this mentioned window of karmic clearing has totally corresponded to my this/ current post, on the current motion of Sun through Aries, a sign of it's exaltation. Today morning, i had a long conversation with Dipankar about some of the knocking, shaking that I hade been experiencing for the current period since Sunday. He explained about this karmic window, and it's clearing up of our pending karmic entanglements. Previously I had been on a fit of great agitation, but Dipnakar's words suddenly lay light on the matter... I'd rather expereince knocking, shaking on this side of 15th May, than on the other! Also it corresponds to my own follow up of Sun's current motion through Aries, which concludes on the 15th of May. But from the astrological perspective, this Energy window which commences just at the end of Solar exaltation in Aries, is directly a sign of rising Saturnine energies. And whose effects, Dipankar commented, would extend far beyond the normal scope and reach of Saturn Retrograde. So this year, Saturn Retrograde 2015 is indeed a mechanism of functioning for the spiritual energy balance on earth. And, all the extra knocks and shakes coming my way is only a sign of conclusion of a long clearing journey that began on November 2014, arriving at some kind of conclusion. Topday morning, when Dipankar's phone call came, I was accompanying my friends parents at the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute at Rohini, as I have, these past two weeks. And today being Tuesday was a weekly review day by the doctor. As my friends dad, complained of some aches in his neck, the doctor replied.."it's proof and indication from the body, that the therapy is working!!". Exactly, the same phenomenon like the treatment of my father in laws cancer. TB cells were inserted in the cancer area to fight the cancer cells, and urinary bleeding indicated the treatment was working. And absence of blood meant it was too far gone to register any effects. Sometimes a  calm period is just a dead calm before the storm. And, sometimes extended knocking shaking may mean a long karmic journey is coming to it's conclusion. I pray that those who are reading goes on to read the energy insight of  Dipankar's note (Click this link: Dipankars post) linkwas and begin their energy clearing process in some manner. Availing of the energy window of this opportunity of this period! Cheers! I'll follow up/ update here...

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