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Saturn Retro 2016-17: Falling Retro phase

Dear friends, the annual period of 4.5 months of Saturn Retrograde this year, 2016, is from 24th Mar- 14th Aug. This is my fifth consecutive year of posting online about Saturn retrograde. And, is preceded by detailed notebooks of observation about this period since 2005. The detailed concepts of Saturn Retrograde are here in this blog header titled Saturn Retrograde, just below the blog picture. The links to me previous articles online are: Saturn Retro 2012 (2 articles), Saturn Retro 2013 (70 articles)Saturn Retro 2014 (11 articles) and Saturn Retro 2015 (15 articles)

Falling Retro: 6th June to 6th July
Dear friends, as discussed in the previous posts, this year, we're in the phase of Falling Retro 2016 from 6th June to 6th July (check graph above). This one month long period represents an Oasis of  Saturnine energies in the otherwise Solar, Rajasic 4.5 month long period of annual Saturn Retrograde.
For me, even though the first two weeks of Falling Retro, was quiet, humdrum still and glacial, suddenly from 17th June onwards, it unfolded in an outburst of Saturnine movement and activity.  In fact, ten days into the blue phase, I was really beginning to get worried, as for us Saturnine ruled, it represents an improtant period of Saturnine indications, which are like a trailer, or preview of things to come, when Saturn ends it's retrograde motion, an finally goes directional for the next 8.5 months. However as discussed in the previous posts, Saturn-retro-2016-16-geographical reversal, I was earlier supposed to have been in hometown Guwahati, during this period. But because of some last minute synchronous events, stayed back in Delhi. And now, because of which, am experiencing an Geographical reversal/ inversion of my probable hometown trip to Guwahati.

Geographical/ Spatial Reversal for me... Part 2
As mentioned in my previous post, and earlier ones.. (Saturn-retro-2016-8: Reversal-of-2009, Part 1, onwards), most Saturn Retrogrades, for me have been a reversal of the great Saturn Retrograde of 2009. A landmark year of crash-down, which stands as a testimony for all future Saturn retrogrades to follow. The Saturn Retrograde of 2009 stands as a foundation, as a historical syllabus, a reference for all future seasons of Saturn Retrogrades.

And this year, much more than an historical/ event reversal, because of my cancelled trip to hometown Guwahati I'm experiencing this month long Falling Retro phase more in terms of a Physical/ Spatial/ Geographical reversal of the probable events/ experiences of the cancelled hometown trip.

Centripetal / Centrifugal forces.. 
One of our friends Vijay Kaate having home repair issues is using our office for his interior/ project to be completed within a deadline. Then Susmit, my recently shifted from Delhi back to hometown Guwahati, had also arrived in town for his father's treatment at Medicity. All in all, all these fortuitous, random events, movements have conspired for me to being completely centered around home ground, Gk2 itself. If I had been at hometown Guwahati, now, I would've been at the centre of Ambubachi mela at Kamakhya, at the CENTRIFUGAL CORE of a great energy storm, amidst a GIANT mega scaled religious pilgrimage of  millions of people!!!
Inversely, now here in Delhi.. despite all movements there is huge Centripetal force that has somehow managed to keep me within reach of the boundaries of home and hearth. An invisible centripetal force has kept me grounded in Delhi.
Despite the month long Falling Retro phase, the Geographical Reversal energies of my cancelled hometown Guwahati trip, seems to predominate the experience of this years Falling Retro phase.
I tapped into this current flow of Centripetal/ Centrifugal energies to add a long pending paragraph based on the Centripetal/ Centrifugal distinction of forces in my Rahu Ketu introduction in my Ketu Currents blog.

Outburst / Ennui 

The Geographical Reversal energies of my cancelled hometown Guwahati trip, has kept the usual release, volcanic outburst of the month long Falling Retro phase, at balance, at check by it's strongly emergent Centripetal force. Remembering the 1989 movie, Dead Calm starring Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill. The poster of this movie perfectly expresses my experience of this otherwise turbulent phase of Saturn retro 2016.

Whereas.. in hometown Guwahati I would have experienced a floodtide of Centrifugal outburst, here in Delhi, I'm experiencing an Centripetal crushing weight of Gravitas, upon my shoulders, neck area, my Cervical, spinal area, which might have been causing the vertigo, dizziness of the past so many months now. even though, meanwhile, I did an blood test for Vitamins B12 D3, and found it extremely low, and have just completed a five injection course of B12, to be now followed by an Oral vitamin Course. But the Doctor also said to do an X Ray of my neck, Cervical, Cervix.

.. updated later..

Update, 28th June.. 
Watched a movie, Whitewash, starring brilliant actor Thomas Haden Church, more famous for his villainous role as Sandman in Spiderman 3. This movie, kind of expresses the still, stagnant energies yet bristling with potent energies of this current Saturn Retro sub period. And these energies shine out, most so, as a direct Spatial/ Geographical inverse of my cancelled Hometown Guwahati trip. If I had been in hometown Guwahati, now, it would have been a great, and paranormal contrast to the energy of the movie Whitewash... a still, decaying, festering, mulling over, visceral, slow burning, smoldering, guys alone at home energy experience that I'm currently going through.
I can compare this, my current experience, as a reversal of the Falling Retro phase of Saturn Retro, 2009, wherein the preparations, ground work for that landmark, wrongly timed Paris trip was full underway. The paperwork, decisions, movements, etc for me accompanying Sangeeta to her office trip to Paris was full underway. The energy build of Falling Retro phase of 2009, is inverting itself by the massive decay that I'm experiencing in this current Falling Retro phase of Saturn Retro, 2016. Drowsy, weak, vitamin ultra deficiencies, low morale, fucked up, feeling....

Reversal of falling retro 2009 and 2016
Update: 29th June: As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, my current experience of Falling Retro phase 2016, is the direct  reverse of the Falling Retro phase, 2009. Wherein, the high build up, ground work for that landmark, windfall, wrongly timed Paris trip was full underway. Hence, now reversing itself.. by the massive Fall, decay that I'm experiencing.
In Falling Retro phase, 2009, many friends were urging me to take the plunge, embrace the windfall, to accompany my wife on her office trip to Paris. Now, in Falling Retro phase, 2016, those same friends are urging me to return to Guwahati and start my own work, as soon as she reaches back to Delhi from UK.What a contrasting turnabout!! Jai Shanidev!
Then, in Falling Retro phase, 2009,everyone around asked me to dump all my reservations and simply plunge into the Paris trip at the height/ pinnacle/ Ultra Retro phase of  Retro 2009. As soon, as I reached back to Delhi, the Centrifuge of peripheral urging ons, cajolings, vanished, dissolved into thin air. Such is the power of Saturn Retrograde!!
And now, in Falling Retro phase, 2016, people around are asking to abandon base, escape the heat, the music, and scurry back home, at the pinnacle of scheduled Karmic catharsis of the concluding Ultra Retro phase, 2016. Then in Falling Retro phase 2009,as I let the peripheral encouragements pump adrenalin into me, now in Falling Retro phase 2016, I'm letting, allowing, cooperating with the peripheral discouragements to drag me down. Only if in atonement, for the corresponding heady, airy violations of Saturn Retro 2009..
What fascinates me perpetually about such correspondences between different years of saturn Retrograde, is that almost exact GEOMETRIC inversion of events, emotions, experiences, perspectives, and energy unfolding. With each saturn Retrograde, I somehow try to Re-write, Re-codify the energy patterns of my prior Saturn Retro mistakes. The correspondence of events between Saturn Retrograde seasons, SEVEN years apart, Retro 2009 and 2016 is truly mind boggling!
... to be updated....

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