Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Retro 2015-05: Retrograde resurrections 01

In the previous post, I wrote about how my friends uploaded the trailer of my first film After Paris. However the timing of the upload was perfectly on the Red Hot peak of Rising Retrograde, (check above graph), further boosted 200% by the parallel Devi Paksh/ Sukla paksh/ waxing moon of Chaitra Vasant Navratri  2015. I could never even the imagine the sheer Retrogression resurrection that I would experiencing by the video trailer upload!
At night I woke up a number of times, reeling from resurrected emotions of previous Saturn Retrograde periods. Years of exile, incognito obscurity, rotting away with festering emotions without any outlet. This year's annual Saturn retrograde happening in Scorpio, was well predicted by my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar, months back, to be affecting the throat Chakra area. Dipankar had explained in detail to me that the throat chakra was connected to childhood emotions deeply buries within ourselves. For me, it was all connected with issues of recognition, expression, social acceptance. which were now fully opened before me, like a can of worms, or Pandoras box. I've repeated earlier endless times, that negative planetary transits are ideal window periods of karmic clearance, repayment of pending karmic debts. But I never imagined that so much issues were still festering/ buried inside me. Especially, from my childhood at Kharguli guwahati.
In my infant years, both my parnts were working as engineers. i was left to the care of Khasi nanny, "Kong Mai". During her bath times, she used to lock me up, and I used to be scared to death, by black bumblebees that flew in through the window of the closed room. Those days we used to live in a rented house which we shared with the Hazarika family. And the middle hall was divided my a cardboard partition wall. I remember that I used to learn to read faster so that I could buy audience time with Aloka mahi, who then would take care of me while my nanny went for her baths. I was a entertainer forced by circumstance since then. Being able to draw attention to myself, entertain, was a way of buying time out of lonely exile. A habit which I have long carried over, into my later years. Being a life of the party, etc, when often I used to be feeling dark inside. I find this pattern directly connected with violations of Saturn retrograde transits. I have repeated myself endlessly before, that during Saturn retrograde, Saturn ruled people should lie low and Sun/ Mars/ Rajasic/ Pitta/ Fire humour ruled should move forward with all their might. That's the annual cycle  of Saturn Retrograde. And the peak of which will be hopefully over by Saturday, and I shall be infinitely be grateful for that...

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