Saturday, March 28, 2015

Retro 2015-08: Impotent Rage, a Show

Dear friends, this is my 8th post on the annual Saturn Retrograde, 2015. During the retrograde motion of a planet we can experience the inversion, reversion or debilitation of it's characteristics. And it was in my friend, artist Akshay Singh Rathore's show titled Impotent Rage at Gallery Espace, that I could witness the perfect graphical/ aesthetic/ artistic expression of this ongoing Saturn Retrograde transit.

In my previous uncountable forays, and serpentine interactions with the Arts/ Aesthetics I have often pondered repeatedly about the physical functions and direct utilities of Art itself. As I stood before Akshay's work, gaping at the unexpected graphical representations of my ongoing Saturn retrograde transit, the answer was imminent. Art was a medium of expression and depiction for INVISIBLE Energies and Forces, which dictated/ controlled/ affected our lives. If the artist did not connect with them and then manifest/ express them, these subtle Energies and Forces would remain invisible. And we would pass them blindly over. Ignorantly OVERLOOKING their invisible BLESSINGS or CURSES.
For true Art to happen beyond the glitz of graphical novelty, the artist had to surrender himself to the mercy of these Forces. Voluntarily submit himself as a physical medium, and then act as creative conduit, an aesthetic channel, for the expression of such invisible Forces and Energies. No easy job, that! But once, the artist decides to put in that herculean effort, and their visceral personal involvement, these Energies and Forces that be, automatically choose to connect/ synchronize with the artistic endeavor and manifest themselves through the personal grammar of the artistic creation. And which I saw for myself, in the expression of the energies of the ongoing Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio,  being vividly and graphically manifested through the intense graphical expressions of my friend Akshay's show, aptly titled.. Impotent Rage...

As explained in previous posts during the retrograde motion of a planet we can experience the inversion, reversion or debilitation of it's characteristics. And in Akshay's works I found my personal experience of  Saturn retrograde vividly expressed. Hindi words in Gold, screen-printed over perfect yet displaced geometric squares: "Powerless", "impotent", Hopelessness", "Cuckold", "desperate". Inversion of the logocentric/ phallocentric function, which is the heart of Deconstruction. Words floating at the fringes, edges, margins, from the central core of fruition/ semination.

Dissemination in Deconstruction means a Insemination which doesn't bear fruits. Seeds that do not bear Harvests. Yet, these Disseminations/ wrong choices/ fruitless prefaces/  are Necessary failures  in the path of our serpentine, saturnine journey. Very analogous to the images of Akshay showing Empty/ Fullness, Seeds controlled by dictatorial Patent laws, barren Harvests, deserts, seeding that bear NO Fruition...

Another series of Akshay's images expressed the male Bull in terms of Potency/ Impotency. Biological diagrams, castration devices, patents related to the fertilizing bull. Reversal/ inversion of the Phallocentric function.In addition, animals depicted entrapped, expressing of the animus function/ instinct, in  the stranglehold of "civilisation".
Their seething Impotent Rage washing the observer..

To be continued/ concluded....(left half/ unfinished in characteristic style of ongoing retrograde...... 

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