Monday, March 23, 2015

Saturn Retro 2015-03: Ultra Solar phase

Dear friends, in the previous phase I've already written about Saturn Retro 2015, and especially it's peak solar phase, during 14th - 4th April. Check the first/ top coloured diagram, the usual Ultra peak Solar phase during Saturn Retrograde, where the maximum saturn debilitation or maximum Solar / pitta energy is experienced during two periods marked by the Red graph. First is the first two weeks of retrograde, and secondly, a three week period indicated by the Red Graph, towards the end of Saturn Retrograde. This year the first max Solar exaltation/ Saturn debilitation period is further amplified by the overlap of Sharad Navratra Devi Shukla Paksh. This period, especially in Northern India, sees navartra fasts, prayers in obeisance to Shakti/ Devci/ Solar/ Rajasic  energy. Hence this period shall be experienced with 200% more intensity this year. Especially from Saturday 21st Mar to 28th Mar, Saturday. This highly super intense Solar Period should be utilized by all Sun ruled/ Mars ruled/ rajasic/ Shakti people to begin something new, breakthroughs, beginnings. The energy available in this period in unimaginable.
For Saturn ruled people this period is highly recommended for all kinds of past regression, karmic repayments, revisiting older grounds, clearance, cathartic activities, debt repayment, honoring karmic accounts, etc. If having an option, they should serve or assist Sun ruled/ Mars ruled/ rajasic/ Shakti people. Below, I've decided to update this singular post with numerous personal updates, so people can understand the subjective dimensions of such an Ultra Solar Phase.

23rd Mar, Monday: From the very first day of Saturn retrograde, the effects rapidly began. Our mother in law left for Guwahati, leaving a void after her eventful visit which concluded with a highly unexpected and fulfilling pilgrimage to Ujjain. On 14th Mar, Saturday evening itself, I was visited by a psychopathic artist who contacted me over the net, wanting to watch my film After Paris. but actually, all he wanted was inputs, insights into making his own film. His strange self oriented, behavior left a deep distaste upon me. His draining presence, once mercifully ended, immediately was followed by a increase in marital disharmony, and conflict which seemingly appeared out of now logical reason. The next two days were very acute in the marital front, and only after some appropriate prayers, and Shanti mantras from my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, the turbulence was subsided. However that was soon followed by a recurrence of a throat infection that I had been suffering from past two weeks, since we went to Kasauli. When it finally became too much, I went to Chanidwala Ayurvedic, and started my medicines, I began experiencing relief. But this was soon followed by a increase in shoulder and neck sprain/ pain, which slowly increased to a great level. Again, on the advice from Dipankar, I removed the black onyx, and black tourmaline healing crystals from my body for this acute period, and started focusing on my Amethyst crystals. This considerably reduced the pain, however a lingering sense of cramped muscle twist still remains, which I feel will gradually dissipate, especially once this acute period is over. Noteworthy, that when I first met my guide, light worker Dipankar Roy Karmakar, in Nov 2014 itself, for the first time in Bongaigaon, he foresaw this week many many months before. Now all the horror, karmic release around my throat chakra area is beiong experienced as a mild throat infection and mildly irritating shoulder spain. Which would have been far, far, worse. As I have repeated myself in endless posts before, negative planetary transits are IDEAL periods for us to clear our pending/ negative Karmic debts. However with the insights of astrological therapies, energy healing, divination, we can regulate and reorient it, so that we can tide over it. I give my gratitude to the process of  Energy Healing/ divination, which can foresee things much ahead in time! In addition to the sudden physical ailments, from the very onset of Saturn Retrograde, I've been experiencing a sense of extreme gloom, emptiness, depression, vacuum, void, etc. Though my regular weekly Jupiter therapies  have considerably reduced it, still the leftovers itself is making it's presence felt in terms of the strong/ acute/ Rajasic/ pitta/ Retrograde Saturn energies. This astrological phase is so strong and acute that, even after major healing therapies, procedures, it has only partially Discounted/ reduced it's immense and acute effects. And, even after this Huge discount, the leftover energies are itself so strong, powerful and acute, that it's mind boggling. Luckily, I have had the the various healing crystals, and rituals in progression, so every effect has been considerably and substantially reduced. Until, a basic mandatory, obligatory karmic amount is being experienced by myself.  This intensity of annual Saturn Retrograde has been manifold doubled because, Saturn retrograde is happening in Scorpio this time, , a weak sign in terms of Saturn. AND, like I mentioned before (in the second diagram), the overlap of the Super Rajasic Sharad Navaratra Devi Shukla paksh phase. I fear to think what would have been my plight without the healing, Amethyst energy crystals by my side. Amen to that!

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