Thursday, March 26, 2015

Retro 2015-06: Today's Saptami/ kalratri of Navratra

My sixth post on this years annual Saturn Retrograde, 2015. As explained earlier this years, Rising retro phase, or the first two weeks of Saturn retrograde, which is the most intense solar/ rajasic phase, has been incredibly boosted due to the fact of the concurrence, parallel occurrence of Chaitra Navaratra, which is equivalent Solar/ Rajasic phase of Devi Shukla paksh moon. (check diagram above). This has seen a tremendous energy boost, giving energetic breakthroughs for a lot of people who are ruled by Agni/ Shakti/ Sun/ Mars / Rajasic energies. Simply tremendous, as every single day of  the two weeks of sharply increasing rising retrograde of Saturn has been compounded by the further additional boost of Devi Shakti energies. See the diagram below, rise in Sun/ East energies denote decrease/ debilitation of Saturnine energies. Naturally!!
Today' Saptami of Chaitra Navaratri, Goddess worshipped is Kalratri Kalaratri Devi (click link).  Maa kalratri is directly connected with Saturn/ Shanidev(click link). Hence, from the perspective of this blog, or the perspective of this Saturn Retro 2015, tonight (or if your'e abroad, today) all the Sun/ rajasic/ Mars/ Shakti/ Pitta ruled people should offer prayers to Mahakali or Ma Kalratri. Which will give you immense benfits and release from your malefic/ inertial planets of Saturn, and even indirectly Rahu. I write this piece as a service to all the Sun/ Rajasic/ Mars/ Shakti/ Pitta ruled people today. As all Saturn ruled people like myself should give /tribute service to the Sun ruled people/ energies during this period.

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