Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturn Retro 2015-02: Navaratra Solar phase

Dear friends, above I've posted the schedule for Annual Saturn retrograde, 2015. Since in retrograde period, the planetary influences reverse/ inverse themselves, hence this Saturn period a great period of breakthrough, forward motion for those whom Saturn is a malefic influence. And, also for those whom the Sun is a positive, beneficial and karaka planet. For those whom Saturn is a beneficial positive influence, like myself, this is an obligatory and mandatory period for regression, rewind, review. And a period of abstinence from jump starting anything new. Working on older, earlier, pending issues is very ideal in this period.

Above, I've posted a graph for the extreme period of boosted Solar/ Rajasic/ Pitta/ Agni energies because of the overlap/ coinciding of the Devi Shukla Paksh (wxing period of Navratra moon, from Pratipad to Purnima) of Sharada Maha Navaratra. This is an especial period of worship of Shakti energy, hence all Sun ruled, Mars ruled, Rajasic, Pitta driven people should utilize to the utmost. For all kinds of breakthroughs, and forward movements.
Inversely, Saturn ruled people should lie low, or serve Sun ruled people for this period. And also, utilize it's energies for regression, past related activities, etc. Cheers

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