Monday, March 30, 2015

Retro 2015-09:Super Flux Week: 28 Mar- 4 April

Today morning I had a long chat with my energy healing guide, Dipankar Roy Karmakar, and he confirmed my astrological observations for the coming week. This week, from 28th March, Saturday to 4th April, Saturday, represents, what I have termed, Super Flux Week. As the Chaitra Shukla Paksha moon (signifying Rajasic/ Pitta/ Shakti energies) continues to wax until 4th / 5th April, (Click link for monthly panchang). Yet, it's being considerably dampened by the transition of Saturn retrograde from it's first two weeks of red hot, super Rajasic,  Refer to the illustration on top. (For details on sub phases check header titled Saturn Retrograde.html at the top of this blog ). Basically, while the Chaitra Shukla Paksh (waxing moon) continues to accelerate it's Shakti/ Rajasic energies, Saturn Retrograde dips to it's 2nd Gear, of considerably ebbed and reduced Shakti/ Rajasic energies. Hence the contradictory fluctuations that are going to be experienced by all around!!
We can experience in highly windy, topsy turvy motions around us, quite a lot like the turbulent, stormy windy motions that we've all been experiencing on the weather front in New Delhi, from Friday 28th Mar, evening onwards. However, as my energy guide Dipankar said, with such a movement energy being made available now, it just  merely needs to be responded, and tapped by all for accelerating and furthering their own personal life paths and directions.
Become a Wind Turbine and utilize this spectacular Windy Week...

 Personal Updates
On the personal front, since Friday evening onwards, I'm feeling like a leaf being blown about like the wind. Perfectly characteristic of my personal Lagna Nakshatra,  constellation where my ascendant lies, namely Swati, a constellation signifying Vayu energies, and symbolized by a shoot being blown in the wind, of all things. (Click link: Barbara pijan on Swati Nakshatra). So, let this windy week flow on, blow on. I'll try to update myself here on this same post, below. Cheers to all!

31st Mar, Tuesday: Since last few days, the energies are swinging both ways. One side of it is continuing to deep fry my brains, as the waxing moon on Chaitra Navratra Shukla paksh continues, and yet some relief and release from the dip in Saturn Retro acceleration, from its 1st Gear (Red) phase into it's 2nd Gear (Orange) phase. On one side of the brain, hot charcoals are being poured it, and on the other side cool ice. half and half, neither here nor there. But strange state of stasis, frozen vice grip because of two equivalent forces working from opposite sides. However since the daily percentage increase in the waxing moon, is definitely sharper, and more intense than the long drawn outt Saturn retrograde, the pressure is definitely more on the side of pressure cooker/fry up THAN the release, relief!!

1st Apr, Wednesday:  I would really like to rephrase what I wrote In the last paragraph/ update, because in the last 24 hrs, the Solar/ Shakti force of Navratra Shukla Paksha Rajasic is in full tow and increasing hourly, and is going to increase until the apex of full moon / Purnima on Saturday, 4th April. So ultimately, this week is unfolding into a Super Solar Energy vortex. Which is of unimaginably tremendous breakthrough for the Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled, and unimaginable retrograde energies for the Saturn, Rahu ruled, like myself! And for me, the Retrograde experience is being super intensified.
Dream Part 1: (Abandonment 01)Tuesday morning, I woke with a very strange, multi layered, dream on a past life scene. Which showed me in a rural, medieval royal setup. And, a social worker/ NGO, ivestigating journalist types, who is investigating some misdeed by the local powers that be. Finally I abandon her to the horror of the machinery, she gets swallowed, by the dark powers that be. Jump cut to me participating in some highly social, Holi ritual, with many familiar faces. Completely forgetting the dark abandonment on my part. These kind of  lucid, vivid, dreams are what one normally what one experiences during energy clearing, or regressions sessions. But now, for certain Saturn ruled people like myself, the energy of this period is being able to automatically trigger, regression into the deepest fold of the subconscious or unconscious.
Later, in the day, I was called to Dwarka, by a friend to check on the Vastu of his office. He was also new to Delhi, so I found myself waiting on the roadside for at some unknown location, feeling the full strength and magnitude of the emptiness of the prior years when my cousin used to stay in Dwarka, and I used to land up in hot noon, in similar circumstances, waiting while he would arrive. Much later when he arrived, I realised that I was waiting in a chowk, very close to a Super Shakti friend of mine, whom I used to regularly visit in the years before for past life, regression workshops etc.
Dream Part 2: (Abandonment 02)Today morning, I woke up with a haunting dream. There was a school exam and everyone left, while leaving me behind sick and overslept. Nobody woke me up for the exam, just left me behind. I was being Abandoned. Like a pulp horror story/film, yesterdays dream was being carried over today. As I had abandoned/ deserted in my previous life, so had I experienced abandonment/ desertion in my current one. My energy healing guide Dipankar had long predicted the effect of this period on my throat chakra area, which he said was oozing with unresolved childhood issues. And after four months of orientation and guidance, in this super intense retrogarde transit, vortexes of energy issues, layers and layers of issues, are surfacing before being released.
This is a very appropriate manifestation of this super intense Retrograde energy phase. And thankfully I have been oriented to ride this stormy gale because the process of energy orientation, and grounding balancing under my energy healing guide Dipankar Roy Karmakar. Otherwise, who knows how such layers and layers of buried issues around my throat chakra area would have  manifested. I have continued the narration into my (click link)- Energy Clearing blog, Log-07: Responding-to-energy-of Planetary transits. One post running into the other, creating layers and layers, just like the structure of the dreams within dreams that I have been experiencing!!

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