Thursday, April 2, 2015

Retro 2015-10:Climax of Supernova phase

Dear friends, in the previous post I had written about how the period from 28th Mar to 4th april was "super Flux week" because of the simultaneous drop of Saturn Retro energy combined with a yet parallel increase of Chaitra Navaratra Shukla Paksh. And I had also promised the personal updates follow up on the same post. However, as the enrgy unfolded, I found it tremendously Solar/ Shakti ruled, because the Rate of daily increase of the Chaitra Shukla Paksh waxing moon, was by far steep[er than the phase change of the long drawn out span of saturn Retrograde. Hence, at least the fag end sees a Supernova of rajsic/ Skati energies in flux. Hence the first 4 days of April sees the Cocncluding Climax of the acute and increasing Rajasic/ Shakti period of  Chaitra Navaratra Shukla Paksh. A Super powerful period for all Sun, Mars, Ketu ruled people. For all kind of break throughs, beginnings, commencements, enetrprises, endeavors, whatever! Like Nike says.. Just Do It!!

Saturnine/ Rahu people: Definitely the time to lie Low! Regress, review, exprience the neccesary pullback that is essential for the release later. Definitely, due to the high energy of the phase, you might be tempted to commence something. But restrain yourself.Commence after the eclipse on 4th April, Saturday evening.

Personal Updates
3rd April, Friday, Chaturdashi: Since Wednesday, 1st April, and Dwadashi, I have been besotted with heaviness, gravitas, a burning sensation, and experiencing massive pressure upon me from all sides. The burning solar flares, eruptions are hammering at all my weakest points. I have Sun in 12th house, the house of Karmic debts, in my natal horoscope. And the rattling, bone shaking during such intensified solar phases, is often a intensely accelerated phase of burning pending karma. Every night, have been riddled with past life, dreams/ nightmares. In the previous post, I wrote in detail how I saw a dream in episodes. Over two days! Like continuing sequels in a movie, which has never happended before, as far as I can remember! 
Entering the Vortex, the Centre of the Sun
Many times, especially since yesterday evening, I feel like I'm on a spaceship going into the center of a Sun, or entering the center of a storm! Like they have shown in many science fiction movies. And closer we approach the center/ the vortex, the more powerful the electrical waves, interference, turbulence, rattling, shaking of the spaceship! unimaginable gravitas and imploding pressure that we experience from all sides. Simply unimaginable! My friend Subhash yesterday, shared on Facebook, a random link of International Space station, showing Supertyphoon Mayask. Showing the vortex of the storm, of Supertyphoon Mayask. A uncannily graphical rpresentation of the astrological events of the heavens!! And remembering my ever childhood comic Kamandi, issue #55 " The Vortex Beast". And my ever favourite bone chilling tale Edgar Allan Poe, tale "Descent into the Maelstorm"..

4th April, Saturday, Purnima/ Full Moon+ Chandra Grahan/ Lunar Eclipse: 
Since yesterday, the Purnima Tithi / Full moon phase began on 3: 17 pm and will last till today 5:35 pm in the evening. (Click link link for chaitra-purnima-date-time). So, from3:17 pm, yesterday,  to 5:35 pm, today, we are going to experience the full strength, 100% force of this entire two weeks build up. Of the agni/ shakti/ pitta/ rajsic energies of the Navaratra Shukla Paksh waxing moon! And which was compounded manifold by the red hot "Rising Retro", namely the intense rajasic/ solar first two weeks of  Saturn Retrograde. So, these 26 hrs, is the Core of the Energy Vortex!!
And todays Lunar eclipse is from 6:42 pm to 7:15pm. (Click link for lunar-eclipse-date-time-duration). However, if you check the detailed timings, the first contact to last contact with Lunar penumbra, is from 2: 33 pm to 10: 29 pm. So this eight hour period is the astrological window of this significant eclipse.  
So, 26 hrs of  Energy Vortex, combined with eight hours of penumbral eclipse.  
From 2:33 pm to 7:30 pm is  the Eye of the Storm!! Use this period for prayers or charity. Or worshipping your personal Deity

I write this post at 8: 24 pm, 4 hours past the peak/ centre/ apex of the 26 hour Purnima Tithi which began at 3:17 pm yesterday, to 5:35 pm, today. The the energies that increased, accelerated, boosted by the Chaitra Shukla Paksh waxing moon, should begin to ebb from here onwards. And I should experience an ebb, in the  flood-tide of karmic issues that I have been Increasingly/ acutely facing over these past two weeks. From my Saturnine perspective, especially these last four days, I have personally experienced many people, situations, events, circumstances flaring up, and accelerating analogously to this steep increase of  agni/ shakti/ pitta/ rajasic energies. And the culmination of that vortex of energies is today's Lunar Eclipse + full Moon, occurring in Virgo, my 12th house of horoscope, ruling over karmic debts. 
At least, whatever unfolds, may it help clear my manifold pending karmic debts.....

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