Friday, April 17, 2015

Retro 2015-12:Into 2nd Gear

Dear friends, this is my twelfth post on annual. By now Saturn retrograde has commenced into it's second gear / 2nd phase, (the orange arrow in the  illustration above). The energy shift of Saturn retrograde from it's 1st phase/ gear to it's 2nd phase/ gear is comparable to a car, where the explosive, combustion energy of a engine is  converted into the physical movement of the wheels by means of gears. The 1st phase/ gear, which comprise the first two weeks of Saturn retrograde is exactly like the explosive combustion energy generated in an engine. And the  2nd phase/ gear is like this energy being converted into actual physical momentum/ movement. The Energy of Saturn Retrograde can be used by Sun, Mars, Ketu, Shakti, Rajas ruled people for various breakthroughs and energy leaps. And for Saturn, Rahu, inertial people this energy manifests in the form of karmic recompense, churning, and Energy Clearing.

Personal Updates on 2nd house transit: I'm Libra ascendant (Tula lagna), and retrograde Saturn is currently transiting my 2nd house, Scorpio. I'm experiencing personal churning, in topics, issues, matters related to 2nd house, (Click link: Significance of the Second-house.) This churning is a manifestation of the energy clearing process Saturn facilitates during it's retrograde motion for those Saturn ruled.
The 2nd house relates to our own Self worth, and many events have compelled me to have constant thoughts, like: What am I worth? Am I any worth at all? Am I What is the opinion of people around me, towards me? What are the opinions of close/ related people towards me? What are the opinions of community members, of neighbors towards me? are constantly churning in my mind now. Especially thoughts of my own personal opinion of myself. How I personally perceive my own  self worth.
 The 2nd house represents the bedrock, the foundation of our physical reality, our personal existence. I'm experiencing some churning in this area too, especially defining the terms of my own ground realities, zones of stability, comfort zones, etc. The churning energy of retrograde Saturn is compelling me to question and review, various concepts, ideas, approaches which is the very foundation of, the bedrock of my physical existence. However, this mandatory churning is essential for the Saturn ruled.

Mandatory mistakes/ Compulsory madness: I was browsing through my 70 articles on Saturn retro 2013 which many of  are oozing with rabid, foaming personal narrations on the churning combustion of Saturn retrograde. Especially some are pretty graphic like: Saturn-retro-2013-47: Lionel Richie live and Saturn-retro-2013-52: Stupid Stunts!! Which, on retrospect makes me comprehend the necessary madness we have to experience, the mandatory mistakes we are compelled to make, on the journey of evolution.
Heaviness of Saturn Retrograde during 2nd gear: During this period of 2nd gear, Saturn ruled people experience great heaviness and gravitas. This is on account of  all the energy of the previous Retrograde periods temporarily reconnecting with that of the current retrograde period. Hence, the layered heaviness that Saturn ruled people experience during Saturn retrograde period.

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